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Paradox — Aleksandr Korol


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..Paradox ..it does exist.. but not many people pay to much attention to it..
People don’t want to ask questions.. why something happen in their life..
and what is the reason of those events..
..and I see it since my childhood.. the cause and effect..
..and some interference of third party..
Interference in the people’s lives.. and interference in my life..
Who are they.. they or him.. but there is something that leads us somewhere..
and this something brought you to my book.. and I was brought by circumstances
to write this book..
This book is exactly about it..



Aleksandr Korol




Language of Circumstances

Other World

God’s Fool



..this book, it is a sort of draft.. sort of diary.. this book.. is a collection of my states of being.. which I wanted to pass on to you through the text..

..this book gives you an opportunity to look at life through my eyes.. under different angle..

Where everything is different..

This book.. is sort of like going through the looking glass..

This is the rabbit hole.. which they’ve mention in many books and movies..

.. I want to give you an advise.. read this book when you are alone.. preferably in the night when everyone is sleeping.. read this book while listening to a sad, languishing, melancholic music..

… this book sort of like a program.. you read it .. and paradox things starting to happen in your life..

I wrote this book long time ago.. but decided to publish only now.. don’t judge it with you mind.. just feel it..



Language of Circumstances




Chapter 1


The extract from the book which I was writing long time ago, started many times but never finished.

Alexandr Korol


Internal state. Stable emotional state. Warmth. Faith. No fear. Clarity of consciousness. Eyes watching to the back of the head. Heavy head. Pillar of light and you are inside of it.

Unbelievable attentiveness. Intensified imagination and planning of everything. Or rather analysis of everything. Kindness. Acceptance of everything. Piano music. Need to watch calm movie, heartwarming, drama maybe…

Nothing can provoke you. Resolute in everything in a calm state. No illusion.

No time… no feeling of time..

Need to be alone. No bounds to anything. There can be many people but you are not with them, as if you are looking from outside on them, on everything, without getting their attention.

Need to go to church. It’s the home there. There are close ones. Saints like your relatives.. And you are not alone. You are with them and they are with you.

You know why all of it is happening in life, for what this life meant, you understand why you are here. You understand what it is with people and how much they need you. You love them because you were like them, you understand that they are not bad. You understand how hard it is for them. You are their hope. You are their love. You are their faith.

You are not afraid where you gonna sleep tonight, and what you will eat, you know you are protected.

You are not alone.. You have a friend. It is your internal I. You talk to it.

When you are not human you want to be human. And the other way around.

You want that because you don’t know. When you know you get back to your own place.

There are people who want to be notable, to be different, to be someone else. At first those people convince themselves this is their wish than they start to behave differently, changing something, re-makint it..

And there are others who want to be humans and do everything for it.

Become human is much more difficult.. It’s like make yourself not to see when you can see, make yourself not to hear when you can hear.

You want to be a human because you surrounded by them.. By their being.. their habits, principle, stereotypes,.. fears and desires..

I have other goal.. Not a mission.. Not a destiny.. But a task.. The task that I came to undertake, the task that I have to execute.

There are people like me.. and those ones who meet us.. those are the people who deserve it.. Who came to it..

All of you’ve heard about four-leaf clover.. It does exist.. But on a different vibration level.. in other parallel existence.

You will never turn into that road where it grows, you will never look to That side..

Only when you will reach the certain level of spiritual development that you will be able to reach that parallel reality.. with all the miracles.. paradoxes.. something that cannot be explain to a human, but it exists!

If you reach that level of vibration.. this parallel world.. It will be if you become a witness of something that normal human being does not see..

Like falling of meteorite.. This clover.. Like a pigeon that walks on you, like an old lady that calls you on by your name and knows everything about you.. The thoughts that materialize.. when you just think about someone you know and this person calls you or you meet this person the next day. Or if you think “shall I go camping” and phone rings and someone invites you to go camping..

In this world there is a different music.. Different sounds and pictures.. Different smells.. Different rules..

You are on a wave.. you live for the world and world lives for you.. and everything goes smooth..

In this world and in this state you can create miracles.. You live in a fairytale.. and you watch everything as if from outside.. You decided the fate of people.. Who to direct and where to.. Who to help.. Who needs what.. They will never figure out who you are, but your are the main guide.. the direction of their path..

In your world.. you are safe.. You work.. you are protected.. you are appreciated..

The main thing is to accept the rules of this world.. You are not a human in this world! You are alone, by yourself! You cannot have a family.. Friends.. You don’t have a normal human life.. There is no your own taste or style.. You are like water which changes the form in accordance to outside conditions.. You don’t know what it is “to think”.. You have no thoughts.. You have no plans.. Everything goes with a flow..

You read it all now and it sounds familiar.. As if it’s your own state.. Or you had it before.. Or you want to have it.. You read it now but imagine that other people also read it and feel the same way..

In every human there is love .. It can be passed further in different ways.. I passed it to you and touched your soul.. By this text..

You feel good.. and me? Who I am.. that I decided who should live in what way, but I don’t have life myself..

Not only you need me, but I need you for something as well.. Should I remember something? Be youself now.. Be open.. You could have seen yourself in me but not people.. It’s not bad.. since I know about it.. and I know what will happen next. What will happen next in my life and in your life..

You all walk the same routes.. You think there are variety in your life but it’s not true…


Everything is standard.. It’s obvious from outside.. And people.. People are not differente .. There are categories of people.. It’s a particular quantity.. Like there are 12 types of people.. Only 12.. But people don’t mention it because everyone judging by appearance.. They look at everything from material perspective.. and this is inferior and inattentive.. But there is.. something that is similar.. I come to you and tell you about you.. who you are and what you are, what you life is and what happened to you .. And when you ask me how do I know all about it.. than I reply: I didn’t talk about you.. I talked about someone I know.. Someone I know that is number 3.. Number 3 like yourself.. And everything is similar between you both.. This is the beginning and the end..


Why people are not given the opportunity to see that? Maybe because they need to develop? So they would remain in an illusion that everyone is unique and individual..

But all of it is just a standard.. And me.. All of those people.. those categories.. I appear as their own, someone close… everyone believes that we think alike.. that we have the same view on the world.. But..

If I know it and I know the cause and effect than I create people’s reaction on purpose..

Your reaction!

I mean your life depends on what I write because I know how every word will influence you and what thoughts will come up in your mind..

Where should I direct you, my friend?

I can create a disappointment and you will never want to put your nose into my world. But I can do another way around .. I can charm you.. and take you with me forever..

I will start.. and outcome will be the indication where I have directed you…

I wonder from which category you are.. category which has family and work.. but you are somehow bored? Something is wrong? Or you are one of those who has never tried anything and there is nothing behind you but empty words.. and you stuck between choices.. you are indeterminate.. With this book you will know for sure that you don’t live your own life.. that everything around you doesn’t belong to you.. All of it is fake.. illusion.. distraction.. to plunge you into routines and worries.. And how many years do you live like this? You live like this for quite some time with zero movement.. Everyday routines and society are the best things to dull your mind.. But sooner or later you will get back to this book..

This book is your soul. Haven’t you mentioned it? Don’t you feel it? When you are remembering your forgotten soul you’ll get back to this book.. This is The key, The Key I promised you.. By reading this book many many times you will mention that you percept it differently, every single time.. Is it because of the book or because of you? Or maybe it’s because of me? Bloody hell! Which is it?

I envy you now even though I don’t feel envious.. It’s a very human emotions.. But those words are playing with you good..

We are so alike.. ‘Cos I tried to become you.. And you tried to become me.. I wore the masks of different people.. I wanted to be bad and good.. Poor and rich.. Handsome and ugly.. And what a joy it is to be dumb and make mistakes.. It’s the same joy for you when you can be attentive and know answers for everything..


Chapter 2

There is an expression “Fortune favors the brave”. It’s true but to start with we need to understand what is this “fortune”. From one side everything that happens to us is just accident.. With “us» I mean people..

When people are born into this life and no one tells them and no one answers their questions: who you are, where you are and why you are here? What is this life for and why you are the way you are.. Why you are born in this family.. Why in this city.. They can answer something like this: you are human, have a job, have a family. Wear whatever everyone else is wearing, eat like other people, do what you are allowed and don’t do what you are not allowed..

But why? On what grounds? Who holds the authority of those words? Why most of people are born and they join the society so easily and they play on their mobiles, consume and work like zombies and they do nothing else? Why can’t I accept it and be calm, finally? What is norm? Society of course! If you are the same as others you are accepted in it, if you are different you are an alien.. you are alone, you are not normal.. When they attacked me with those claims I resisted..

They told me if you are so smart why are you so poor.. Why I am no one..

And than the argument went on.. From one side I understood those attacks.. But it was so easy to resist.. Yes,  I told them, soul is the main thing, philosophy is the main thing, and everything can be calculated and analyzed, I made a discovery.. I write books in the nights and I’ve developed myself.. But society needed material prof.. They all look at the cover, on money, on your social standing and whether you have education and personal life..

If I tell them I can do it in a flick but I won’t because I am not interested, they look at me as if I am insane..

Well I did it, I sat for couple of nights, made a plan, I called the plan “how to become a human”, I made an list of how should I look, where should I work, with whom should I be friends, where I should live.. I considered every single little detail..

Why did I do that? I understood that society will eat me alive and won’t leave me alone, so I was looking for a way out, so they would let me be. You need to give people what they want to see and what they want to hear.. I was a producer of myself for them. And.. society calmed down.. And people hang on me..

But the question is whether I am so smart that I did what I wanted? Or is it a “fortune»? Let’s get back to the main subject of the chapter! What was it that provoke me back than, to join the society! It was inevitable..

Like it was inevitable that you came across my book, that some circumstances made you the way you are, that you became interested and you found this book.. And I was lead by circumstances to write this book.. Inevitable.. Everything has a cause and an effect..

