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“Gods fool” chapter 20

I wrote down some topics I should mention in my future books.. this information didn’t come from my mind!! It wasn’t revealed to me by experience! Everything comes from within.. That’s what my inner voice tells me! It’s not me who decides what is going to be said or written! These are not my desires and interests.. It’s natural.. This is the truth ..

And here is one of the most popular questions among my readers.. – who controls us?

This is a very complex topic.. You can re-read this chapter from year to year and perceive this information differently.

First thing.. Nobody controls us. And let’s be more precise.. who is us? If we take people in to account. Like I mentioned in previous videos and books.. people are born with a certain set of assembled puzzles.. And gaps.. A person is a mosaic.. As you grow to learn and develop new things.. You are not developing consciously. You live in illusion.. But you must move. Because the circumstances are provoking you. First, they bribe you with something sweet that will benefit in your favor but later creates excessive problems! Nobody is responsible for this not the angels nor the secret societies! It’s a labyrinth in itself, it’s all about its action to you and your reaction to it. The world where you live is a labyrinth. And your task is to become free from everything. Get out of society. Free yourself from the mind .. And then you’ll see everything .. You’ll start feeling everything .. At that point, you’ll have no problems. And if you have already shifted in to a conscious level and let your inner self lead you instead of your mind.. Then you have to face the fact that you must listen to your inner self but this, of course, contradicts everything! It contradicts the whole society and all your surroundings! Because it’s all about outside rules and values! You might want to become a regular person and turn your mind back on again.. But your “inner self” will wake up and say: why do you need all this?… you want something different … Why are you afraid of all these people and society or want to please everyone?.. Be yourself.

The most interesting thing is the information I’ve decided to share further, and the fact that I am ready for its consequences.

We are at war right now. And society is scared of people like me. The process has already begun. And soon this illusion and power of society will collapse. “The bosses” of this society can see the end already. What about us.. “We are Fate, we are the future of this world by nature.. All this is inevitable even though we might not want it. The one who created all this .. he wants it.”

The society will collapse soon. It has already been crumbling for the last 5 years. But now it is clear to see. People see how values change. They see everyone who is driven by Freedom and those who are hopeless and canned in to their old beliefs ”

Another interesting thing, however, which is not my ow information.. some people in India have a map, or something similar, that shows them where and when “someone unique” will be born.. Such people are being born in different countries, in to ordinary families .. They have always been in this world.. World-famous scientists.. Leaders .. Bandits .. Geniuses. In other words geniuses in their rights .. And they are said to be out of this world or to have a talent from God.

So these people who calculate everything.. They take the device.. And go to places where these special kids are supposed to be born and going directly through all maternity hospitals, use that device to determine which of the children is “the special one” and put a mark on it! Under no circumstances, they will interfere in these kids’ life. They will just observe it and, if necessary, help out to determine their direction ..

Now try to imagine .. You were born into the most ordinary family in the city. You are a regular person, but you feel that something is up with you. And you feel that there’s someone or something else in this world who knows about you. And they are watching you. And you realize that you don’t have to worry at all. Since there is something higher and they decide whether you die today or not..

Here they are, this “someone”.. “They” decide for me what to write and what to do. My chapters. My approach. My voice. My Information. Appearance. Everything seems to be spelled out and held under control until the day I die.

The idea of this chapter.. Is to be human. Of course, it’s cool to dream of being conscious and fulfilling others’ divine intentions .. But it’s cooler to be among equals.. And when you (for example) are Steve Jobs and you live in a village.. Local drunks are pushing you to drink with them.. and you live in a place where everyone thinks that you are out of place.. Even when you have already bought this entire village and give out food and water to everyone for free.. You will still be “out of place” to the average person.. Since you live around ordinary people you have to blend in to the ordinary lifestyle… and if you’re better in any different way .. they will want to hold you down ..

I feel that there is not much time left.. Not much longer.. When this 90 % of people who didn’t listen will be put on trial for the day society collapses.. At that moment something new will arise.. something real, alive ..