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“The language is circumstances” chapter 8

How to find yourself.. this has always bothered people.. the majority.

Sooner or later everyone comes to a point where they question themselves.. It’s interesting that each person has his/her own reasons for doing so.. each with different life circumstances.. It’s understandable if an individual has no family, friends, permanent home or steady work and says that they have no purpose in life but this is only because they do not fully understand that their purpose in life doesnt come from these outside sources – it is a purpose and energy that comes from within.

On the other side, there are people who have it all.. Family.. Kids.. Job.. Car.. Apartment.. Health.. But they too also struggle with life.. Their souls are aching.. They think none of this truly belongs to them.. as if they are living somebody else’s life.. They are not comfortable..They don’t know what to do with themselves..

Indeed, all these problems are caused by our lifestyle.. Each person loses their real self when immersed in to everyday life.. I asked people if they remember the best times of their life when they felt most free.. They describe their youth.. a time filled with no worries or obliations.. a time when they were kids and did whatever they wanted.. When they weren’t afraid of anything and had no burdening feelings or limitatons set by their mind.

However, over time, as you involve yourself more in to everyday work and life.. you no longer belong to yourself.. you are living a life for the society.

So day after day you are losing yourself.. but for what?

Do you only live for the sake of your job and apartment? How can one live like that?

When people lead themselves to this point.. they end up having a mental crisis.. And they believe that they’ve squandered themselves.. and live somebody else’s life..

A person whom I consulted for a long time ago on this subject just recently reached out to me again.. He boasted about becoming stronger after taking my advice, he also told me about his life changes and what he is doing now.. After that, I decided to share this program that helped him with my other clients..

So, the secret to solving this spiritual crisis is to create your own world.. If you create your own world.. everything should be brand new in it! But no one from the society can know about your hideaway place..

The new world should consist of secrets .. And it’s all yours.. Your world .. Your secret .. The secret from everyone ..

I will not go too in to the details.. But you need to get a new phone number.. A new number for your new friends .. Also you’ll need a new social profile if you have one. New photos .. New music .. And this should not interfere with the world that surrounds you daily.. If you’ll have problems in your everyday life or if it starts falling apart.. Then you can hide in your new little world .. because you are untouchable there.. You could even move to a new place in support of this new world.. get another job .. And create this world of yours.. You are creating it not because you’re lying to someone .. But because this is for you.. for your real, personal life .. This is a home for your soul..

My advise is to watch these following movies for inspiration.. “Chapter 27” – pay attention to protagonist’s state of mind.. Or the movie “Leon the professional”.. The main character is a key.. his viewpoint.