He asked me: So if everything the way you say than I can just jump out of the window and cheat the system and my fortune? I answered him: no.. Because something brought me to you and this conversation.. the circumstances lead to it.. And you are provoked by a system after the conversation with me and had an idea to cheat the system and jump out..You see.. No leak. Everything is pre-calculated..

Any of your thoughts, any of your desires.

Fortune is circumstance.. Which are outlines for us, to move forward.. so we develop.. life is the movement..

Thanks to circumstances our personality is formed. But this is the subject of the next chapter..


Chapter 3


Personality.. character.. All of us has it..


Why there are people with lack of self-confidence, who tell lies, who are afraid of expressing themselves and their thoughts, and there are people who are afraid of nothing, who are straight forward and open to everything, who are very responsible.. There are people who take offenses on everything, and they are very angry, and there are kind people.. Why there are those who think that the world is terrible place and the other ones who think the opposite..

Initially we are all children. Identical. But we find ourselves in a certain environment.. In a certain life circumstances that influence us.. Why there are women who think that all men are morons.. Because those kind of man cross their path.. The stereotype was formed..

Why there are those ones who cannot deal with money in a right way.. that’s how they were taught from the childhood..

Why there is a self-confident man ready for the most incredible things in life?.. Probably because when he made his first deed it worked and he got a praise and than he went further and further in life with the same attitude and became more and more confident.. If he would be let down for example in his childhood… and everything that he did was not appreciated and everything was a failure than today he would not be dare to do anything..

All the human thoughts and desires and issues are the consequence of childhood circumstances..

Why I pay attention and I have a consciouses.. Because the fate mold me by circumstances that I cannot lie.. I think if I lie everyone will know immediately and I am finished.. Someone is Watching.. Watching from aside.. And I if I will do something bad.. the fear will fill me in, because I will wait for a punishment.. Troubles.. If I didn’t mean bad things.. and I am honest and just.. there is nothing to fear, right? You will never get into a car accident, no one attack you in the alley in the night on your way home..

I mean there are people’s characters.. everyone has it’s own personality, a person fights it and works on it.. Person lives with it.. Someone says something rude and that he is sorry.. But it was not him who was rude.. It was this image of him molded in childhood.. There are naive people who get cheated and used all the time.. They understand it but cannot do anything about it.. This is how their personality molded.. — consequences of life circumstances.. Is there a way out of those mental bugs that almost all humans have? Complexes.. Principles.. Stereotypes.. Which annoy you.. and everyone around you.. You are sorry for your behavior but this behavior persists and consequences will go on and on.. Because of your crooked character you loose your family..Job.. Yourself.. You lose everything.. Thanks to complexes.. Naivety.. or arrogance..

But you can come to the level of sobriety of your “I”.. You can get there by faith.. When the main authority in your life is not society or people  .. but something higher.. Or if you find faith.. than you can do anything.. You can break this groundhog day of your character!

When human finds the faith.. He enters into an unusual state.. As if he is inside.. as in vacuum…

In this state you can look at everything as if from outside.. People.. and yourself.. and all the issues and behavior..

There are no thoughts.. Only inside voice.. This is true you.. You who conquered your mind.. your mask..

It feels like as if you are soulless.. Unemotional. Like a robot. No one can influence you.. You are by yourself.. You are unpredictable.. You are like God.. You feel such power.. You realize that you can rule not just your own life.. and the lives of other people depend on you.. You are sober.. Conscious.. You cognized yourself..You cognized this world.. And you know how the world works.. You decide when to smile, and when to cry.. Because you don’t do it by accident.. You do consciously.. Knowing all variants of consequences which you expect or want to get..

If you want to attract people.. You create this image and circumstances and behave in such way that attracts them..

If you want people to reject you and leave you alone and they won’t really understand you?.. Create circumstances which will turn on disgust and hatred towards you.. And they will “run» away from you)..

You should deal shortly with people.. those ones in society.. They have so many bugs in their mind..

Wear something weird and they run away.. change the clothes to something nicer and they come back..

They don’t realized that all their desires come from trifling matters.. But they have instincts.. They have no control over them.. I have this control for example. Or future you can have this control.. Why future you?.. Well you read my book now.. Circumstances brought you to this point, and than me.. I start working on you.. Because they brought me to this point and didn’t allow me to live meaningless human life, so I can be a circumstance for you..

You even cannot imagine how many people were sitting in from of me.. To whom I said openly .. — they gave you this chance to talk to me..


Tell me what you want. Tell me straightforward and clear, since you didn’t get the hint from circumstances.. Because “system”.. Nature.. “Life” .. Talks to people with language of circumstances.. Using all possible ways to tell you something.. And you..

They’ve destoryed your lifealready.. And you.. But you still live on and on like a dumb sheep.. And if someone doesn’t hear me even face to face .. than further the game is over for them..


I get really worried when someone is brought to me and he hears everything.. but.. Didn’t do anything.. Didn’t listen to my advise..

Circumstanced gave me that knowledge.. Told me straightforward.. Who I am and what I am here for.. And what I can do and cannot do.. And at some point I was also a dumb sheep walking against it..

Believe me.. Be careful with your actions.. One day can change everything.. And you life will be over..

I must write what I write. Otherwise I am finished.. Now think about yourself.. What is it that you must do.. My circumstances and consequences are as it is now..

And yours? Maybe half a year ago you’ve decided to move to Moscow. And troubles started suddenly.. And now you are in a hospital bed .. and cannot move..

Maybe you didn’t get a hint that you shouldn’t go to Moscow.. And so you got circumstances in your life that didn’t allow you to move, and how productive those circumstances are, you can’t even move now…

But it can be solved..

99% of issues in your life has a solution, explanations and facts..

It’s for you to decide whether you play blind.. or ask for a guidence.. Ha-ha.. However you were broken by circumstances in your childhood.. That’s why you have those fuckups and complexes.. that you don’t trust.. and have no faith.. You don’t believe in yourself even, because even your own decision bring mistake by mistake.. And arrogance doesn’t allow many people to get out of this mire.. How could you get over your arrogance and come to a guide.. Terrible for you, right.. End of the world for your mask. For your image..

Here is the conclusion.. You can play those mind games with yourself all you want.. But! Sooner or later you will open up.. But.. it will be too late.. for real it will be too late.. and you will say it out loud to yourself..


Chapter 4


(those are not my friends and not my image, “i am an impostor”)


Initially you are born as anyone else in this world..

Of course there is a fate and society.. But what about you.. You are a consciousness.. That what is going on in your head.. This is what you really are.. you are like a little person who rules its body, how your body should look like.. how this body should behave.. and so on..

You are the boss! I mean you can be.. because if you would be the boss.. you wouldn’t have read this book..

People think that the fate is some random thing.. But can’t you see that if your friend got a bike for his birthday, can’t you see that it’s not random..

If you look at a chain of the events of his life.. you can find out where those people came from that gave him a bike.. You can analyze and find out why they had a desire to give him this particular bike.. where from those thoughts came into their minds..

So you can do it yourself, not “artificially» but consciously you can create those circumstances, for a certain period of time surround yourself with a certain kind of people, and on certain moment mention the bike during conversations.. And they will give you a bike as a present..

Nothing is accidental..

How it is accidental if I go now for a horse riding, I will meet the daughter of the owner.. and after I will manage all of it by myself.. But.. you are above all of those miracles for silly people.. You keep everything in your life under control.. Not only your life but all of those onse who come across your path..



There is one but! I was given this knowledge.. This gift.. so I could use it for good.. Silly egoistic man with complexes won’t get this gift.. I could have cheated everyone and would live a wealthy life long time ago.. But I won’t do it.. because next to this knowledge I have human values.. Faith.. Love.. Truth.. Respect..



I am suffering in this cruel world.. I know one in all, for example in Moscow, who is killing and robbing whom.. cheating therefor circumstances that I’ve described..

Those people cheated everyone and everyone worships them.. And me.. I am no one to you..

Maybe time will come when “I will judge them all.. Or will give up and become one of them.. But for now I am a peaceful worrier.. With love and hope..

If you can control yourself you can have any job.. be surrounded by any kind of people.. And decided for yourself who you will be for those people.. When I explained this theory when I was 17-18 years old people laughed at me.. So I showed them this theory in practice.. I worked in advertising agency, I was a producer, I worked in a Church, I was a director in few different companies, I also had my own interior design studio. I was an artist and a photographer. I worked in charity.. And made a social project.. I took part in a millioners’ competition. I’ve done so many other things and jobs.. Once I was ordered even, and people were searching for me, they lived for whole month in my city trying to track me down..

I was writing books and people were stalking me outside of my windows..

And all of it happened before I was 23.. Isn’t it an indication? But who needs it? Only you need it! Of course people judge other people by brand of a car and by an apartment you live in. They don’t care about rest of things, no matter how many people I helped or where I got money. Society..

And me.. You read my book and have no idea where i am from and who i am. Because I was sitting nights with pen and paper I’ve got it all, and experienced it all..

Yes, I am accomplished.. But there is no happiness and there won’t be. Robot. Work for people. Solve their problems. Give them what they want..

My acquaintances asked me: Alex what you have spent your money on.. Considering I’ve earned 1 million rubles a month for many years.. I don’t own anything at all.

I live wherever, I hardly eat. Yes, my attitude towards life is different.. Attitude towards people.. Towards future..

I can die tomorrow! And you too!

What’s the point to work like a slave and sit and work for your future that is finished?)

I live as if I was buried long ago and I have nothing to lose. And only things make me excited are the once I didn’t yet cognize in society.. It’s like an amusement park.. All of it is there for you! All of those people.. all of those cities.. countries.. Possibilities..

I am writing now the theory, kindly.. Or tell this theory.. I mean I try to give to people..

But.. In any moment I can get a job where you work now. And it will be up to me how you will live further. I am writing this so you can be in my shoes.. So you can be conscious..

