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People – “Entities”

Every person falls into certain conditions at birth. An individual develops from circumstances that force him/her to discover the world, themselves and others. Each person’s mission is to complete all the steps of social and material development, to come from poverty to an “all-inclusive” position. Aside from learning the material world, everyone must also arrive at a point of comprehension of the spiritual aspect of life. It means learning how to love and what it is to be deceived, how to deal with one’s character and understand the importance of being alone without feeling lonely surrounded by company. This means learning all the facets of life.

However, there is a separate cast of people – “Entities” (the essence, a being) who are positioned at a different stage of development where the rules differ as well as their values, principles, and missions from the rest of the world.

Entities have already accumulated experience from past lives, which is evident through wisdom that has been available to them from a young age, the ability to feel and understand people, their developed intuition and highly defined inner voice. Their age, appearance or position in society doesn’t matter, one of your friends likely is one of them. After all, this is a man/woman who embodies elements of different worlds in itself: their clothes, interests, friends, appearance cannot be classified as belonging solely to one frequency, such people break the pattern by the mismatch of their appearance and knowledge.

They are not driven by circumstances, they can choose how, where and with whom to get to know, deep down entities have a default option of “all-inclusive” experience. Such a person can become anyone, occupy any niche in society and reveal his/her talent on a global level. (Many world-famous celebrities are “entities”). But to use this key they need to realize their potential and get to know who they are.

It turns out, comprehension of their essence is their number one task! They shouldn’t try to fit themselves into the world of cliche people filled with thousands of opinions and fears. To get along with their being and follow their heart is their primary goal.