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Aleksandr Korol
in St. Petersburg

May 22, 2018
Saint Petersburg


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About the book

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At the presentation of the book "The Corridor» there were guests not only from CIS countries, but also from: USA, Japan, China, Germany, France, Finland.

May 22,
St. Petersburg
7 pm
gathering of guests
from 5000 ₽
Книга коридор
Книга коридор
Книга коридор

The Corridor

It is about the people, what they are driven by, why are there the good people and the bad? Why does somebody have the success and others doesn’t have? Why do the people happy and unhappy ? All these I explain in my book. So this book is for you, if you want to consider the above-mentioned issues, to find a causal relationship between the things that going on in your life or the life of closets to you and to understand the sense of the life.