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“Attention management” chapter 8

Attention is the most important thing.. attention is what you are.. In general, attention is in your energy, it is you and your psyche..

For example, you have a lot of attention.. but because of certain circumstances your lifestyle  conditions have changed and some percentage of your attention was freed up.. For example, you don’t have a friend of yours around any more whose company used to take up 10 % of your attention.. and you have lost a job that occupied 20% of your attention .. and if some part of your attention becomes free.. then you definitely need to do something with it.. preferably, it has to be something useful or beneficial.. because many people pick up bad habits and start drinking or smoking or eating a lot.. just to burn their exessive attention..calm down their psyche..

A person can feel bad if he/she has lots of freed attention but does not use it or place it properly.

Different situations in life can “intercept” your attention ..

Let’s say a man came to me to get a job, he is nervous.. he is overwhelmed and his mind cannot focus on anything other than getting a job.. he is stuck in a specific state of mind..

And after that, the person needs to close off, relax and redirect his focus(to get back in to his normal state)..

So he immediately calls someone .. or lights up a cigarette if he smokes.. something familiar that helps him come back to his senses ..

Why does this happen? This depends on the importance of the situation ..

When a person enters in to a moment of pressure.. when his concentration is overly focused into one point of attention.. then it becomes very uncomfortable for him.. because there is a lot of attention.. and he doesn’t know how to deal with it ..

You need to get used to it.. to this state where your concentration is gathered.. you don’t need to run away from it and close yourself off.. you just need to accept it and use all this energy and attention!

Attention must be properly distributed! It’s also important that attention does not stagnate ..

After all, if your attention is always focused on one thing… then you will just lose your mind.

It’s important to focus your attention but also don’t forget to give it a break.. so, you have to learn how to disperse your attention in the right directions..

If you can’t think straight after sitting over documents for hours and working for too long..then  you need to get distracted from the papers.. do something to disconnect your attention from work for at least half an hour.. do something that will make you forget that you have things to do..

To make this happen, you need to take a break from work, watch a dumb movie, call a friend and chat or do something like this to clear your head. As soon as you take your mind off work, you can return to it. You will notice that you look at everything soberly again, your head doesn’t buzz and you can concentrate again!