Clarity and power of control.. Become me.. Imagine that me is you.. Your I, which you have forgotten.. suppressed inside of you.. Didn’t you?

I am an imposter. All the rumors, images, pictures it’s all just a show for you.. I am sorry that you cannot see further than this. I did it all for someone like you, to show you that you can live any life you want, but you took it as characterization of me.

Hm.. very one-dimensional outlook.. flat..

I hope the time will come when I will have an order on you! Someone from your relatives will give me money so I can make you life in such way that you would stay away from cigarettes or alcohol, for example!

Or maybe someone will want you to lose the job) or that you would work for another company.. if you realized what I mean under phrase “language of circumstances” than you understand how easy it is.. And it cannot be controlled.

We decide what you have to desire. Want. Fear. Where to go. Who to love and who to hate.

But don’t you make yourself a price label) no one cares about you yet.. But police won’t come with check up just because you crossed someones road or bragged about something too loud)

All right. Next chapter will be the kind sort, so I won’t provoke you and your issues. Otherwise you will think I am so arrogant. Bragging. Swagger and so on. All weak people are so nasty.. They see only sh*t everywhere.

I am writing it for you.. Don’t get it, read it again.. This is an information.. Wimp.. This is not an argument and not a war.. Me is you.. You just traded me for society.. For a way of your life.. And you are trying to survive.


Chapter 5


When human dies he experiencing a very pleasant state of being.. Fear.. followed by lightness.. with every second he as if flying away.. You don’t feel body anymore, no stress or thoughts.. Only lightness.. And light.. As if you see but not with eyes, as if your eyes are on crown of the head and you watch how you getting closer to light.. And at some point you are turned off and that’s it..

This state which I just describer.. how do i know if i’ve never died, if I would die I could not have written this..

The most interesting thins is that if you will find someone who had a clinical death he would describe the same state.. Exactly the same state..

And if you try to analyze the coma state.. It’s a state where you are in.. I mean your consciousness.. I mean you attention was turned off from your body.. From your organs of senses.. and you get into the state of light but you are not turned off.. and it turns out as you are not here and not there.. Somewhere in between.. And only your consciousness exists.. You can think with no control.. You have only an internal voice that you hear..

I’ve touched this subject because it’s not the first time that I go into this state.. When I return back I am different.. Completely different.. The same memory.. But the consciousness itself is very different..

I don’t put myself in this state on purpose. It happens when I am detached from society completely. When at some point I realized that I am alone. That I have nothing but myself.. That’s it.. You lose the connection with reality.. You don’t feel the time.. Don’t feel the taste.. Smell.. Temperature. Impossible to think.. can gather your thoughts.. Only internal voice..

This is the altered state of consciousness.. Shock.. Trance.. Meditation.. You can call it whatever you like..

If you search for information about what’s happening to the people who had a clinical death experience there are many cases when those people changed dramatically, their character changed, they got new talents, or like they call it “superpowers”.. When people return back from this experience they are not able to fully immerse into society like they lived before.. This person has consciousness.. I mean he has some free attention.. That’s why he can hear his internal voice.. He becomes very attentive to details.. He sees what other people don’t.. He hears what other people don’t.. He thinks unconventionally.. From one side those people are unique.. from other side they are dangerous.. Because they are unpredictable.. You wouldn’t know what to expect from such person.. Because he is not a zombie like others, in the system.. He is not teh same as the rest of people..

Such person looks at the world with sober view.. he does not act like the rest, he does not make those patriotic unconsciousness moves..

Because of all this I don’t have a normal human life anymore.. I cannot be happy with lolly pop or be scared of the dark..

As you died and without feelings.. You walk like invisible man.. and you are watching.. like others are being happy about nothing. Everyone is sleeping in this illusion.. Everyone is so silly and empty.. and they don’t belong to themselves.. It’s so hard to live next to you.. How can you spend all your life on food and spend so much attention on eating.. TV.. Internet. And sit inside of four walls.. I had dreams before that I want to fall asleep.. and become silly and be happy about nothing.. I tried to do it but failed.. My consciousness is stronger than society, even if I don’t want it..

I survive by playing the roles of different people.. I create myself entertainments and troubles, so I can at least feel something..

I have no friends because they are people and I know what friendship is and how it develops and what it is based upon..

This illusion does not take me over..

The same with relationships.. The same with jobs.. Why this “silly hamster wheel” at all, so you can run everyday and you don’t understand that it is useless? And that’s you are running on the same spot..

And why start at all if you know it will be finished.. When you are so conscious enough to decided when to start and when to finish..

I get on because for the past 8 years I surprise people with my information.. Since I have no life I can do anything.. I’ve decided to give information to people.. Solve their issues.. Help them to achieve their goals.. They called me different names.. Psychologist — it’s too weak of a word for me, as I was told once.. I am not a clown.. I am a psychic.. One word stuck with me though, an Adviser or analyst.. It’s easier that way for people to characterize me.. and recommend me to others..

The subjects that I was called to consult upon are so different.. once someone wanted to change gender, once was a murderer who wanted a forgiveness and to start over.. could he .. forget.. There were people who used me in businesses.. politics.. Advertising agencies tend to like me a lot.. Well only few times I scared them and spoiled the relationships when I told them that what they want is cheating.. That they should not do it..

There were privete consultations.. About privet life.. to get back the family.. Or get someone back.. Or to forget someone..

There were people who wanted a good job.. Or someone wanted to punish someone else, or to reprogram himself to become self-confident, or kind.. There were many many nervous people who wanted to be calm..

I talked a lot about health but in a private conversation, never on public.. And I only talk to people by reference.. And to make someone healthy I just asked him to do couple of things I advised.. that he would listen to certain music which I advised, or that he would go on holidays with his mother-in-law..

Paradox. But it works.

Thanks to one family from Moscow which I helped with panic attacks and migraines.. They did what I said.. There were very respectful with me.. I didn’t even charge them.. I just helped them.. they took all tasks very seriously.. That’s why I scare people off with my prices. I told them: You paid a big amount! Now you won’t miss a day when you need to perform tasks given to you..

Most of all I like to heal the soul of someone.. Because afterwards this person is happy and goes on with his life.. I see it till that day.. And it makes me feel good.. At least I give this to people..


Chapter 6


Society is a devil.. And all of those in a society do everything to put out the wick of your open “I».

They will try to convince you that you are wrong.. Those deuces will impose society on you.. What to eat what to love what to watch where to go, how to live..

They will assign everything in your life for you and how you will end it.. It will be instilled into you.. You won’t realize even that you are under their influence and the thoughts in you head are not yours anymore.. Those deuces will tempt you.. So you would yield to the provocation!! They can buy you.. They can make you lose your temper so you would make a mistake..

It’s not for nothing they say that “don’t lose yourself”.

This phrase is told to those ones who got thrown out by society.. For example the loved one cheated on you, you’ve been laid off.. You friend betrayed you.. Even if you got insulted in the shop..

Of corse you are right and can have your revenge to those who did that to you.. But.. That’s it.. You lost.. You became one of them.. You were just.. Honest.. You were a human.. But they betrayed you and you can not let go of this situation.. But if you want to remain strong, wise and open.. You must let go of this situation.. Yes.. it hurts.. It’s hard.. They took everything from you and went on with their life and have fun, and you are dispirited.. humiliated.. left out.. You are hurting.. But!!

If you just close your eyes on everything.. You will go up to the next level.. You passed the test.. You will be praised!!! You will be always happy! Protected! And God will not leave you! And those deuces.. They will be judged sooner or later.. I remember from my childhood.. in TV program there was a show how someone was murdered, or someone was injured.. Or someone was burned alive or crashed in the car accident.. I was watching it with fear I could not understand why does it happen, for what reason.. And what to do to avoid it..

Than I found an answer.. All those people deserved it.. And their relatives who witnessed those events.. also deserved it..

Those are punished ones, who cheated everyone.. Those who are rude to our elderly.. Those who do harm to us.. Those who sell and promote drugs.. Those who earn when you sick and come to the hospital.. where they charge you more.. and tell you you have more issues that you don’t actually have.. The God punishes them.. those who are soulless.. So don’t worry.. Everyone will get what they deserve.. That’s why I have fear and consciousness in my every step and action..

God sees us all..



If you do only good to everyone.. Than you can walk in the night and nothing will happen to you.. Your guardian angels do exist.. if you don’t forget about them and be open.. And didn’t sell yourself to deuces..



The most interesting thing is.. the further you go.. The harder your tests are.. And if you are with God.. And believe me he is stronger then society! You have nothing to fear! He decided everything.. And not some people.. like your enemies.. Or unpleasant circumstances.. The most important is to Hear the God.


Chapter 7


If you got to this chapter than you’ve probably felt something.. something is happening with you.. inside you.. In your mind.. Something familiar.. something pleasant..

It’s true.. This is a state of openness.. all of us had it but than we lost it and instead we have a heavy weight, and more heaviness and we forget what it is to be truly Open, light.. free.. we so get used to this load, that is a usual thing for us, it becomes natural and we are depended… If someone is almost completely closed and his soul’s wick is almost off.. Than nothing can open him up anymore..

Only if one would have an emotional shock of some sort.. Which will kick him out of society.. But you need to open up yourself.. so you can reach your soul.. You also would need to find more external factors, which could help you to open up..

People that have met me in real life.. It would be enough for them to talk to me.. And that’s enough.. The person would sink into this vacuum state.. After my life seminars which I did in St. Petersburg.. After them, half hour or more, people could not understand where they are and where to go.. and they could not hold themselves together.. Their heads were heavy.. as if they would have a metal hat on the head.. and as if its weighing them down..

Maybe you should try to experience this state? .. The metal hat on the head.

Listen to my music.. Read couple of my books.. And will feel this chemistry..

If you want more than it’s tet-a-tet only.. but highly unlikely that I will want to meet you.. there is not many people left who has this wick burning.. Soon those kind of people will be a rarity and a big value.. the real open people..

