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May 25, 23:00 (Moscow)
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Intellectual club 3.0


Start: 14 April
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"The Corridor"

May 22, 2018
Saint Petersburg
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Intellectual Club 2.0


Start: September 9
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Книга Коридор

The Corridor book

Книга о том, кто такие люди, что ими движет, почему есть люди плохие, есть люди хорошие?.. Почему у кого-то есть всегда удача, а кто-то неудачник?.. Почему есть люди счастливые, а есть люди, которые несчастливые?.. Вот это все – я объясняю в своей книге. Следовательно, если ты хочешь выявить вот эту причину и следствие и найти четкие весомые объяснения всего происходящего с тобой, с твоими близкими, родными и вообще понять смысл жизни, то эта книга для тебя.

Книга Парадокс

Paradox Book

..Paradox does exist.. but not many people pay to much attention to it..
People don’t want to ask questions.. why something happen in their life.. and what is the reason of those events..
..and I see it since my childhood.. the cause and effect.. ..and some interference of third party..
Interference in the people’s lives.. and interference in my life..
Who are they.. they or him.. but there is something that leads us somewhere..
and this something brought you to my book.. and I was brought by circumstances to write this book..
This book is exactly about it..

Книга Дневник обстоятельств

Книга Дневник обстоятельств

Этот дневник.. это список заданий на весь год.. Я выбрал по семь дат в каждом месяце и дал свои рекомендации по каждому дню.. которые обязательно нужно выполнять.. и потом в этом же дневнике писать отчет, как что прошло..
Дневник этот дает тебе череду обстоятельств, благодаря которым ты обретешь новые знакомства, у тебя появятся новые идеи, кто-то найдет свою вторую половину, а кто-то – любимое дело..
Ведь даже ты наткнулся на этот дневник благодаря каким-то обстоятельствам! И меня обстоятельства подтолкнули к тому, чтобы я сделал такой дневник для тебя..


  • "The Answer" is the first of my books. I wrote it as a diary when I was 16. I shown the book at the public on Internet, so that I was looking for an answer for all the time. After that people from all over the world started to call and write to arrange a meeting with me. The book is removed from the site for purpose. If you want to read it, google "The Answer by Aleksandr Korol"
  • I wrote my second book, THE WAY, in 2010. The book is telling about sacral Saint Petersburg, masons, symbols, paradise keys and places of power.

    Coming soon

  • In the book I show how much the quality of our life depends on the attention in simple examples. People are falling in love, getting sick and cures thanks to the attention. It is used in every part of our life. Even your life depends on your attention. Your attention is you!

    Coming soon

  • In the book "The Corridor" I briefly described the condition of the personwhose life is falling apart. "The Corridor" symbolises the crossroad a person meets after the tough situations of breaking down, the loss of someone close, the loss of a job or getting bored – this is called "The Corridor".

    Coming soon

  • I share the circumstances occured and occuring to me and the ways they got me to my present state. This book is some kind of circumstance to you. After reading ... or at the time of reading wait for the changes.

    Coming soon

  • Opening yourself as a person gets one into another world .. .. to a different rhythm... to another vibration... The rules and values are completely different out there… After reading this book you will have a feeling inside of you… This world seems to be very close to ypur mind. doesn't it? ..

    Coming soon

  • ... That's s a network ... And each of us lives on his specific wave… There is a certain fate on every wave… Certain kind of people and certain rules... There are no miracles nor paradoxes on the faithless people waves... And there are no money worship at the waves of those who believe in miracles… Every wave exists in it's own world.

    Coming soon

  • The "mind off" wave is a rhythm where you turn off the head in order to listen to your inner self. This is the rhythm with no rules and no time. You live with your feelings and listen to your inner voice only. You will never leave your beliefs for the sake of success, money and transient things. You'd better die than betray yourself. There are still subtleties at this wave – spirituality and all spiritual things.

    Coming soon

  • The wave of mind is a rhythm with no miracles, conscience and doubt, but there are time, personality, money, and self-confidence. There are no laziness or groundhog days on this wave, you're a boss by yourself! This leads you to the expansion of horizons and deep learning! So that you can manage it all!

    Coming soon

  • The book owns the description: I talk about foolishness and esotericism, psychology, philosophy and theology using both slang and examples for the sages and newbies… It is a step towards the truth every person will realize sooner or later.

    Coming soon

  • The book sets the emphasis on the biology, nutrition and a maximum clearance of social connections (as a reduction of energy loss factors). It tells about the acquisition of the high values and the longevity. I open the secrets of decreasing the % of the problems and mistakes in life, the proper attitude towards money.

    Coming soon

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Intellectual club 2.0

Aleksander was working on his own development all his life.
He was studying and exploring human nature.
And now he organized the club of like-minded people where he can share his new information with members.

The Club is the place where members can learn and apply information that Aleksander currently works on.
As a member of the Club you would receive information every day directly from Alexander.
That information is not for public but exclusively for members of the Club. Membership has a monthly subscription payment.

Intellectual club 2.0
Онлайн консультация — Александр Король

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