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“Paradox” Book

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..Paradox ..it does exist.. but not many people pay to much attention to it..
People don’t want to ask questions.. why something happen in their life..
and what is the reason of those events..
..and I see it since my childhood.. the cause and effect..
..and some interference of third party..
Interference in the people’s lives.. and interference in my life..
Who are they.. they or him.. but there is something that leads us somewhere..
and this something brought you to my book.. and I was brought by circumstances
to write this book..
This book is exactly about it..



Aleksandr Korol




Language of Circumstances

Other World

God’s Fool



..this book, it is a sort of draft.. sort of diary.. this book.. is a collection of my states of being.. which I wanted to pass on to you through the text..

..this book gives you an opportunity to look at life through my eyes.. under different angle..

Where everything is different..

This book.. is sort of like going through the looking glass..

This is the rabbit hole.. which they’ve mention in many books and movies..

.. I want to give you an advise.. read this book when you are alone.. preferably in the night when everyone is sleeping.. read this book while listening to a sad, languishing, melancholic music..

… this book sort of like a program.. you read it .. and paradox things starting to happen in your life..

I wrote this book long time ago.. but decided to publish only now.. don’t judge it with you mind.. just feel it..



Language of Circumstances




Chapter 1


The extract from the book which I was writing long time ago, started many times but never finished.

Alexandr Korol


Internal state. Stable emotional state. Warmth. Faith. No fear. Clarity of consciousness. Eyes watching to the back of the head. Heavy head. Pillar of light and you are inside of it.

Unbelievable attentiveness. Intensified imagination and planning of everything. Or rather analysis of everything. Kindness. Acceptance of everything. Piano music. Need to watch calm movie, heartwarming, drama maybe…

Nothing can provoke you. Resolute in everything in a calm state. No illusion.

No time… no feeling of time..

Need to be alone. No bounds to anything. There can be many people but you are not with them, as if you are looking from outside on them, on everything, without getting their attention.

Need to go to church. It’s the home there. There are close ones. Saints like your relatives.. And you are not alone. You are with them and they are with you.

You know why all of it is happening in life, for what this life meant, you understand why you are here. You understand what it is with people and how much they need you. You love them because you were like them, you understand that they are not bad. You understand how hard it is for them. You are their hope. You are their love. You are their faith.

You are not afraid where you gonna sleep tonight, and what you will eat, you know you are protected.

You are not alone.. You have a friend. It is your internal I. You talk to it.

When you are not human you want to be human. And the other way around.

You want that because you don’t know. When you know you get back to your own place.

There are people who want to be notable, to be different, to be someone else. At first those people convince themselves this is their wish than they start to behave differently, changing something, re-makint it..

And there are others who want to be humans and do everything for it.

Become human is much more difficult.. It’s like make yourself not to see when you can see, make yourself not to hear when you can hear.

You want to be a human because you surrounded by them.. By their being.. their habits, principle, stereotypes,.. fears and desires..

I have other goal.. Not a mission.. Not a destiny.. But a task.. The task that I came to undertake, the task that I have to execute.

There are people like me.. and those ones who meet us.. those are the people who deserve it.. Who came to it..

All of you’ve heard about four-leaf clover.. It does exist.. But on a different vibration level.. in other parallel existence.

You will never turn into that road where it grows, you will never look to That side..

Only when you will reach the certain level of spiritual development that you will be able to reach that parallel reality.. with all the miracles.. paradoxes.. something that cannot be explain to a human, but it exists!

If you reach that level of vibration.. this parallel world.. It will be if you become a witness of something that normal human being does not see..

Like falling of meteorite.. This clover.. Like a pigeon that walks on you, like an old lady that calls you on by your name and knows everything about you.. The thoughts that materialize.. when you just think about someone you know and this person calls you or you meet this person the next day. Or if you think “shall I go camping” and phone rings and someone invites you to go camping..

In this world there is a different music.. Different sounds and pictures.. Different smells.. Different rules..

You are on a wave.. you live for the world and world lives for you.. and everything goes smooth..

In this world and in this state you can create miracles.. You live in a fairytale.. and you watch everything as if from outside.. You decided the fate of people.. Who to direct and where to.. Who to help.. Who needs what.. They will never figure out who you are, but your are the main guide.. the direction of their path..

In your world.. you are safe.. You work.. you are protected.. you are appreciated..