There are many traps and falsity which lead you from the truth.. those who closed and their souls are put out.. they are inside of society and they live by its rules, and that means they judge by appearance, and how modern something is, they are egoists and loners and trust no one, not even themselves..

They are so blind and silly.. that if I will sit in lotus pose and tell them I will teach them to meditate they will run to me as if I am one of those couches.. And if they will see me with a gun.. And I talk about the soul.. They won’t notice me even.. And even if they notice me.. than society starts to rule them like they are zombies and through them they will impose on me their rules and will humiliate me for the sole purpose so I’d become like them.. I trusted their illusion.. their fake.. It is hard.. but I am a Warrior .. so you are as well.. my dear reader.


Chapter 8


Find yourself.. This topic always worries people.. and those are the majority.. Sooner or later everyone will come to that point.. Interestingly enough that each of you have your own reason.. And the conditions are different.. But OK when someone doesn’t have a family, friends, no job, no place to live and he says that he doesn’t understand the purpose of life.. he doesn’t understand what is really him..

But some people have everything.. Family.. Children.. a Job.. a Car..  the House.. Health.. But they feel this heaviness.. Their soul is also sick.. they think that all of it is not theirs.. That it’s not their life.. They feel uneasy.. They don’t know how to occupy themselves..

All those problems of the soul depends on lifestyle.. Everyone looses himself when they are deep in everyday routines..

When I asked those people if they remember when it was the last time they felt happy, they all described the childhood, when they had no troubles.. When they were children.. When you can do anything you want.. You feared nothing.. There was no issues in the mind.. No heaviness..

And over time when you dive deep into every day life .. you don’t live for yourself anymore.. You survive for society..

And every day you lose yourself.. And for what?

Is it a life.. this apartment and a job? How can you live like this?..

And when society leads you to this way of life.. You have a spiritual crises.. And they think they were developing themselves.. They live someone else’s life..

Recently someone contacted me who consulted with me some time ago about spiritual crises.. And he was very proud how strong he is and what he does in life..

After that I’ve decided to give the program to people and my clients..

The secret to solve this spiritual crises is.. To create your own little world..

If you will create your world.. it must consiste of everything new! You cannot say anyone from society about this new world..


This new world should consist of secrets.. All of those are only yours.. Your little world.. Your secret.. Secret from anyone..


I won’t describe all of what needs to be done.. But you would need to go as far as to get yourself a new telephone number.. For your new friends.. New social network profile if you use it.. New pictures of yourself.. New music.. And this new world should not be mixed with your social life.. And when something will go wrong in your social life and your social world will start to fall apart.. you will be able to hide in this new world.. and no one will touch you there.. In your new world there should be a different place you life in.. It’s your personal world.. You do it not to cheat anyone.. It would be your real private life.. The home for your soul..

I advise to watch a movie for inspiration.. The movie called “Chapter 27”, note the state of the soul of main hero there..

You should also watch movie called «the Stone» (it’s a Russian movie).. look at how the main character lives.. Not material life he has.. And his state of mind.. Or the movie “Leon”.. Also look at the main character..


Chapter 9


Human lives as if on auto-pilot.

I came across this issue just recently.. The issue is .. you surround yourself with silly primitive people who influence you and your life.. I am different from them all because I see and do everything consciously.. And other people do everything automatically.. And I mean — everything..

They are so inattentive that they don’t hear and don’t see anything.. They have standard decisions and actions, they live automatically. They don’t understand why they like this brand of cookie, why some TV channel is not good and the other one is all right.. They can even try to convince you that certain shampoo is THE best and my shampoo is bad..

But if you ask those people to elaborate and give details on something they are lost and cannot explain it. They don’t even know why the shampoo they use is good.

Those people are zombie and they look at the world through their illusions.. The worst thing is that those people stopped in their development.. Because they don’t hear or see anything new. The live by a program..

They don’t attache importance to their action and to their words.. Interesting thing is that you can spot zombie-human very fast.. The vocabulary they operate with is small and determined..

This person can tell you something nasty day in day out. But if you catch him on doing it and will try to get the reason he is doing it for.. Why he is doing it.. He will be lost.. He doesn’t understand it.. And he will use some helping phrase that he always uses.. when he needs to justify himself..

It looks really stupid:

-Why did you drink my coffee?

-Leave me alone, that’s how I am, we are different

-Why haven’t you done what you promised?

-Leave me alone, that’s how I am, people are different.

Let’s move on.. those zombie-people don’t understand what they eat, they don’t get anything from what they do.. They don’t live by the mind.. Not by consciousness.. But by emotions..

For them the comfort is the most important thing.. have fun is important for them.. Doesn’t matter who you are to them, friend or relative, if you don’t let them stay in the euphoria state they will kick you out of their life.. Because you are bad.. Anyone is bad for them who doesn’t entertain them and not dumb..

The bad one is the one who says right things and asks smart questions.. Who stands by his words and watches his tongue..

Zombie-people.. they don’t base their conversation on mind.. They base it on emotions.. So they say one thing and do the other.. those people are foolish.. They cannot make plans. Because their thoughts and mood comes from emotions.. and emotions are provoked by outside world..

If you agreed to go to movies with such person.. He would offer you something else at least hundred times..

While you will be walking to the movies.. He will see amusement park.. And will go there and he won’t remember even that he was going to the movies..

There is an advantage of such people living on auto-pilot.. They are good in driving and successful in sports. Because those activities require to work out certain automated actions and those people successfully adapt to those actions..

I cannot really adjust myself because I cannot do something without thinking.. I am analyzing every step I make..

Communicate with people who are on auto-pilot is hard for me.. They are all different.. And they use their own prepared templates of speech.. And if they say each other something nasty they won’t even remember the next day..

And if alife and conscious person decided to find a common grounds with such person.. Try to be patient.. Because you can never agree on something with this zombie-machine.. You won’t be able to understand one another.. You say something to the person and he doesn’t get what you mean.. It feels that he is trying to fool you..

You shouldn’t let those people too close to you.. But if you want to stay in touch with such person no matter what than you should communicate with this person as if he is a little child.. or as if he is a mentally retarded.. Than you cannot be provoked and be nervous when this zombi-man chucks out..


Chapter 10


I want to touch the subject of human love.. and the first thing I need to advise you do not be ever upset!

Why do I say it? People tend to dive into their every day routines.. Into different circumstences.. And there are people who devoted their lifes to work..The need to congnize all human qualitites.. And they congnize it.. In material cover of “work”.

If someone devotes all his life to relatioships.. To Family.. than he congnize the world in this cover.. All the issues and absence of issues which needs to be congnized he does it being in a relatioship..

Relationships is the fastest way to make yourself stronger and wiser and speed up the process of self-development.. Relashionships can never be smooth.. It does not mean that you will always have troubles.. It means that development never stops as long as you live.., human being came to this world to learn mutual understanding..

If you and your second half consiously reilize that you both are developing.. then you will never give up.. And life will bring harder tests so you would split up and stop loving each other.. But those one who hit heads from the start and ruin the family..Here is the thing if one person in a relatioships understands everything and trying to be supportive all the time, and wants the relashionships to work and ready to go through test and trials and won’t give up.. To forgive everything but to move forward together..

Nowdays you see how people degradade.. People get married and few months or years later they divorce..

This is the indication of their level.. It’s lucky if no one else gets hurt.. What if there is a child.. Than it’s an issue..It means than modern couple is short-sighted.. And partners are not right, because they don’t think about each other.. Each of them think about himself and herself.. This is selfishness and stupidity and it exsists in our modern time..

Of course there are exceptions when it would be right to split up with your parner if you won’t let each other live normally..Here is one thing though.. why tame other person to yourself when you haven’t figure out who you are..

If you commit to a serious relatioships than you must understand that you won’t have the same life as before.. and you will never have it..

You need to devote your life to your partner and your partner needs to do the same..

If you left someone already. If you got divorced.. Show him or her this texts and get him or her back.. You are like the closest people to each other.. It’s not like you throw out your old mobile and buy a new one.. Relatioship with someone is the most valueable thing..


Chapter 11


Everything comes at a price


I was driving back home with a friends of mine. Almost night fall. There was a guy hitchhiking on a sideway. We stopped to give him a lift. He got in.. We started to talk about what I do, talking about philisophy..

And he told us a story which just happened. He was working on a corporate event.. And while he was moving flowers around the enveloped fell down with conciderable sum of money from one of the bouquet.. And he didn’t take money.. And he says: It’s like an appreciation from above that I didn’t take an envelope and gave it to the owner?

I said: Yes. That’s possible. — I smiled.

And than I told him about my philisophy..

I will never take anything that is not mine and I will never lie.. Because I know if I do I am finished..

I have an understanding in my mind.. that there is someting above us all.. someone who sees everything.. And if I would take someone else’s envelope with money.. I couldn’t sleep in the night.. And very soon.. something bad would happen with me or my relatives..

But if you don’t do anything bad.. And even sacrifice yourself.. Than you are in safety.. And you have a guardian angel.. You can walk in the night in a scary neighbourhood.. Cars will crash, bricks will fall from the roofs on people.. but nothing will happen to you! You are like under the hood..

If you are open.. You have no fear.. Only warmth and faith inside..

And if a person is closed and material.. He is not seen by the God.. and not lead by the God..



Material person is alone.. If he doesn’t pay attention driving he will crash and die.. And if you are open person you.. There will be a miracle and you will survive..



Open person lives by the rules — I need to do it that way..

If someone is trying to cheat an open person.. Everything will be fine with open man.. Open person always sees that he is lied to.. And give this filcher a hint.. and asked him: Are you honest with me?..

And this closed material filcher replies: Yes, I am honest..

And as a result open person won’t lose anything.. The truth is on his side.. And material person will be punished.. and it’s scary to even describe..

