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“Gods fool” chapter 6:

How funny… I’ve never wanted to be like this.. .and never wanted to have this power, abilities.. whilst people can only dream about it..
It’s not that easy.. I’ll try to explain one of the world’s rules, the law of nature..
If a person can see the truth and everything inside and out he cannot misuse this power.. to their advantage.. or to harm the world..
Because if you came to the point when you can read people and know everything about them..that means you’ve already changed.. you are not one of them.. your values differ from theirs.. these “people” don’t bother you any longer..
…it’s like if I can kill a person with my mind.. I will never even get a thought like this..
..the stronger I get the bigger it gets.. something inside me.. let’s call it a holy spirit.. I mean the more freedom I give him the more powerful I get.. it takes over me.. and writes this.. it gives me all the information..
But who is it?.. I feel him.. but.. there’s also me.. I could say my mind.. so when my mind fades away.. when I dissappear.. there’s only him left..
I’ll try to explain..
There’s me up there..! I am the holy spirit! And person, here on this Earth named Alex is just a body.. placed in this world…

When I lose the connection with my inner self.. with my spirit.. I become a regular person.. one of them.. “blocked”.. living on autopilot.. acting on reflex.. just remembering things, learning on my own mistakes and that is it.. I’ve got no destiny and purpose of life.. everything is up to me..
But when I’m in tune with my inner self.. with my holy spirit.. when I’m being “open”.. everything is possible.. it becomes an “all-inclusive” experience.. there are no mistakes, I am being guided by destiny.. and this is something that becomes applicable to all..
People who have lost their inner self.. they easily get into society and live inside their minds.. having a life pattern similar to a remote control car.. moving in some direction, then bumping into a wall or any other obstacle and operating until their battery dies.. this is a life of a “blocked” person..
“Open” people.. as being said people of God are driven by something else..something meaningful.. this is channeling through me.. my mission is to maintain this connection.. and keep listening to my inner voice, that is chastising me when I lose this bond.. and staying in the society for too long..
I recommend you, my dear reader, to start your spiritual journey from here.. along with the book, I’ll be giving you clues.. on how to wake up..
Start keeping a diary.. every day before you go to bed.. write down everything that happened to you throughout the day.. write about your feelings and everything that bothers you.. your dreams.. write constantly, don’t skip a day..
If you miss one – every next day is going to become an extension of the previous one.. then 7 days will turn into one.. and everything slowly will turn on autopilot again.. your actions..thoughts.. that’s how your mind will take over you..
This everyday practice will help you to pay attention to your inner self..and tomorrow you will start a new, mindful day..