The main thing is to accept the rules of this world.. You are not a human in this world! You are alone, by yourself! You cannot have a family.. Friends.. You don’t have a normal human life.. There is no your own taste or style.. You are like water which changes the form in accordance to outside conditions.. You don’t know what it is “to think”.. You have no thoughts.. You have no plans.. Everything goes with a flow..

You read it all now and it sounds familiar.. As if it’s your own state.. Or you had it before.. Or you want to have it.. You read it now but imagine that other people also read it and feel the same way..

In every human there is love .. It can be passed further in different ways.. I passed it to you and touched your soul.. By this text..

You feel good.. and me? Who I am.. that I decided who should live in what way, but I don’t have life myself..

Not only you need me, but I need you for something as well.. Should I remember something? Be youself now.. Be open.. You could have seen yourself in me but not people.. It’s not bad.. since I know about it.. and I know what will happen next. What will happen next in my life and in your life..

You all walk the same routes.. You think there are variety in your life but it’s not true…


Everything is standard.. It’s obvious from outside.. And people.. People are not differente .. There are categories of people.. It’s a particular quantity.. Like there are 12 types of people.. Only 12.. But people don’t mention it because everyone judging by appearance.. They look at everything from material perspective.. and this is inferior and inattentive.. But there is.. something that is similar.. I come to you and tell you about you.. who you are and what you are, what you life is and what happened to you .. And when you ask me how do I know all about it.. than I reply: I didn’t talk about you.. I talked about someone I know.. Someone I know that is number 3.. Number 3 like yourself.. And everything is similar between you both.. This is the beginning and the end..


Why people are not given the opportunity to see that? Maybe because they need to develop? So they would remain in an illusion that everyone is unique and individual..

But all of it is just a standard.. And me.. All of those people.. those categories.. I appear as their own, someone close… everyone believes that we think alike.. that we have the same view on the world.. But..

If I know it and I know the cause and effect than I create people’s reaction on purpose..

Your reaction!

I mean your life depends on what I write because I know how every word will influence you and what thoughts will come up in your mind..

Where should I direct you, my friend?

I can create a disappointment and you will never want to put your nose into my world. But I can do another way around .. I can charm you.. and take you with me forever..

I will start.. and outcome will be the indication where I have directed you…

I wonder from which category you are.. category which has family and work.. but you are somehow bored? Something is wrong? Or you are one of those who has never tried anything and there is nothing behind you but empty words.. and you stuck between choices.. you are indeterminate.. With this book you will know for sure that you don’t live your own life.. that everything around you doesn’t belong to you.. All of it is fake.. illusion.. distraction.. to plunge you into routines and worries.. And how many years do you live like this? You live like this for quite some time with zero movement.. Everyday routines and society are the best things to dull your mind.. But sooner or later you will get back to this book..

This book is your soul. Haven’t you mentioned it? Don’t you feel it? When you are remembering your forgotten soul you’ll get back to this book.. This is The key, The Key I promised you.. By reading this book many many times you will mention that you percept it differently, every single time.. Is it because of the book or because of you? Or maybe it’s because of me? Bloody hell! Which is it?

I envy you now even though I don’t feel envious.. It’s a very human emotions.. But those words are playing with you good..

We are so alike.. ‘Cos I tried to become you.. And you tried to become me.. I wore the masks of different people.. I wanted to be bad and good.. Poor and rich.. Handsome and ugly.. And what a joy it is to be dumb and make mistakes.. It’s the same joy for you when you can be attentive and know answers for everything..


Chapter 2

There is an expression “Fortune favors the brave”. It’s true but to start with we need to understand what is this “fortune”. From one side everything that happens to us is just accident.. With “us» I mean people..

When people are born into this life and no one tells them and no one answers their questions: who you are, where you are and why you are here? What is this life for and why you are the way you are.. Why you are born in this family.. Why in this city.. They can answer something like this: you are human, have a job, have a family. Wear whatever everyone else is wearing, eat like other people, do what you are allowed and don’t do what you are not allowed..

But why? On what grounds? Who holds the authority of those words? Why most of people are born and they join the society so easily and they play on their mobiles, consume and work like zombies and they do nothing else? Why can’t I accept it and be calm, finally? What is norm? Society of course! If you are the same as others you are accepted in it, if you are different you are an alien.. you are alone, you are not normal.. When they attacked me with those claims I resisted..

They told me if you are so smart why are you so poor.. Why I am no one..