If you an open person and walk on the steet and give you last 20 bucks to a homless guy who needs it.. And you won’t have money to get home even.. You will be just fine.. God is with you.. I didn’t perish and I am writing it now..

And if you are a material person.. Than you have different set of rules.. If such person gives his last.. Than he really won’t get home and dies of hunger.. That’s why a material person doesn’t believe in anything but in himself and money..

Material person can be made weak very easy.. if you take all material things from him.. But you cannot break a spiritual person.. He has only himself..

Material person powers himself up by material people around him.. By things and by money.. And his energy grows..

Spiritual person strengthen himself in solitude.. By meeting and communicating with a new person.. He powers himself with classical music.. with Spiritual and philosophical movies..

Night powers up.. Church.. Icons.. Church choir.. Mystic and graveyards..

How is it compatible? Spiritual person and mystics and graveyards?

Spiritual doesn’t mean kind..

Spiritual doesn’t mean naive wimp or saint..

Spirituality is a vibration.. Where you are open and see everything and feel everything.. You are not among people.. You are a creature which lives by different rules of nature.. In other dimension..


Chapter 12


I feel what you feel when you read my book.. I see it as digits.. like formulas.. I know what to write about so you would have a reaction inside of you.. that would be lost inside of youself.. That you couldn’t gather your thoughts.. that everything would turn upside down in your head, so you would see who you are for real and how do you live..

I have faith and there are those who can still be awaken.. I don’t have the responsibility for the fact that you will see your world as boring and empty after you read my book, and you would want to get rid of everyone around you.. You made your choice youself.. I didn’t bring you to this book.. to this chapter..

It’s raining now. I am alone. I am writing. I don’t have any regrets about what I’ve experienced, I don’t feel sorry for what I lost.. Maybe it’s my last day.. maybe week or month.. But I am real.. I have faith.. I do what I want.. I discover things I haven’t seen before.. I feel.. I breath..

It feels warm in my soul..

What will you see in your world?… if you look through my eyes..

Same people.. Same problems.. Same time.. Same roads.. Same tasks.. And how long is it going on like this for you?

What a joy it is to throw away this mobile with all contacts.. and social networks.. And buy a new one.. Meet a new friend and talk to him.. And no one else around..

Clothes.. Those things.. Maybe it’s time to take off an official suit.. And wear something else.. Or another way around.. stop wearing this awful clothes and dress up like dude from Forturne 100..

Find yourself a man or a woman and don’t give excuses that time haven’t come yet and that you are waiting for someone special.. If you have someone.. Let this person go for time being.. Make up some story.. Say that you are sick.. but let yourself feel how it is to be alone..

Have sex with a stranger.. It’s just a nature.. Do what you haven’t done before..

You haven’t tried to fire a weapon? Try to hold a gun in your hand.. Feel it.. How about something extreme? Jump with parachute.. Try some speed.. doesn’t matter with what..

You live alone..  Maybe it’s you last day.. Make some art.. People don’t decide how to paint art.. You are a God to youself! You are creating fashion and art! You are to decide what you will create..

Have children.. Hit a dude who offended you or cheated you.. So what if you will get arrested.. Tell them he deserved it.. and you are free..

It’s long overdue to leave fear behind.. You live one day..

Stop holding things inside.. So they rot inside you..

Who do you believe in? In what? Stop it! Stop trying to please everyone and fear. You were born into this world! You can be anything you want and do anything you want..

You can sell your appartment now and buy a house next to the ocean and surf for the rest of your life, conquering the wave..

You can go and serve in military or police.. and know what others don’t..

You can.. You can do anything!

Don’t leave all of it for later.. You are reading.. You are feeling it.. Do it now..

You can go and work on TV..

You can live in the middle of nowhere and be a huntsman..

You can go to work in a Church or be a thief.. It’s your life! Possible! Everything is possible!

But if you are.. feeling it now and ignored and put it away for later.. You wil be just eating.. listening to a damb music.. Watch stupid movies .. and suffer from your surroundings and your job and be misarable..



Your decision is a risk.. You will become a homeless man soon and will fell stupid.. that you lost eveyrthing.. But it doesn’t mean you’ve chosen a wrong door.. Because a real person will value his experience and that he is homeless now.. It’s not that easy to become homelss! It just appears easy.. But we are in a society.. Even if we would want to become homeless.. we won’t be able to.. Selfpreservation instincs and our little world will get us out..



Decision is up to you.. I am just watching.. analyzing.. And waking up..

Wake up my friend..

I am really happy right now.. And it might be very hard tomorrow.. But I won’t feel this “hard”.. I am growing and developing.. I know much more..


Chapter 13


I remember myself in 2010.. When i was seized by the scruff of the neck out of society for good..

Because I was different.. not like the rest.. They called me “indigo child”..

I was shining back than.. And I was very visible .. It’s like.. imagine the globe.. and Than you image like a very bright beacon light shining..

One of those who took me out described me that picture..

I cannot gather my thoughts even.. I don’t know how to descibe what happend to me back than.. And I am not sure if I need to share this information.. or better cut it out of this book for better..

Nevermind.. here we go..

In order to develop a human, books are not enough..

Level of development is in a consiousness.. You can level up if you go through certain situations in life.. It’s not possible just to give this information in words if person is on low level.. You can only lead this person ..

In my city.. in St. Petersburg.. And in many other cities.. There are certain places.. and deeds.. that  a person can never do.. He won’t even have a tought to do it.. because this “thinking machine” of every human is under control.. everyone is in society.. But there are someone behind the scene.. this someone can turn you off and take you out of society..

You won’t be able to do it by yourself!! You will never be able to do it!

Only if someone from outside can help you..

Let’s say you are a glass, you cannot break yourself or paint yourself.. Only someone external can do it..



So.. someone from outside.. Someone on a high level.. If he would want to talk to you.. He will talk to you only on your level.. Because you percept everything through you own prism.. And if this person.. on high level would want to bring information to you.. About how it is all working in reality.. It will be useless.. You are just a human.. You have principles.. stereotypes.. your own view on the world.. Etc., etc.. and before you reach high level you won’t be able to understand and see..



So.. if “those” who above .. managed to get you out.. They know what to do and where to go.. So there are certain coridors in the system.. And they lead you out fast.. So you won’t need to live the life again and again.. You’re doing it fast through the corridor.. and you are on top.. This is exsist.. I was there..

It was tough.. and than they throw me back here..

How would you feel if they showed you everything.. how it all works and why.. And than bring you back to people.. And now try to survive.. And this real world for you will never be the same anymore.. You know the real Truth and not how other people see it..

There is no miracles for you anymore.. no feelings.. Everything has an exlanation..

All world and people in it.. like pigeons are the same.. walking in the park and pecking.. And every day there are the same pigeons.. Or maybe different.. That’s how I started to see people..

You want to attract them throw some seeds to them.. If you want them to leave.. just stamp and clap loud..

You can’t communicate with people otherwise..

People think they talk with words.. But this is the same programm.. as if you eat the same salad every day..

I talk to people like I talk to pigeons..

Now I will tell you what “mind games” they made me to play..

First I met one man, the only one who supported me and I got appreciated since I am really different.. and what I see and hear is real.. He said this is all a childrengarden..and I cannot even imagine what will be further.. He also said that I am a “stone» and I need to become “a diamond”..

I didn’t understand what he meant..

He didn’t explain but just asked to remember this.. for future..

Than he asked me if philosophers’ stone really exsists.. I said : yes..

They’ve been searching it for ages, he continued.. And this stone is somewhere in Eastern country.. And the one who will find it will posses everything.. power..immortality.. will be able to perform miracles..

I didn’t understand why he was telling me all this..

He just asked to remember it for the future..

He also told me that I will be always alone .. That I came here not to live my life.. And the plans I had in mind I have to realize them..

Half a year later.. A friend of this man told me that there is a woman who is looking for a boy.. from  St. Petersburg so she could give him keys of heaven..

I asked her: What are you talking about it? She says: No reason, maybe you will be interested..

At the end.. the circumstences turned out in such way that I found this woman, even though I wasn’t looking for her.. My friend told me that he is going to a woman for healing session and he describer the place and the woman the same way as I was told before..

I went there with my friend..

And I told her that I came for keys of heaven..

At first she said she knows nothing about it.. because my friend was sitting next to me..

When I left her house she came up to me and pointed towards sky.. And said: Keys of there..?

I said yes..

She replied: All right.. But don’t say a word to anyone..

My friend has heard and seen all of it.. He was in shock and didn’t speak a word to me on our way back..

Couple of months later.. I came to a caffe with my friend.. There were many people inside.. I saw them all through and could say things about each and anyone of them.. And than.. There was an elderly woman.. She was drinking, smoking, eating something.. I looked at her.. And I felt fear.. As if she didn’t have a soul.. As if she doesn’t have any human scars on her soul.. No issues. No principles.. As if she is empty..

When we sat down at the table.. She interfered in our conversation.. Started to joke. Asked questions about TV or about Internet..

She was talking in Russian mixing it with English words..

When my friends turned away she pointed at him and as showed horns on heself moking my friend.. And talking about him..

At some point I just asked her — do you know about keys of.. And she interupts and says — keys of heaven?

I said: Yes.. of Heaven.. How do you know?

She said: I know everything..

She than takes a piece of paper and starts to draw something and than showed it to me.. Guess what it is.. a puzzle of some sort.. I need to solve it..

I looked and it and say: I cannot solve it..

She said: You are an idiot..

She takes away a paper and started to write something..

Than I take this paper .. I asked her what’s her name.. She said — Hope..

I left..

And I tried to solve this puzzle.

I failed.. I called that man.. who talked to me about philosophers’ stone..

I’ve met him and he said: This is given to you by those who know..

And I am the only one who can solve this puzzle. It made specially for me..

So he asked what do I see on the paper..

I say: I see some place.

him: Correct! It is a portal!

What portal?

Well .. the power place.. people call it in different way..

