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“Another world” chapter 22:

It is very important to deliver my message through the text with drawings using words to comment on them… I wish I could not only write about meaningful things but to be able to picture them.. that’s how I can at least express and picture the truth of being more or less clearly..
There are so many levels and under levels.. My books explain the same old truth.. The same old formula.. but in different variations.. It is similar to speaking different languages.. After all, each country has its language.. but the idea is still the same. For all us, the sun is the same .. But it is spelled and pronounced differently.. So is my information.. shown on different examples.. explained in different languages that people in various segmens of society talk.. So individuals from every layer could understand why they have to become “open” ..
People are starting to understand that when you are “closed” then:
You lose the meaning of life..
Your interests are scattered by desire..
You can’t find yourself.. You’re just a vegetable..
A “closed” person is empty.. He has nothing of his own.. No spark.. There are no ideas .. No manifestations of himself.. No personality .. Just a copy of the same copy ..
A “closed” man is a parody of a man..

Obviously, it is hard to become somebody if you don’t listen to your inner self, when your soul is being shut off.. And everything you do is what society wants you to. That’s how your thoughts get invaded by something else but your real ideas! Then you try to bring them to life, but you can’t last long while achieving them, because all this has never been your true and sincere desire.. Today you have something on your mind, tomorrow there will be something else.. just like another groundhog day..
Why do people choose to follow the path of society? Well, because everyone around is like that.. and they impose such things on you, and if you haven’t “closed” yet, you try to manifest your real self.. but you get frustrated because you think that people like you exist somewhere around.. yet nobody supports you..
However, this is not your fault.. because this type of support is available only for a society full of robots, where everybody looks and acts the same..
And if you are open, that means you are different.. One in a million.. Unique.. Only a few people decide to stick with it and not to get under the influence of society’s fashion ..
Don’t drink or smoke, wear a suit, watch TV and follow all normcore rules .. Is that good for you?.. Not really, it’s another society’s trap..
I will explain. Imagine there is a girl. She wants to be real, true to herself, and she has ‘her own” thoughts – she wants to wear bright clothes, sing songs about bugs and worms.. also she doesn’t want to have her apartment, instead, she’d rather live at her friends’ house all the time…

This is her real face, who she is inside .. But she is afraid to make it happen, as this lifestyle doesn’t seem “normal” in other peoples’ eyes .. because when she tried to implement it people just started making fun of her.. After that, she began doubting in herself.. her real desires.. That’s how she got onto the “normal” path of society.. and lost herself..
Don’t be afraid to be yourself!
I’ve been there so many times.. One day I’m free – another day I’m wearing classic shoes because I have to.. it’s called an adaptation to the society’s needs. But the main thing is how your soul feel.. To start you have to keep your heart “open”.. then you can begin to expose your soul.. to bring everything out from your heart and create your world with it.. After you opened yourself and solidified your world, you can put on a mask and get accepted where and when it is needed due to circumstances – it will not affect your inner peace badly.. Since you and your world are strong enough..
But when you are empty, weak and “closed”.. then hold on…
Growth happens when a person is open and pulls out his real desires and begins to implement them..

Fate and purpose become real.. Then time stops for you.. You feel the warmth.. happiness .. And everything shines through the rain and gloom .. You become a bright lamp ..
It is like a solar system. Each planet plays its role in a certain place ..
So you need to become the Sun. Where everything revolves around you ..
This is how you become the main character in your movie …