What’s good about being a robot?) Let’s start from the basics if you or your family member will need a surgery-it will be done perfectly with no mistakes, the surgeon, for example, won’t forget a scalpel somewhere inside you or cut off a vital part by oversight.. What else is beneficial in being a robot? This type of person does not drink or smoke and waste resources on junk food and unnecessary entertainment… their lifetime will extend..their first-generation will get to a 100-year lifespan.. after they will get to 200 years, then they will reach a 300-year existence.. Wars will end and equality will rule the world.. Everybody will be in constant development.. What else is god about being a robot? The number of accidents will get close to a non-existent! Every day people die because of their distracted, neurotic human nature!
What’s good about being a robot? There will be no illusions that create misunderstanding between people.. Finally, people will stop living inside their limitations and project things out of their minds but will live in tune and mutual understanding with each other.. Consequently, there will be no such thing as being wrong and there will be no lies.. What else is good about being a robot? It means a lot of time for yourself and self-development! After all, imagine how much time and energy a person spends on eating, communication with others just out of boredom, meaningless entertainment like watching movies or surfing on the Internet .. And all this is being done just in a sense of satisfaction for their psyche .. and pleasure .. And when people begin to live not for the sake of pleasure, there will be no brands or companies, there will be no restaurants, various types of cuisine.. None of this will be relevant.. There will be only one mental state of usefulness and conscious goals, like what you need to do to live longer and become even more conscious.. developed.. Nothing is hidden from people.. People make themselves stupid.. Every day.. Just analyze your present day .. Pay attention to your values throughout the day .. What are you worried about today .. What did you spend energy on today .. And it will turn out that 90% of your energy simply was wasted.. Imagine that this book is written about the future, but I had to write it using the “old” language, implementing provocations and emotions – because instincts are the only way of triggering people nowadays.. But gradually with every chapter in this book the old world and the old comparisons will flow in the future..