There are many placed like this one in St. Petersburg.. I must find this place.. And if I enter it.. I will receive information.. Most important don’t take more than you can carry..

I found this place.. On the 12th of September 2010 I was there.. It’s a usual place really.. A church..

I was standing there.. With the piece of paper from this woman and I didn’t know what to do.. There was digits written on it and I closed my eyes and started saying them in my head.. And something happen.. I didn’t feel my body anymore.. I didn’t feel temperature.. No sounds.. Bright light in front of my eyes.. and I am in fear.. and I open my eyes.. And I am back.

I felt really strange after that.. I felt so light.. As if you are all alone in the world .. And the rest remained behid the glass..

Like they show in the movies about ghosts.. As if you died.. You can see everyone and they don’t see you..

I didn’t feel the taste of food..

Sounds were very sharp.. attention could be only on one thing at a time.. The same with smells..

Imagination.. As if I can imagin anything and I ca draw it.. Because you know.. it’s not that easy..

I image the city.. And the picture in my head as if I am looking at it from above.. And I see that the city is like a mechanism.. And there are portals.. Many of them.. The building are arranged in certain distance from each other.. it’s like clock..

I take a map of the city.. And started to search.. for patterns..

I’ve met with this man.. I asked him what is happening to me..

What do I do?

He said that I was handed over to the ones who manage everything.. They gave me a tool..That I can use it to manage the world..

He said to me that I am mutating now.. I mean changing..

And soon I can speak in common toung with brothers..

I didn’t get what he was talking about.. I knew I need to find all of those place and be at each of them..

I found one.. than another one.. It turned out to be a symbol.. Masonic symbol.. Interesting thing is that I had no clue who are those masons.. And it’s good.. I didn’t have lots of useless information in my head.. I looked at everything with open mind and not through the prizm of stereotypes.. like you now.. when you see the word “masons”.

I got interested in what they are.. I looked up in a wikipedia some of their letters that were not touched by ignoramuses..

And I started to understand what it was all about..

Masons are not those who build a city from stones) but they call human soul “the stone”.. There were polishing it.. so the stone would become a dimond..

Bang.. I am in shock.. Whizz in my ears.. I rememberd that not too long ago this dude told me that I am a “stone» and I need to become a “diamond”..

I looked through many documents and masonic symbols.. I understood everything that is hidden from people..That the lodge is not the building with symbol where people are gathering..

And what means The Square and Compasses..

Their levels (degrees) till 33.. And who is geometrician.. architect of universe..

And how everything was created and where it all came from and who they are now and what and why.. I understood what is was when Russia had a  tzar’s empire and why.. All this information I received in a portal.. This information was inside me.. As if a very wise soul with a lot of experience was in me.. As if I lived through all of it already..

It was visible through my eyes.. They became old..

You probably mentioned that there are people with eyes so wise and old.. that they went through a lot in their life..

I will write a lot about it.. One chapter is not enough.. The main thing is that soon I will go to that woman again who was looking for a boy from St. Petersburg to give him the keys of heaven.

And soon I will go through those places again.. And I will write more chapters while standing there..


Chapter 14

I found out that St. Petersburg.. Is the city of saint Peter the apostle.. Who has those kesy of heaven.. And that Peter the Great .. And his followers built this city not without a reason.. they were in a hurry all the time.. All the world was building the city.. I won’t write in too much details.. This book is not about history of the city and not about masons.. The main accent is on circumstences and how it all made..

Later on I found points on the map.. those places.. And there was not The Square and Compasses symbol anymore.. But another symbol.. Cabbalistic.. the Tree of Life..

I went though that and cognize it.. Information was as if poured into me after I visited each of those places.. and after, in material world.. everything that poured in.. was ahchored by circumstences..

The further I reserached the more interesting it got.. When I came to this dude who advised me about everything.. He told me how to look for more of those places.. And asked me to draw all the points with places on a piece of paper.. I did it immidiately.. And he asked.. What do I see..

I answered that I see a multifaceted diamond..

He said — philosophers’ stone.. remember?

This is the matix and everything is build in accordance with it.. And all the symbols can be added up in it.. all signs of the zodiac.. And if I will figure it out than I will live long and can do anything at all..

He said Jesus with his pupils didn’t make through this pass.. And you made it..

And it’s time to reap the harvest..

And that’s soon someone will contact me..

Next day.. the gypsy woman came up to me.. And asks me to give her money..

I gave her 400 rubles.. And she said — people don’t treat money like you do..

I say — I don’t care about money..

She says — that’s good.. Money is nothing..

And started to sing songs to me.. That I am a Saint Alexandr.. And eveyryone was waiting for me.. And my family will be all right..

And she just tells me — let me kiss you.. She hugs me and kisses three time to one cheek and than the other cheek.. And give me a piece of paper..

When I entered the shop that I was going to before I’ve met her.. I saw that on the paper the name is written — Love. And her telephone number..

I called.. And said — Hello, this is Alexandr.

She answered — Good day, this is Love..

I say — you gave me your number.. What is it that you want?

She says — I want money..

I  — for what?

She — for a cake.

I — and that’s it?

She — that’s it!

I understood that she wants to meet me tet-a-tet and this was “their» sacral language..

I asked — when do you want to meet?

She said — Tomorrow, Vladimirskaya st at 18:00.

I came there.. and she comes by..

There was a chime from the cathedral..

She says — You are visible from afar..

And went on — people like you are rear.. We are here to direct people to a right path.. To help..

And than she started talking in puzzles.. And sings that I am a Alexander Nevsky.. and my mom is Princess Olga..

Than she said — you don’t know church..

I say — maybe you don’t know but I’ve been in every church in the city.. when I was going through places..

She says — no.. you don’t know what church IS.. You need to congnize it..

We said goodbye..

And I called this dude. I told him that I was contacted.. And he says — well, ok. You will have lots of money soon.

And I say.. Why? I don’t need money.

How do you plan to do what you need to do without money! Money is a tool.. And everything that is around is a tool! And he says soon I will be offered a job.. And I should accept it..

Next day.. I was offered a job.. In the church.. I accepted.. And I still work there..

I discovered how the church works from inside.. By the same matrix. I studied icons and Bible..

I understood the sacral language..

There are three saint.. Faith, Hope and Love (lat. Fides, Spes et Caritas).. And their mother Sofia.. Meaning philosophy.. the «Love of Wisdom»..

In icons I find matrixes..

I understand how it is all works in reality..

Something inside of me.. and everything that happend.. I can’t describe it with words.. There are not enough words.. Not enough.. And those are not words.. But something inside of me..

I became different person back than.. Completely different..

And when this path came to an end.. and everyone dissaperared from my life.. and I was alone.. There was no messengers.. And no more adventures..

I didn’t know what do I do next.. Where should I go.. Of course I’ve found an answer.. They poured in me the maximum possible.. like a code.. And I should adapt all of this knowledge in society.. Practice everything I know.. That’s what I did and finally the material life comes to an end.. I am so tired.. I am tired to be an imposter, pseudo-human.. And I am waiting when I can become visible.. When I can be seen.. Or just leave.. Not too long to wait.. But I haven’t met Sofia.. When this path will be finished..

I knew my future till 23 year old.. And wnen I will be 23 everyone will be talking about me but I am not there.. I am as if watching from above.. And everyone is discussing me.. I thought I will die.. But this dude. adviser, told me that I am being silly.. I won’t die.. Something will happen to me that I will change and no one will be able to recognize me anymore..

This is a sacral language.. who knows.. what he meant..

But life brought me to you now.. So I would write this text now.. So I would sit at nights and read my first books.. So I could let everyone close to me and I met people personally..

I am waiting for August of 2014.. When I will go through everything like 4 years ago.. I am looking for the messengers that came to me..

Something awakening in me. I feel everything.. Hands.. it’s like a magnet on my palms.. I can’t even make a fist..

Taste of food and drinks is changing .. when I touch it..

I drove myself to it.. Destroyed all my material world while I was forgotten by «them»

I have no place to live.. I almost don’t sleep .. and don’t eat..

I have no money.. And I am or here or there.. Or I walk the streets for hours.. with the bag that has everthing I need.. Or I stay with friends or in the car.. Or I walk in the nights..

The most interesting thing is that I have nothing but you guys.. You are like my reflection.. I don’t write for you.. I write to myself.. I am happy that I have this destiny.. this real life.. my life.. my own movie with an interesting plot.. And I am the main character in it..


Chapter 15


I call them «them»..

You call them angels, masons, universal government, aliens..

But those are just humans on a very high level of development.. Who live by different law.. but different set of rules.. They moved by different things.. they have different values.. different goals..

They have no feelings.. No emotions.. no principles. no stereotypes.. No thoughts.. Only pure attention.. Spirit.. But no soul.. Take it as you wish..

For them everything around is a tool.. They know by what law people live their lifes..

They know how it all works.. Their task is to control.. They decide what will happen to you tomorrow..

They can make you want to steal something for example, and tomorrow you will get arrested.. But the goal was different.. not you but your mother.. who would need to be provoked by this situation and would go to church.. and become different.. and later on give birth to a son.. who would do something in his life.. Everything is interconnected..



“They» hide behide gibberish.. Knowing how it all works they don’t provoke you.. They can be homeless.. Children or elderly..

You won’t even think that these are “them» because subconsiously we have other perception of things.. How can homeless man be strong.. Strong is the one wearing gold..



In society it can be true).. But..

“Them» will never contact you directly.. They are like angels from movie.. They have a task and they can be your second half or a friend for a certain period of time.. So they could lead you to something or lead you away from something..

They are representatives of “god”.

Of course if you will be on high level than “they» can come to you.. And tell you straight forward who they are and who you are.. but you need to be prepare, by you level of development..

They don’t think about reputation or money..

If they would want.. They can make you suffer.. And for your friend they will be perfect and nice.. And you won’t be able to understand how it is possible..