And than the argument went on.. From one side I understood those attacks.. But it was so easy to resist.. Yes,  I told them, soul is the main thing, philosophy is the main thing, and everything can be calculated and analyzed, I made a discovery.. I write books in the nights and I’ve developed myself.. But society needed material prof.. They all look at the cover, on money, on your social standing and whether you have education and personal life..

If I tell them I can do it in a flick but I won’t because I am not interested, they look at me as if I am insane..

Well I did it, I sat for couple of nights, made a plan, I called the plan “how to become a human”, I made an list of how should I look, where should I work, with whom should I be friends, where I should live.. I considered every single little detail..

Why did I do that? I understood that society will eat me alive and won’t leave me alone, so I was looking for a way out, so they would let me be. You need to give people what they want to see and what they want to hear.. I was a producer of myself for them. And.. society calmed down.. And people hang on me..

But the question is whether I am so smart that I did what I wanted? Or is it a “fortune»? Let’s get back to the main subject of the chapter! What was it that provoke me back than, to join the society! It was inevitable..

Like it was inevitable that you came across my book, that some circumstances made you the way you are, that you became interested and you found this book.. And I was lead by circumstances to write this book.. Inevitable.. Everything has a cause and an effect..

He asked me: So if everything the way you say than I can just jump out of the window and cheat the system and my fortune? I answered him: no.. Because something brought me to you and this conversation.. the circumstances lead to it.. And you are provoked by a system after the conversation with me and had an idea to cheat the system and jump out..You see.. No leak. Everything is pre-calculated..

Any of your thoughts, any of your desires.

Fortune is circumstance.. Which are outlines for us, to move forward.. so we develop.. life is the movement..

Thanks to circumstances our personality is formed. But this is the subject of the next chapter..


Chapter 3


Personality.. character.. All of us has it..


Why there are people with lack of self-confidence, who tell lies, who are afraid of expressing themselves and their thoughts, and there are people who are afraid of nothing, who are straight forward and open to everything, who are very responsible.. There are people who take offenses on everything, and they are very angry, and there are kind people.. Why there are those who think that the world is terrible place and the other ones who think the opposite..

Initially we are all children. Identical. But we find ourselves in a certain environment.. In a certain life circumstances that influence us.. Why there are women who think that all men are morons.. Because those kind of man cross their path.. The stereotype was formed..

Why there are those ones who cannot deal with money in a right way.. that’s how they were taught from the childhood..

Why there is a self-confident man ready for the most incredible things in life?.. Probably because when he made his first deed it worked and he got a praise and than he went further and further in life with the same attitude and became more and more confident.. If he would be let down for example in his childhood… and everything that he did was not appreciated and everything was a failure than today he would not be dare to do anything..

All the human thoughts and desires and issues are the consequence of childhood circumstances..

Why I pay attention and I have a consciouses.. Because the fate mold me by circumstances that I cannot lie.. I think if I lie everyone will know immediately and I am finished.. Someone is Watching.. Watching from aside.. And I if I will do something bad.. the fear will fill me in, because I will wait for a punishment.. Troubles.. If I didn’t mean bad things.. and I am honest and just.. there is nothing to fear, right? You will never get into a car accident, no one attack you in the alley in the night on your way home..

I mean there are people’s characters.. everyone has it’s own personality, a person fights it and works on it.. Person lives with it.. Someone says something rude and that he is sorry.. But it was not him who was rude.. It was this image of him molded in childhood.. There are naive people who get cheated and used all the time.. They understand it but cannot do anything about it.. This is how their personality molded.. — consequences of life circumstances.. Is there a way out of those mental bugs that almost all humans have? Complexes.. Principles.. Stereotypes.. Which annoy you.. and everyone around you.. You are sorry for your behavior but this behavior persists and consequences will go on and on.. Because of your crooked character you loose your family..Job.. Yourself.. You lose everything.. Thanks to complexes.. Naivety.. or arrogance..

But you can come to the level of sobriety of your “I”.. You can get there by faith.. When the main authority in your life is not society or people  .. but something higher.. Or if you find faith.. than you can do anything.. You can break this groundhog day of your character!

When human finds the faith.. He enters into an unusual state.. As if he is inside.. as in vacuum…

In this state you can look at everything as if from outside.. People.. and yourself.. and all the issues and behavior..

There are no thoughts.. Only inside voice.. This is true you.. You who conquered your mind.. your mask..

