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“The anonymous” Chapter 19

Here is one mandatory rule for you.. Walk around a lot.. Only let yourself stay at home once a week max ..

Spend the majority of your time making time for walks.. I’m not talking about work and some household related reasons to walk.. aside from your usual responsibilities you need to walk for  at least three hours a day.. walk alone, go wherever you want.. but you need to keep doing it, as it tremendously affects your consciousness and how your brain works..

For example, if I haven’t walked for three days then everything shifts into another rhythm.. I start to perceive everything differently..

But as soon as I get back to my daily walking routine I return to my rhythm.. I can’t even write when I’m not tuned with it.

Another important rule – you must walk alone.. When you are on a walk you can go anywhere or go somewhere and sit down for a while .. You can even link up with someone but no more than for 10 minutes.. otherwise the person will drag you down to their frequency..

I want you to try to walk like this for a week .. and check on yourself at the end of the week.. Get down to your business and you will see how much better you begin to understand, how much more present and attentive you’ve become..

Then stop going on walks for a while and compare your state of mind. Pay attention to how you felt and behaved when you were committed to this routine and when you spent a week always being somewhere around someone …

There are a lot of keys like this that can push away the influence of the zombie world and help you start to feel again ..

All that I’m sharing is what your soul wants.. that’s what you want deep down in your heart, not your zombie mind ..

My goal is to learn how to starve my mind as much as possible.. And how to feed my inner self, my heart as much and often as possible ..

Ps: that’s how you stay tuned to the frequency with no tension or negativity, where light and miracles are