There are no “they”. Everything around is a tool.. For you “him» must be a dissapointment and offensive.. And for your friend “he» will be an inspiration and a helper..

You can never find “them”.. You cannot catch them.. You won’t find any prove.. But “they» are the most fearfull thing..

It’s up to them to decide how you will live tomorrow.. They write the script..

No frienship or love exsists for them.. no evil.. no kindness..

All of it for humans only..

For them it’s a tool.. to reach their goal..

“They» always exsisted.. But depends on age and time they call themselves differently..

People have a wrong perception of everything.. Do you think it’s an angel with wings? Or immortal (I mean you cut off his hand and it will grow back?) Of course not! This is a sacral language..

You think “they” cannot smoke or drink? And cannot do anything they want? But he created it all!.. All of it influencing you and characterising you.. And he uses it as a tool.. to speed you up.. )

Would you trust the person with cigarette who is swearing.. and full-body tattoes?)

Better to trust some loser who grew beared and hair, runs in the fields and plays Jesus..

Interesting thing is that people follow this pseudo-Jesus..

No) angel will give you ride on more than 200 km/h and will throw cigarette butt to the head of pilferer-parson, who molests his daughter..

That’s the game.. That’s how complicated it is.. Not everything that shines is gold..

Isn’t it?..


Chapter 16


Now it is 15:48.. 05.07.14

Messenger came to me.. She came.. Said that I shouldn’t move away from digital way.. I will find something there..

And there is nothing in the social path for me..

I need to choose digital path..

And she says that she sees me wearing glasses..

At last.. I felt.. Strength and warmth inside me.. “They» didn’t forget me.. it’s just the beginning..


Chapter 17


Well what can I write.. This chapter devoted to the last event that happend with me..

“They» came to me..

“They” always talk in riddles.. And only you can understand what is it all about..

Because everything that pop up in your mind after you’ve met a messenger that’s what they wanted to tell you..

Here is the message I got:.. I cannot meet people personally any longer, those ones who read my books..

I cannot consult people faceto face.. I cannot bring people to the places of Power.. Only digital “path”.

Also something new will show up on my “digital path”..

And it did.. I should not hide it.. I should not avoid it.. I should heal people.. From all the diseases..

But remotely.. And immidiately I had it in my head.. I had a plane how to do it..

I saw that a person give me a full body picture of him.. Front and back. And the portrait picture front and side..

And that I agree with this person for a considerable amount of money.. And.. He doesn’t pay untill I healed him.. and I give him time frame of one month.. And he gets the result and than he pays.. The amount we agreed upon.. And if I healed him but he doesn’t want to pay.. I make him to be sick every worse.. Or I can just turn him off..

So it was a deal.. and buying fever..

If someone wanted to go through places of Power.. the same.. only remotely.. Person gets a map.. And my personal telephone number and I am online lead him through.. But not face-to-face..

I want to share with you what happened after Messenger came to me..

I see the city differently.. Different people.. Different time.. I mean other rythm.. No thoughts.. Heavy head.. Strength and balance in my soul.. And not me talking.. I talk to people.. But someone else is talking through me.. I see everything.. who is it what is it and what will happen..

Sounds.. I listen to the same music as always.. But I don’t hear it.. I hear only 2 notes on a background..

I feel people.. Everyone reaches out to me.. Everyone wants to touch me.. To talk to me.. And everyone wants to meet me..

I have no time at all.. I walk in the city.. The route is around 40 minutes.. But it feels like 5..

As if you are in your own cosy world.. as if in the bed in the bedroom.. And around just changing pictures..

You walk on the street and ask yourself a question — and the passerby just tells you the answer.. And so.. Words.. incriptions.. answer..

The same with all people.. They talk to me.. And I see no people.. But the system speaks to me.. And I understand what it wants from me..

Finally they let me know what has happned to me for the past three years after the places of Power..

It was a practical exercise so I could congnize “myself”.. And give up everything consiously.. And when I gave up.. “they» came..

To get to that point.. it’s like jump from the bridge.. It’s like leave everything behind.. And give everything away.. When you scream with all your soul to above: he-e-e-ey.. I am here!!!!!! What do you want?????? What do you need me for???

And “they» reply…….


Chapter 18


I went outside now.. And people are walking.. I see them.. But.. I see them how they are for real.. who could they be..

They have it.. Inside.. But they don’t live their own life..

I see how they could look like and who they could be.. If they would be real themselves.. if they would be real.. and strong..

It’s such a picture.. As if Brad Pitt walking around wearing Adidas sweatpants, with dirty hear and he has a plastic bag in his hand.. The knot of their bag..

He is so supressed.. Irresolute, oppressed.. And I see that real him is not like that.. He is Brad Pitt.. He should look differently and live differently..

And all those people are walking in front of my eyes.. And they think it’s them.. That they are different.. But for me it’s not like that.. As if they are all the same and wearing the same sweaters.. as if sweater was given to them in prison..

It’s terrifying.. Their inside I.. turned off..

And I am among them.. They don’t even see me.. They see nothing.. They are blind.. they are sleeping.. And I am.. Alone.. I don’t sleep.. I am standing and subdue.. And writing this chapter to you.. listening to soundtrack from the moview called «Moon 2112”.. Listen to this music and read the chapters again.. Read again this chapter.. Feel it.. Go outside.. turn on this music and read this chapter and watch those people.. Do you want to sleep like them?.. I am awakening you with every chapter..

You read this because “they» wanted it.. And not me, not you wanted it..


Chapter 19


Yesterday was the 12th of July. The day of saint Peter and Paul.. and super-moon..

I was sitting with a man on a bench and telling him about how it all started for me..

When I got to the places of Power.. When I was standing by the sphinxes.. When I was told: when you go into the portal you need to take maxmum information from there..

At this point man started to feel himself very strange.. I asked him to describe the feeling.. He said that he cannot gether his thoughts.. The attention concentrated somewhere.. first the certain subject.. and on sounds.. And bones are aching..

And lost of time.. And gift..

Interesting that he described exactly what happens with those who went through the places of Power..

I also remembered.. When I talk to someone about myself and about my spiritual path, not about material places.. Than a person goes into some sort of trance state..

And when I started to talk about his life.. The effect dissapears and I go into his materal vibrations..

All week I was consulting people and almost everyone wanted to congnize the places of Power and go through them..

When I asked people questions they didn’t really know what are those places of Power..

In this chapter I want to explain in detail what those are exactly.

Places of Power.. What are those?

Those are “labyrinth» built by Kings..

As an example: I am a  King. I am not a human.. I am half-god.. I am from God.. I carry my cross, I am not connected to society.. And let’s say my heir is born..

I am taking him through the places of Power.. So he would become higher than people.. So he would be initiated.. He would be than on my wave.. And would carry the cross further and he would be from God..

Also I would need buildings of God.. Books.. Songs.. Paintings.. So I would bring those people through those places..

That’s what those places for.. And that’s how they work..

Normal mortal person won’t be able to go through them by himself.. And he won’t even find them and he won’t be able to enter the portal..

It’s the exit to heaven..

You change so much and become so different.. And you have different set of rules.. Than you live in the same city.. but people as if behind the glass.. Somewhere in parrallel world.. And you are somewhere aside and above.. There.. above..

And here is another puzzle.. You should read about Peter and Paul.. Read who they were.. And how the came to God.. To Faith..


Each and everyone has a chance.. The issue is in your head.. You need to congnize yourself.. Give youself not to society but to God..


I will tell you what things happen when I was going through the placed of Power.. Of course I received lots of information.. but the most valuable is a different set of rules in your head.. Different perception of everything.. And faith..

And you can come up to anyone and say what you wish.. and all will come true..

Also there is no fear.. As if you are under the hood.. And nothing can happen to you.. And reality is so distorted.. That everything unreal around you and nothing can influence you.. Because you are not afraid and you feeding it..


Chapter 20


Yesterday I watch the “Transcendence” with Johnny Depp..

What is real and what is not?…

What confused me that the human who is developing.. I meant his consiousness which stores the knowledge as the main character, he will never be the same as before.. Yes.. Memory remains.. But the conciousness is different.. The girl you loved you don’t need her anymore and you don’t love her anymore.. The people are not people for you.. And there is no same principles and stereotypes.. The world view is different.. I know it on my own experience.. But in the movie main character remains the same human..

What is the thruth is the system will made so that it won’t exsist in the world.. And that’s why that “was» was not for long..

The same with connection.. with God.. They showed the God very good but in “digital” way..

They showed good how people are not ready yet. And what is not possible to control is dangerous for everything..

They showed well the growth of consiousness when he wanted to widen and build the base.. Yes, it’s correct and it’s connected..

How they showed people that he is connected to.. The same is as God..

Every human is a part of Him. He can come to you and talk through any person..



Everyone of us has the same goal.. To cognise oneself.. to Congnise God.. Because it’s all the same.. As if you would know yourself you would know God..



Actually there won’t be any material changes if you congnise yourself.. But you concept of life changes in your head.. The game rules will change..

If you pay attention.. Than you will notice.. That all world leaders were connected with the world beyond.. Either there were connected to God or to satan.. Each and everyone of them! They were hiding it .. and stil hiding it to the present day.. The ones who got closer achieved great things. But the most interesting thing is that there are those even higher, the ones we won’t ever know about.. They can pass you by.. with a beer in the hand. And you won’t even think it’s one of “them”.

I don’t belong to myself for a long time.. I died long time ago.. But the one who is in me.. the one who leads me.. it’s a difficult question. No feelings.. No fear.. They talk to you through me and you talk to them through me..

It feels that they cancelled me from the list of people .. But I am somehow among you.. But I am invisible.. And if I don’t want, you won’t see me.. I am sort of a system failure.. A glitch..

“They” decide where I should be and what to do.. And all I have.. they gave it to me.. And me.. I have nothing..

But the interesting thing is.. You won’t understand what I mean anyway..

