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“Another world” Chapter 16

There you are.. You have a regular job .. It may be your first one, it may be your fifth.. Or maybe you don’t work right now .. You can have a lot of friends or have no friends.. You can have a strong personal life..Friends.. Family.. Or you can be alone .. There is no difference ..

Imagine there is no difference between people who have an eventful life and those who have absolutely nothing in their life..

There is no difference.. because a lot of people are questioning themselves- what is the meaning of life and why do we even live?!

These are completely different people.. Someone has lost their meaning in life but has everything ..

And there are some who don’t see the point in life, have nothing and do nothing with it .. But all of these people have one thing in common.. This is a dead end.. Mental crisis..

They have no understanding what this is all for.. Whats the point of working? Just to earn money so you can feed yourself? To work in exchange for food..

What is the point of striving for something? What is it for? Is it to prove something to someone.. But what if you don’t care at all ..

What I think is important: there is no sense for people who have lost contact with their soul, their inner self.. because they lived according to the rules of society.. And now, voila! Now they are on their own! Up there, no one thinks about them, they have no mission and destiny on this Earth.. If you want, you live if you don’t then die..

The meaning of life can be found if you discover yourself !

You won’t clearly know what you need to do in this life ..

You will just feel it.. You will be lead by nature, by the system .. You will be presented to everything in life and it will seem like a movie. Very surprising events will occur in your life, almost miraculously ..

That’s why I feel so light .. There is no tension like others have ..

You just believe and that’s it .. And life itself presents everything to you and directs you wherever you go..

But there is no society in your reality.. Of course it’s near, it feels like it’s behind the glass .. But you are in another world .. Other people who live in the society, they are also behind the glass, they are poor in spirit.. living without faith, without strength.. have zero Individuality.. You are different from them. Your presence alone revives them and makes them feel a way they’ve never felt before ..

They are amazed by your ideas and views..

You always appear at the very right moment in their life.. It’s your decision whether you will save, protect or direct them..

Here is my every day story.. for example we have a person who is faced with a path choice . Suddenly a devil appears and tempts this person to take a path to his world (of society).. And then I appear, as a conscience.. And I say the opposite.. So now a person stands at a crossroads.. But devil and I we both follow the rules of the world and cannot impose the decision.. We can only hint, point out and wait.. What will a person choose..

Another thing that people are unaware of.. The devil looks very kind with a sweet character that uses beautiful words and sounds very nice.

And the angel often behaves rudely.. he’s very blunt and clear with his words .. he doesn’t go on compromises .. he acts in a  completely different way.