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Frequently asked Questions

  • What is this site about?

    AKinformation is called due to Alexander Korol Information. It is the site of the author containing the information presented in a different ways for different people. You can read the information provided in books and videos. All the information provided is in the public domain and can be used.

    In short terms, the information on the website is about the people, their systems, the motivation, the fate and the meaning of life; why there are troubles and distress, who these "lucky people" are, why ones are poor and the others are rich; why the smoking alcoholics lives a hundred years, and the others die before they're 50... Why's that? What does it depend on? The answers can be found on the website.

  • Is the surname Korol (King in russian) a nickname?

    Korol is Alexander's real second name, all his relatives on my mother's side are proudly bearing the name. Alexander did not attach any importance to the name until the certain group of indignant people has unknowingly assumed some kind of pretention. Alexander came to the conclusion that his second name is keeping away unnecessary contingent of people unworthy of his knowledge. So that Korol is more than a name, it is a filter.

  • How can I contact the author?

    It's not that simple. Alexander doesn't use social networks and email at all, the employees publish all the information on the Internet.

    You can contact Alexander by submitting a request via e-mail and enrolling on the appointment in advance. Appointment is possible both online and in person.

  • Why there are grammatical mistakes in the books?

    It was the author's high school diary in the beginning, so he didn't pursue the goal to find so many readers. Over the years he decided to restore the order in the first drafts but they seemed dead after the procedure of editing, so that they still written in this very unique manner. To the day the author continues to write and publish books with this punctuation and grammatical mistakes. It has become the author's style. Naturally, all of his books have been edited and translated to several languages, but we do not publish them considering that the originals have more life on the pages and transmits all the emotions and the atmosphere the author meant to.

  • Who owns all this information?

    All the information comes personally from Alexander. He did not read a single book in his life on purpose not to clog the head, he also doesn't ever listen to advices and is very skeptical. Alexander has an analytical mind looking for a causal relationship everywhere.

    Everything that happens in his life, all of the experiments he puts on his life he describes in his books and shares with observations. They compare Alexander to the great philosophers claiming that someone great has already come to the thought, but this is a compliment compliment to Alexander,, because he didn't ever read it from anywhere, he takes information personally from his own experience. Alexander concludes the philosopher is right if they match in vision.

    A lot of authors and couches make workshops borrowing his information from without his permission. Alexander believes that understanding and perception are too complicated without a certain key: simple and beautiful examples and facts noone really can use.

  • Why the services are so expensive?

    First, the price is a filter. People appling for $10 help and for $1000 help are very different. The author knows his readers should too: the books and videos are free and available to use for their sake – that's their own time.

    The second reason of the high cost – is the experiment Alexander puts himself on every day: does not celebrate the birthdays, does not see the relatives, does not watch television and does not spend a third part of his live just eating and sleeping. He is always gathering the information, testing it finding solutions to any problems in life and works on himself. Therefore, this information is estimated expensive. There is a certain contingent of readers that require the attention of the author in person to their personas and angrily declares that Alexander is given a gift, and he is making money out of it. But it's not a gift. This information can be compared to the mushrooms in the forest. Mushrooms grow everywhere, and yes, they are free. But if you are sitting at home and watch TV, and Alexander is walking through the forest wet and hungry to collect this mushrooms, doesn't sleep at night and spins them into the jars, he can't give it away for free. Alas, the man himself has to go all this way Alexander did. So the man will know everything Alexander knows , and it will be absolutely free for him.

    The third reason of the high cost - is how the reader treats the information. Author is often making online conferences with the different costs. It depends on the kind of information he gives. At the conferences people have to be more focused, so they are more likely to believe the information and take it serious. The higher the price – the better result they get.

  • What can yoy ask for on consulting sessions?

    You can have an appointment with Alexander after reading his books only. Unless you read them you are not able to talk with Alexander correctly and efficiently. The author's books are the manual and the key. You need to have a correct idea who Alexander is and what he is able to do. You can ask him the same questions as you ask an analyst or psychologist. The more clear your question is – the more detailed response you get. Many people know that Alexander can tell everything about any person. This is true, but Alexander does not provide such kind of services more often than once a year and personally for his practice. When he does, it claims the special time you can refer to him with such a question just showing a photo of any person. But Alexander consultations doesn't include the information like this.

    During the consultation you can learn how to achieve your goals, to identify the cause of your life's troubles, ask for information for self-development and growth. So that you can get an explanation for every question or to consult before making any important life decision.

  • Does Alexander believe in God?

    Alexander is a spiritual person. He is wondering how a person visiting church service, praying, baptized every time he comes to the church, communicating, fasting and diving on special occasions can not be a believer. A person who rarely comes to the church and does not know all the rules and holidays is a believer too, and goes under the side of God.

    Author is not a fanatic and respects all religions. He may visit the Orthodox Church and the Catholic one as well as having a long conversation about the meaning of life with the rabbi.

  • Are the conferences made in St. Petersburg only?

    It is XXI century, and people interested in the author's information are found all over the world. Therefore, all of the conference are made online.

    "Online" means that you can take part in the conference from any point on the Earth . You will need a laptop or computer only, our website gives you access to the online broadcast where you can see the performance of the author and ask questions in the chat. This is very similar to Skype conversation. If it was an ordinary seminar in St. Petersburg or Moscow and you are from the other town, you would have to spend money on tickets to get there and spend money for a hotel booking.
    Why do you need the extra costs?

    Also, the group session is cheaper!
    People from all over the world gather online in a conference room, and the author does not spend his time for each person individually, so online conference is the most convenient and affordable way to get the information for all people.

  • Why there are no reviews on the website?

    Author is a very modest person, but he has so many enemies and envious. Also, the author has the rule not to put a pink cap on, if everyone who wears pink caps are criminals, for example. So that, he does not want to get hit by a wave. The author sees all social strata, and he believes that posting comments will lead you to the world of the hungry and insecure people who can not do anything, but want to prove something to everyone, especially since the reviews on the Internet a lies mostly, (have you noticed people extorted reviews for the discounts or something else). This is not nice. If you want, we can provide you with a package of reviews sent to Alexander for all the years of his activity, but our standarts are far so high from posting it online.

  • What is so special about Alexander?

    Alexander would never allow to publish his biography as a tale of what a beautiful person he is.. He believes that it is very bad, when a person says that he is so good and so have done so much, when look at this man and he is somewhere on the very bottom and can do nothing. The one who truly has a knowledge and is found on a decent level, will never collect a list of his achievements and publish them to gather around his blinded fans. The author believes that if a person "can see", he understands the author and makes the right choice.

    Alexander is unique in one thing only – he lives by different rules and with very different values, so that he doesn't need any Bentleys and all this stuff anymore.

  • Is Alexander an extrasensory?

    No, Alexander is not. Extrasensories can not do anything, but Alexander can!

  • Who is standing behind the author?

    It is the most frequently asked question over the years. Noone is standing behind him. He does everything by himself only. He has appeared much earlier than all those who are now teaching online how to live your life. Now all those people are involved because it is fashionable and profitable. And Alexander was born that way, but he did not want this growth to come.

  • How does Alexander help people?

    It is very difficult to explain, in brief, imagine a person is reffering to him with the problem: some troubles over the year, the lack of love or money. Alexander just says what time to wake up, what time to go to sleep, what people he should listen to, what music to listen. That's all. And when the person does that, all problems are solving. How's that? Read this in his books.