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Video with English subtitles

..since his childhood Alexandr had a very unusual way of thinking and view on the world. It was hard for him to hold all knowledge inside and he wanted to understand and explain why he is being as normal looking as anyone else his thoughts and perceptions of everything was quite the contrary from other people. He decided to write down everything in a dairy and post in in the Internet. And he was doing just that for the past 10 years.

Since the information given by the author caught the interest and attention of internet audience and people have asked for more Alexandr decided to make a video presentation and paid his last money to make it. After this video was published and watched by many people started to call Alexandr “the indigo child”.

If you think about who is Alexandr Korol one might say that he is a individual who asked all the right questions: who is he, how the world operates and what is human being. And then he shared all his findings through books and videos.
Later on they started to call all of the information self-development, esotericism and personal development. But he was the one who was just searching for a answer: who I am, where I am and why..






Explanation of book “Answer” :

Who is human.
Why some people are happy and others are not
How society influences us and the cosequences of the influence.
Why people get sick?
What it means to be open? Who are saints?
Why I am the way I am?

What changes are happening in our world now.
Who are Indigo children?
How I cure people.
What are Egyptian pyramids?

What is level of consciousness?
Why we make mistakes?
Does anyone control us?






Learn to consider and analyze events in your life.

Can people manage their attention?
Why people don’t pay attention to details?

People are overloaded with thoughts of society.
No one has their own thoughts.

When we have more free attention?
How our attention works?

What family means to people and society.

Where do we all go? What it means to hack the system?
What are keys of heaven?
What is the system?