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Aleksandr Korol Aleksandr Korol

Aleksandr Korol

Writer-analyst, explores the human nature.

During the past 10 years I've published my drafts in the Internet for everyone to read. At that time I got numerous followers who shared my point of view. In the drafts I talked about many things including what are human beings, what drives them. Why one deserves everything and the other one gets nothing.

I moved around a lot and watched and explored different social strata.
I was walking a mile in their shoes and I traveled around the world.
I shared my personal life hacks with others and it helped them and saved their lifes in some way. In 2018, I finally decided tо put all my drafts together and make a book - ‘The Corridor’.

'The Corridor’ - is 10 years of experience, decisions and work on self-development.
'The Corridor’ - is the fruits of my labor.

Do not provoke and do not respond to provocations
The Corridor
The Corridor
The Corridor

The Corridor

What are people, what drives them. Why there are bad individuals and why others are good. Why some of us considered as lucky and some have no happiness in life. All of this analized and explained in my book.

If you want to find out an explanation for everything that is happening to you, the cause and effect of your relationships with people around you, and understand what is a real meaning of life than this book is for you.

Presentation of book
"The Corridor"

May 22, 2018
Saint Petersburg
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