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About the Author

Alexandr Korol is a young author from Saint Petersburg, currently living in New York. His work is a non-fiction literature on the junction of psychology, sociology, self-development, spiritual growth and different world-view.

Alexandr started to write his books at the age of sixteen. He wrote about his personal observations and sociological experiments in human behavior.

His early works were published online and gained a lot of popularity.

Nowadays his early works known as “Drafts” can be freely downloaded from his website.

The first paperback book “The Corridor” was published in the Spring of 2018 in “Peter” publishing house. In the book the author introduces readers to the basic concepts of frequencies, the “mold”, attention management, world with “no mind” and many others. Author talks about the main principles of human interaction, the sources and consequences of human actions. He gives a lot of real life examples of real people and their life’s attitude which brings good or unfortunate consequences.

“The Corridor” became a best seller very fast and the first edition was sold out within first two weeks.

The following book “Paradox” was published not long after the first one, on the late autumn 2018 in the same publishing house.

Unlike “The Corridor” which is highly structures and follows certain narrative, “Paradox” consists of diary style texts that describes the events and changes that happen in the author’s life during certain period of time. The text reflects deep observation on self-development as well as patterns of society and human behavior. “Paradox” is not a sequel for “The Corridor” rather it is an atmospheric addition to it.

The book leads the reader to invisible world where thoughts are formed without mind, and right intentions appear as by themselves.

The audience of Alexandr consist of people of unusual kind from different strata. They can be creative people (musicians, actors, photographers, etc.) who draw the inspiration from his books.

But also logical kind who try to understand how the world around us operates.

Among them there are IT geeks, start-upers and other non-conservative characters.

Finally spiritual audience are very drawn to the work of Alexandr. Those ones who feel more and have an unusual perception of the world, they feel as if the author is close to them.

The Information about Alexandr Korol’s literary projects can be found on
His official Instagram: @theakinformation


Facebook: @Theakinformation