It feels like as if you are soulless.. Unemotional. Like a robot. No one can influence you.. You are by yourself.. You are unpredictable.. You are like God.. You feel such power.. You realize that you can rule not just your own life.. and the lives of other people depend on you.. You are sober.. Conscious.. You cognized yourself..You cognized this world.. And you know how the world works.. You decide when to smile, and when to cry.. Because you don’t do it by accident.. You do consciously.. Knowing all variants of consequences which you expect or want to get..

If you want to attract people.. You create this image and circumstances and behave in such way that attracts them..

If you want people to reject you and leave you alone and they won’t really understand you?.. Create circumstances which will turn on disgust and hatred towards you.. And they will “run» away from you)..

You should deal shortly with people.. those ones in society.. They have so many bugs in their mind..

Wear something weird and they run away.. change the clothes to something nicer and they come back..

They don’t realized that all their desires come from trifling matters.. But they have instincts.. They have no control over them.. I have this control for example. Or future you can have this control.. Why future you?.. Well you read my book now.. Circumstances brought you to this point, and than me.. I start working on you.. Because they brought me to this point and didn’t allow me to live meaningless human life, so I can be a circumstance for you..

You even cannot imagine how many people were sitting in from of me.. To whom I said openly .. — they gave you this chance to talk to me..


Tell me what you want. Tell me straightforward and clear, since you didn’t get the hint from circumstances.. Because “system”.. Nature.. “Life” .. Talks to people with language of circumstances.. Using all possible ways to tell you something.. And you..

They’ve destoryed your lifealready.. And you.. But you still live on and on like a dumb sheep.. And if someone doesn’t hear me even face to face .. than further the game is over for them..


I get really worried when someone is brought to me and he hears everything.. but.. Didn’t do anything.. Didn’t listen to my advise..

Circumstanced gave me that knowledge.. Told me straightforward.. Who I am and what I am here for.. And what I can do and cannot do.. And at some point I was also a dumb sheep walking against it..

Believe me.. Be careful with your actions.. One day can change everything.. And you life will be over..

I must write what I write. Otherwise I am finished.. Now think about yourself.. What is it that you must do.. My circumstances and consequences are as it is now..

And yours? Maybe half a year ago you’ve decided to move to Moscow. And troubles started suddenly.. And now you are in a hospital bed .. and cannot move..

Maybe you didn’t get a hint that you shouldn’t go to Moscow.. And so you got circumstances in your life that didn’t allow you to move, and how productive those circumstances are, you can’t even move now…

But it can be solved..

99% of issues in your life has a solution, explanations and facts..

It’s for you to decide whether you play blind.. or ask for a guidence.. Ha-ha.. However you were broken by circumstances in your childhood.. That’s why you have those fuckups and complexes.. that you don’t trust.. and have no faith.. You don’t believe in yourself even, because even your own decision bring mistake by mistake.. And arrogance doesn’t allow many people to get out of this mire.. How could you get over your arrogance and come to a guide.. Terrible for you, right.. End of the world for your mask. For your image..

Here is the conclusion.. You can play those mind games with yourself all you want.. But! Sooner or later you will open up.. But.. it will be too late.. for real it will be too late.. and you will say it out loud to yourself..


Chapter 4


(those are not my friends and not my image, “i am an impostor”)


Initially you are born as anyone else in this world..

Of course there is a fate and society.. But what about you.. You are a consciousness.. That what is going on in your head.. This is what you really are.. you are like a little person who rules its body, how your body should look like.. how this body should behave.. and so on..

You are the boss! I mean you can be.. because if you would be the boss.. you wouldn’t have read this book..

People think that the fate is some random thing.. But can’t you see that if your friend got a bike for his birthday, can’t you see that it’s not random..

If you look at a chain of the events of his life.. you can find out where those people came from that gave him a bike.. You can analyze and find out why they had a desire to give him this particular bike.. where from those thoughts came into their minds..

So you can do it yourself, not “artificially» but consciously you can create those circumstances, for a certain period of time surround yourself with a certain kind of people, and on certain moment mention the bike during conversations.. And they will give you a bike as a present..

Nothing is accidental..

How it is accidental if I go now for a horse riding, I will meet the daughter of the owner.. and after I will manage all of it by myself.. But.. you are above all of those miracles for silly people.. You keep everything in your life under control.. Not only your life but all of those onse who come across your path..



