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club 2.0 Start: 9 september

Intellectual Club is for those of my readers who would like to have a personalized information directly from me, without having to wait for a new book, online consultation or webinar.

Intellectual Club is a new way I can share new information with my readers.
The first club lasted for 10 months with over 1600 members participated during those months.

As the quantity of readers increased and we have published a new book, I decided to organize one more season of the club : Intellectual Club 2.0.

You are always up to date

You are always up to date

During the past 10 years Aleksandr has published his notebooks online. The reader was receiving updates about new discoveries and events at all times. Now you have a chance to be even closer to new information.
In the Intellectual Club you will move towards a new level of communication.
More information, more openness and sincerity every single day.

Everything is close at hand

Everything is close at hand

Intellectual Club is a closed Telegram channel where Aleksandr posts audios, images and videos as well as organizes surveys. Every month starts with announcement of the new topic which you going to review together step by step.
This is an absolutely new format of bringing a new information. That allows you to stay on the same wavelength with the author.

Always self-improving

Always self-improving

Intellectual Club is focused on self-development.
Speaking and working through the most up to date topics, the members of the club become more open, self-confident and more conscious about their choices in life. Intellectual path is like another life.
This is the quest you can take along with other thousands of members from all over the world.

Description and Ideology
Description and Ideology

What is the Intellectual Club?

It’s the new way of giving the information. New way of communications between members of the club and Aleksandr. No Facebook group or webinar will allow such close communication or direct access to essential information.

It’s a subscription for Telegram channel which will give you an access to receive information from Aleksandr directly in a text, audio and video formats.
Every day you would receive different tasks and advises from Aleksandr.
During the month Aleksandr will share the “mold”, the essence of certain frequency that will allow you to achieve your potential, change your life and life conditions.

You will be able to turn off your busy mind and reach into your heart’s desires. As a member of the club you will be able to receive the best techniques and methods which will help you to recognize and upgrade the material and social side of you.

The main goal of the Club is to develop yourself, better yourself, to understand what you need in life and how to achieve it.
But The Club it’s not just a spiritual or a material development…
It’s the Way and the Method of development.

интеллектуальный клуб

12 сентября 2020. 23:00 (МСК)

We are already more than 2000 people, join us!

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