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“The Corridor” Book

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What is this book about?
This book is about what people are, what moves them, why there are bad people and good people?…
Why someone has all the luck in the world, and someone has none?…
Why some people are happy, and some are not?
All of it I am explaining in my book.
Therefore if you want to find out the cause and effect and find the real explanation of everything that’s happening to you and your relatives, your friends and realize the purpose of life, this book is for you.



Aleksandr Korol




Chapter 1. Frequency.

(meaning of ‘frequency,’ worlds, dimensions)

Chapter 2. Frequency

Continuation (mold, society,  material world)

Chapter 3. Who is Alexandr Korol?

Personal story

Chapter 4. Who is Alexandr Korol?

Personal story (continuation)

Chapter 5. The Corridor

Chapter 6. Attention Control

Chapter 7. Attention Control

Continuation (capture of attention)

Chapter 8. Nameless

The concept of the world ‘with no mind’ and distinction of the world ‘with the mind.’

Chapter 9. Old ‘frequency’

Chapter 10. God’s Fool



When I write my drafts, yes, when I write books, I write it in a specific state. The book writing is such a creative process, and I cannot do it on a planned day and time. I can only write when I have an inspiration. At this moment of inspiration, I can just say to people: ‘Sorry I need to leave.’ And I close myself up in, let’s say bathroom and start writing a chapter, start writing text, yes, text. And when I am writing it I do it very fast, and I am writing it with mistakes, and often I don’t use any… punctuation marks, but I just use lots of dots in an attempt to pass that emotion, atmosphere, which I put in the text.

Initially, I started to write books in this way 10 years ago, when I was finishing school. After that, I had lots of readers. And I have lots of offers, and they said: ‘Alexandr if you want we can help you to correct all mistakes and make the book without any grammar or punctuation errors.’ I was also offered to translate my books into different languages, and I said OK. They translated it all and corrected my mistakes, so I published them all clean and nice, but all my readers started to complain because all the atmosphere was lost from texts. The text was empty, no one felt anything like before when they’ve read my drafts. So I made a decision if my readers liked that exact atmosphere in my books and yes, the text with mistakes, then I’d better leave it as it is. And it will be my style of writing, and the book should be with mistakes, and it helps people to pay attention to certain words, on certain passages in text, on meaning, because the text is hard to read and you need to reread it, and it steals the reader’s attention,  so this is a feature.

Alexandr Korol


The book called ‘The corridor’ because »corridor’ is the specific state of being and a person will get into that state when his habitual social world falls apart, and his attention frees. I mean that with one foot he is in his usual world and the second foot is in the ‘corridor.’ It’s easier to get to know this person when he is in such a state because he sees things that he didn’t notice before, he has lots of free attention. So let’s say an adequate person who is busy in his own world and everything is ok in his life, his attention is fully occupied. This person is busy with his social life, and he is completely in it. When this person falls out of this world for whatever reason he ‘appears’ in the ‘corridor,’ then this person can suddenly see other people from different social strata. This person will be suddenly interested in life purpose and in self-development. At this point, this person is in ‘corridor,’ he can come across with someone like me and find this book ‘The ‘corridor.’ I’ve decided to name this book this way because I am in this state now and write this book being in this state for more than 10 years, as well as all my posts in social networks, are written in this state. So if you’ve found this book and you hold it in your hands, then you are in the ‘corridor,’ it means you are in the moment of ‘corridor.’ It’s like a reset, re-evaluation. After reading this book you will understand why you are in the ‘corridor,’ you will realize in what world you live with one foot, and whether you should go back to your own world or move to another world, in another ‘room.’ The purpose of this book to let you look at your life from outside. What is this book about? This book is about what people are, what moves them. Why there are bad people and good people?… Why there are lucky ones, and there are those with no luck in their lives? Why there are happy people, and some are unhappy? All of those things I explain in my book. Hence if you want to find out the cause and effect and find a clear explanation of everything that’s happening with you, with your relatives and in general understand the purpose of life, then this book is for you.



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