There is one but! I was given this knowledge.. This gift.. so I could use it for good.. Silly egoistic man with complexes won’t get this gift.. I could have cheated everyone and would live a wealthy life long time ago.. But I won’t do it.. because next to this knowledge I have human values.. Faith.. Love.. Truth.. Respect..



I am suffering in this cruel world.. I know one in all, for example in Moscow, who is killing and robbing whom.. cheating therefor circumstances that I’ve described..

Those people cheated everyone and everyone worships them.. And me.. I am no one to you..

Maybe time will come when “I will judge them all.. Or will give up and become one of them.. But for now I am a peaceful worrier.. With love and hope..

If you can control yourself you can have any job.. be surrounded by any kind of people.. And decided for yourself who you will be for those people.. When I explained this theory when I was 17-18 years old people laughed at me.. So I showed them this theory in practice.. I worked in advertising agency, I was a producer, I worked in a Church, I was a director in few different companies, I also had my own interior design studio. I was an artist and a photographer. I worked in charity.. And made a social project.. I took part in a millioners’ competition. I’ve done so many other things and jobs.. Once I was ordered even, and people were searching for me, they lived for whole month in my city trying to track me down..

I was writing books and people were stalking me outside of my windows..

And all of it happened before I was 23.. Isn’t it an indication? But who needs it? Only you need it! Of course people judge other people by brand of a car and by an apartment you live in. They don’t care about rest of things, no matter how many people I helped or where I got money. Society..

And me.. You read my book and have no idea where i am from and who i am. Because I was sitting nights with pen and paper I’ve got it all, and experienced it all..

Yes, I am accomplished.. But there is no happiness and there won’t be. Robot. Work for people. Solve their problems. Give them what they want..

My acquaintances asked me: Alex what you have spent your money on.. Considering I’ve earned 1 million rubles a month for many years.. I don’t own anything at all.

I live wherever, I hardly eat. Yes, my attitude towards life is different.. Attitude towards people.. Towards future..

I can die tomorrow! And you too!

What’s the point to work like a slave and sit and work for your future that is finished?)

I live as if I was buried long ago and I have nothing to lose. And only things make me excited are the once I didn’t yet cognize in society.. It’s like an amusement park.. All of it is there for you! All of those people.. all of those cities.. countries.. Possibilities..

I am writing now the theory, kindly.. Or tell this theory.. I mean I try to give to people..

But.. In any moment I can get a job where you work now. And it will be up to me how you will live further. I am writing this so you can be in my shoes.. So you can be conscious..

Clarity and power of control.. Become me.. Imagine that me is you.. Your I, which you have forgotten.. suppressed inside of you.. Didn’t you?

I am an imposter. All the rumors, images, pictures it’s all just a show for you.. I am sorry that you cannot see further than this. I did it all for someone like you, to show you that you can live any life you want, but you took it as characterization of me.

Hm.. very one-dimensional outlook.. flat..

I hope the time will come when I will have an order on you! Someone from your relatives will give me money so I can make you life in such way that you would stay away from cigarettes or alcohol, for example!

Or maybe someone will want you to lose the job) or that you would work for another company.. if you realized what I mean under phrase “language of circumstances” than you understand how easy it is.. And it cannot be controlled.

We decide what you have to desire. Want. Fear. Where to go. Who to love and who to hate.

But don’t you make yourself a price label) no one cares about you yet.. But police won’t come with check up just because you crossed someones road or bragged about something too loud)

All right. Next chapter will be the kind sort, so I won’t provoke you and your issues. Otherwise you will think I am so arrogant. Bragging. Swagger and so on. All weak people are so nasty.. They see only sh*t everywhere.

I am writing it for you.. Don’t get it, read it again.. This is an information.. Wimp.. This is not an argument and not a war.. Me is you.. You just traded me for society.. For a way of your life.. And you are trying to survive.


Chapter 5


When human dies he experiencing a very pleasant state of being.. Fear.. followed by lightness.. with every second he as if flying away.. You don’t feel body anymore, no stress or thoughts.. Only lightness.. And light.. As if you see but not with eyes, as if your eyes are on crown of the head and you watch how you getting closer to light.. And at some point you are turned off and that’s it..

This state which I just describer.. how do i know if i’ve never died, if I would die I could not have written this..

The most interesting thins is that if you will find someone who had a clinical death he would describe the same state.. Exactly the same state..

