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“The language of circumstances” Chapter 3

Everyone has their own personality .. character .. Everyone is different ..

Some people lack confidence while others always lie, there are people who are afraid to express their thoughts, and people who have no fear who say everything directly and openly .. There are touchy people, there are evil people, there are kind people..

Why are there those who think that the world is a terrible place while others think completely opposite ?

Initially, we are all children. All the same. But we get in a certain environment, in certain life circumstances that influence us from birth .. Why do some women say that all men are dogs? Its because they have only come across such type of men, so they have formed such a stereotype ..

Why are there people who don’t know how to be around money? They’ve been instilled this since they were born ..

Why are people with alot of self confidence prepared for any situation that comes..? Probably, from the very beginning they were praised for their success and as they progressed they went on to do similar things that continued to accumulate their confidence .. After all, if a child has been diminished since his childhood, nobody appreciated things he was doing and he kept failing, today this person would be scared to be initiative or start any thing (like a business).

All our thoughts, desires and road blocks are the consequences of our lifes circumstances since childhood ..

Why am I attentive and so conscientious ? Fate shaped me with such circumstances that I can’t lie .. I assume that life will immediately recognize it and something bad could happen.. I feel that someone Sees it.. Someone is watching.. And if I do something bad fear will wash over me after, as I will expect some sort of punishment from life.. After all, if you didn’t do anything bad, and you’re honest and rightful then why would you be scared of life? You will never get into a car crash, you won’t get beaten up on the way home..

Everyone has character.. each of us has our own personality.. dealing with it, bettering it..For example ..A man is being rude to someone and then later he regrets it.. But he is not the one who was rude.. This is his image that was formed and accumulated since childhood.. There are also naive people who are still being used and deceived.. And even though they understand it they cannot do anything about it. This is how their personality was formed – a consequence of life circumstances .. Is there a way out of all these far-fetched problems that were instilled in to almost everyone of us? Principles .. Stereotypes .. Complexities that haunt you and your surroundings.. You regret your actions, but these actions and consequences keep going on ..

Because of your rotten character you lose your family, your work and even Yourself.. You lose everything .. Due to insecurities, help up anger.. or pride.

But you can come back in to a state of alertness.. You can come to it through faith in yourself .. If something else in your life becomes your foundation of authority instead of people and society.. Then you gain faith in your capability to do anything.. Even to break this groundhog day of your character!

When a person gains faith.. He enters an unusual state .. As if he is within himself.. like in a vacuum ..

Being in this state he sees everything from the sidelines. People, himself, and all the problems and actions his life ..

There are no thoughts.. Only your inner voice.. This is you .. You, who defeated your mind .. your mask ..

You feel sort of heartless, with no emotions.. Like a robot. Nothing can influence you.. You are on your own.. You are not predictable.. You feel such power, that you understand that you can manage not only your life but that the life of others depends on you.. Since you are alert .. Conscious .. You know yourself and this world .. And you know how it works .. You decide when to smile and when to cry .. After all, you do this no longer by chance .. You do it consciously … Knowing all the options for the consequences that you expect and want to receive ..

If you want to attract people .. You have to behave and create a specific image for these new circumstances to be attracted to you ..

Or maybe you want to repel people but they don’t understand you in words? Then you need to create special circumstances that will turn off interest and communication towards you and people will leave you alone voluntarily..

After all, you don’t need to please people who are stuck in the society mindset.. They’re already funny in their heads.. Once you dress differently they will run away, but if you change your clothes back they will all return..

They don’t know that their desires are conditioned by such nonsense.. They have instincts .. And they don’t have control over them.. However I have such control, or for example your future self. Why the future.? .. After all, you are reading my book.. Circumstances brought you to this, and then me.. I’ve started working with you .. After all, they also brought me to this point, these circumstances.. they didn’t let me live an ordinary human life so I became a circumstance for you.

You can’t even imagine how many people were sitting in front of me and I told to them that circumstances gave them the opportunity to talk to me personally ..

Say what you want out loud. Speak about it clearly, since you don’t understand the hints of circumstances .. After all, the System, Nature, Life speaks with a person in the language of circumstances .. By all means it’s willing to tell you something .. but you ..

You’ve been broken all your life .. And you .. You are stubborn like a ram. And if people won’t hear me out now .. then a “game over” will come pretty soon for them ..

Therefore, it is very upsetting, when a person was brought to me and he heard me out..but he didn’t listen…

The circumstances gave me knowledge .. They told me directly who am I and what did I come here for .. They told me what can I do and what  can’t.. Once I also went against this like a ram ..

So believe me.. you have to be careful with your actions.. Everything can change in one day.. And your whole life will end ..

I have to write what I write. Otherwise, I’ll be done .. Now think about yourself .. And what do you have to do.. If my circumstances with consequences are so severe.. then what about yours? Maybe half a year ago you moved to another city. And your life turned into a nightmare.. and you are lying today bedridden not able to get up ..

Maybe you just didn’t understand the hints that you shouldn’t have gone to this place .. And what circumstances should happen so that you don’t go, the circumstances will be too intense, so that you don’t even get out of bed ..

But this can be solved ..

99% of the problems in your life  have explanations and facts ..

It’s up to you to play blind or turn to a guide.. Although you’ve been broken by circumstances since your childhood .. Why do you have such limits and complexities.. that you can’t trust .. can’t believe in yourself or listen to yourself in the first place.. Many people can’t get out of this swamp they call life because of their pride .. Their pride doesn’t let them reach out to a guide.. Because it means end of the world for their mask. For their image ..

In conclusion.. You can play these mind games with yourself and the system as much as you like .. But sooner or later, you will open anyway.. but then it will be too late.. and you will tell it to your own ears.