And if you try to analyze the coma state.. It’s a state where you are in.. I mean your consciousness.. I mean you attention was turned off from your body.. From your organs of senses.. and you get into the state of light but you are not turned off.. and it turns out as you are not here and not there.. Somewhere in between.. And only your consciousness exists.. You can think with no control.. You have only an internal voice that you hear..

I’ve touched this subject because it’s not the first time that I go into this state.. When I return back I am different.. Completely different.. The same memory.. But the consciousness itself is very different..

I don’t put myself in this state on purpose. It happens when I am detached from society completely. When at some point I realized that I am alone. That I have nothing but myself.. That’s it.. You lose the connection with reality.. You don’t feel the time.. Don’t feel the taste.. Smell.. Temperature. Impossible to think.. can gather your thoughts.. Only internal voice..

This is the altered state of consciousness.. Shock.. Trance.. Meditation.. You can call it whatever you like..

If you search for information about what’s happening to the people who had a clinical death experience there are many cases when those people changed dramatically, their character changed, they got new talents, or like they call it “superpowers”.. When people return back from this experience they are not able to fully immerse into society like they lived before.. This person has consciousness.. I mean he has some free attention.. That’s why he can hear his internal voice.. He becomes very attentive to details.. He sees what other people don’t.. He hears what other people don’t.. He thinks unconventionally.. From one side those people are unique.. from other side they are dangerous.. Because they are unpredictable.. You wouldn’t know what to expect from such person.. Because he is not a zombie like others, in the system.. He is not teh same as the rest of people..

Such person looks at the world with sober view.. he does not act like the rest, he does not make those patriotic unconsciousness moves..

Because of all this I don’t have a normal human life anymore.. I cannot be happy with lolly pop or be scared of the dark..

As you died and without feelings.. You walk like invisible man.. and you are watching.. like others are being happy about nothing. Everyone is sleeping in this illusion.. Everyone is so silly and empty.. and they don’t belong to themselves.. It’s so hard to live next to you.. How can you spend all your life on food and spend so much attention on eating.. TV.. Internet. And sit inside of four walls.. I had dreams before that I want to fall asleep.. and become silly and be happy about nothing.. I tried to do it but failed.. My consciousness is stronger than society, even if I don’t want it..

I survive by playing the roles of different people.. I create myself entertainments and troubles, so I can at least feel something..

I have no friends because they are people and I know what friendship is and how it develops and what it is based upon..

This illusion does not take me over..

The same with relationships.. The same with jobs.. Why this “silly hamster wheel” at all, so you can run everyday and you don’t understand that it is useless? And that’s you are running on the same spot..

And why start at all if you know it will be finished.. When you are so conscious enough to decided when to start and when to finish..

I get on because for the past 8 years I surprise people with my information.. Since I have no life I can do anything.. I’ve decided to give information to people.. Solve their issues.. Help them to achieve their goals.. They called me different names.. Psychologist — it’s too weak of a word for me, as I was told once.. I am not a clown.. I am a psychic.. One word stuck with me though, an Adviser or analyst.. It’s easier that way for people to characterize me.. and recommend me to others..

The subjects that I was called to consult upon are so different.. once someone wanted to change gender, once was a murderer who wanted a forgiveness and to start over.. could he .. forget.. There were people who used me in businesses.. politics.. Advertising agencies tend to like me a lot.. Well only few times I scared them and spoiled the relationships when I told them that what they want is cheating.. That they should not do it..

There were privete consultations.. About privet life.. to get back the family.. Or get someone back.. Or to forget someone..

There were people who wanted a good job.. Or someone wanted to punish someone else, or to reprogram himself to become self-confident, or kind.. There were many many nervous people who wanted to be calm..

I talked a lot about health but in a private conversation, never on public.. And I only talk to people by reference.. And to make someone healthy I just asked him to do couple of things I advised.. that he would listen to certain music which I advised, or that he would go on holidays with his mother-in-law..

Paradox. But it works.

Thanks to one family from Moscow which I helped with panic attacks and migraines.. They did what I said.. There were very respectful with me.. I didn’t even charge them.. I just helped them.. they took all tasks very seriously.. That’s why I scare people off with my prices. I told them: You paid a big amount! Now you won’t miss a day when you need to perform tasks given to you..

Most of all I like to heal the soul of someone.. Because afterwards this person is happy and goes on with his life.. I see it till that day.. And it makes me feel good.. At least I give this to people..



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