I am free.. This is freedom as it should be.. When you just believe.. and just listen and don’t resist.. Just have faith..

“They» did so that after reading this, every second person will come to consult with me.. “They» talk to you.. But it’s so strict that if you don’t listen than you are f*cked.. I am trying to explain this.. give you a hint.. And people with their bugs in the head, they don’t realize who they are talking to.. People cannot determine anymore what is thruth and what is falsity..

People doubt.. mainly themselves.. And


Chapter 21

I didn’t sleep all night..

I was solving riddles that Hope gave to me in 2010..

I went through couple of place of Power yesterday.. I were by the sphinxes.. On the Liteyny Bridge.. And by the Peter and Paul church…

After I had interesting consiquences.. I started to look for my old teacher.. That man who I’ve met long ago, who told me that I was a “stone» and I need to become a diamond.. This is when everything started in my life..

He can just look at someone and this someone will do whatever he orders..

For so many years I was looking for.. my creator.. And now I am so close, than soon I will know who he is and why me.. Why I was given this destiny..

I wrote about this man in my book “The Answer» and “The Path”..

He told me that I’ve finished my path with my pupils..

That people will follow me.. And that I will have so much money.. So I can achieve my goal..

He always told me that I know myself who I am..

I am one of those.. Who are above!..

Maybe after I meet him.. which will happen within a month I will dissapear, I mean they will take me..

I would really want it.. To be among equals.. When I was writing the first book.. Than it was a cry from the heart.. I was looking for the people like me..

And if I wouldn’t been doing the work on myself, which I do since the moment I started this book.. I wouldn’t have met my teacher.. I had to be spiritually closer..


Chapter 22

I am sitting in the car now.. My conference got cancelled..

I wanted to tell people what clues I’ve got..

I wanted to tell them who I am.. Who made me the way I am.. Who are “they”..

I wanted to write about it yesterday but I couldn’t formulate it right.. And circumstances won’t let me share it with anyone..

I want you to know one thing..

There are only few of those who can do something or know something.. 99% of phsycics, magicians, etc.. are fake. It’s a cheat.. Actors..

«Psychic Challenge” is all paid off.. All of them are fake.

But there are the ones who know and can..

They are different.. They have different goals.. Different tasks..

They are invisible..

Yes, they are human beings.. but they are on a different level..

When I was looking for my teacher, together with a friend of mine, which I wrote in my books.. We found his company and founders.. And I’ve decided to look up who are those people..

And there is one Buzinov Alexander Sergeevich..

Read about him in the internet..

We found his patents on discoveries.. About influencing people.. the weather.. Pyramids..

I can only assume.. that they made an experiment on me..

That’s why I am the way I am.. Different.. Possessing something.. and knowing something..

I studied this patent.. He writes there about an information field..

St. Petersburg is a mechanism.. Maybe through this “field» they were guiding the messengers.. And I went through those spots in the city.. And became different..

I found my teacher and his team by accident.. It’s a fact and a prove that what I wrote in the books about who I am and what happen to me..

They initiated it all..

Read the patent.. Read.. it’s only a little part of who they really are, study company founder!.. How he calculates everything and predicts everything.. That’s where I came from.. where the root of all..

I think the knowledgable person is the one who reads this book and will understand the value of this chapter.. You wanted the truth.. Real one.. Who rules it all..

I remembered that a year ago I was told by people who introduced me to my teacher.. That he is on top in Moscow. That he prevented many acts of terror..

And that he invented a helmet from the Bible.. And if you wear it you can influence everything.. But some people came.. someone came and destroyed this helmet..

My teacher is the one who controls people like me..

I don’t know his goal..

But I am very close.. Very close..

Here is the picture of the dude and the link to patent:


And extra link:



Chapter 23


Now I speak to you.. You read my book..

Circumstances brought you to me..

Pay attention what exactly attracted you.. What is you interest in it.. Me? Or my story.. Or my information..

If nothing would steal your attention you would not be reading this book now..

I perfectly understand why you are reading it.. And what will happen to you after that..

And you?.. You need to think about it..

Pay attention to how you were..

When something happen that you were lead to me.. What was the circumstences in your life that you started to undertsand my language.. and information which is in my books..

Pay attention how you are now.. What you love or hate..

What you like.. What do you dream about?

What you are afraid of? Look at people you surrounded with.. And how you look like!!

What colors you have in your wardrobe? On what side of your bed do you sleep on, right or left?..

For some reason I always slept on a left side.. And now I sleep on a right side.. And it’s not that simple.. How do you know your hidden potential?.. And how to discover it?..

This is not a standard book like other people have..

This book like a program.. Whether you want it or not your life will change after this book.. It will change dramattically.. And all your life you will remember this book and this if it wouldn’t be for that book.. And it would not be for that curcumstances.. you would not be the man you are now..


Do you think you will need a watch?.. And how much later you started to go to bed or ealier.. How do you percept food.. People..

When I develop myself.. The code inside me changed.. My matrix.. soul.. And if I write something or do something with my own hands.. all of it cosistes of my code.. Everywhere.. That’s why this book is “from my soul”)

Now you feel what I feel.. I am going for a walk in the city of sait Peter and collect puzzles of developlment.. And you must observe youself.. Feel..

And if you are open and feel that you are not alone.. and that people in your surroundings don’t understand you.. Make them the way you are.. Give them that “code”.


Chapter 24


A little bit about dreams..

When I met my teacher.. He called me everyday to ask what I dreamed about.. He said that windows is the programm to erase dreams and don’t remember them.. So I should never look at the window after I just woke up..

He said that I should hand a picture in a frame on the wall.. Does not matter what kind.. Paiting of some sort.. And when I wake up I should look at it.. Than I will remember what I dreamed about..

Also when I had nightmares from the moment we’ve met..

As I understood he made all of those dreams.

He said to me. That I am weak there.. That I need to be strong there..

I had unusual dreams not like other people dreams..

This dream.. as if you are not completely awake.. You are concious but cannot move your body and you cannot open your eyes.. And than you are in a very consious state.. and they start telling you something..

One woman came to my dream.. that the other one.. but I think it was my teacher..

When she talkes to you.. It’s like hypnosis.. She does not talk with her lips but as if she diggs in with her thoughts in your head..

Yesterday I had one visitor.. She said that I need to take what I want! That I should not give in! I should not forgive! And she says — you are not a man!!! You need to take everything with your big man’s hand! And that I should be very strict.. And I tell her.. I cannot do it.. I am a kind person.. And I explained her who I am.. But she keeps insisting.. And let me go only when I could open my eyes..

The interesting thing is..

That after this dream I’ve changed.. I must try to do what she told me.. As if this information was poured into me.. I became strict.. But not bad.. But I became somehow tough and I say what to do to others and everywhere I insist..

Today I had another dream.. I mean someone came to me.. And tells me — you know you will have an event when you are 23..

I say — i know.. and thinking.. “I will die..”

He said — it will be tomorrow.. Today is the last day.. Day.. and inside of me such a state.. As if goose bumps.. but not on the skin..

But inside and everywhere.. Vibrations.. And shock.. I oped my eyes .. and I remain in this state..

So I don’t sleep anymore since 7 a.m.. Analysing what kind of circumstances I had and where do they the point out to and what do I do now..

Where to go, who to talk to..

Those two weeks were not easy..

Those who at least a bit open and closer to nature, they feel that something wrong is going on.

Lots in the world is not normal recently.. It’s like a beam of light.. It affects many.. Many people and influences cataclysms and events in the world.. And weather and animals.. I won’t go to sleep tonight..

I am all for truth and clarity in the head.. I asked those readers who are pretty much vegetables, material people that you wouldn’t bother me with such messages — «Alexandr, if someone dies in the dream than you will live long.. And if someone says that you will die.. Let’s say tomorrow.. Than today you will resolve all your problems..”

Every zombie-human who read too many books.. or lives in the Internet.. will start thinking similar)

The same when I write about masons.. Someone starts citing me some TV show..

There is no truth in TV show!) if in the show they tell you that Bible is re-written and not real and that masons are enemies.. Will you believe it without thinking? Don’t you have your own head on your sholders?.. Do you know that you don’t know nothing?..

This is the most terrifying thing.. in each situation.. Many sides..

If they give you a leaflet on the street with some promotion and you will go to use this opportunity withouth even thinking.. like zombie..

If they give me such leaflet with promo I know that they are in crises and have no clients) and I know who made up this promo and how much he was paid for it)

And they offend our president now.. They put all world and people agains him.. But it’s another way around.. All is a lie, provocation and setup.. And this lie is everywhere.. Everywhere.. unless you start to look for explanations.. unless you start to analyze everything..

Don’t believe anyone..

Even when you read my book.. Don’t agree with me immidiately.. Analyze.. Make sure yourself that what I write is true..

No one bothered to check if what is in the books is true or not.. They could have measure all the placed of Power.. They could have checked with sientists how I can change the structure of water, food and metal..

They could have found those who worked for me 5 years ago and who witnessed the miracles I performed.. You would have had an epiphany.. so you would change your perception of me and to the whole world..

And here.. what I feel.. I feel everyone again.. The human only understands 10-13% of information from my book.. I mean everyone of you who reads the book will find something new in three years time.. you will see everything new.. Something that you haven’t seen and haven’t understand three years ago..

And after 10 years you will have a discovery for yourself.. Keep it like a reference point for your life..

I think that effects that I have from dreams that I have now I won’t be able to solve them and I won’t  give in.. Even though I gave in now and I fear it.. Because I fear “them”, “they» will decide what to happen next.


Chapter 25

Interesting thing is that this book is live.. A complete “stranger” won’t be able to read it.. At the moment when he reads it .. is the right moment he must read it.. And what he will get or feels, it is that right moment.. Exactly right hour, Right minute.. Right feelings..

People are divided into levels.. There is a specific group of people.. who reads this chapter now.. These people can notice that the light became brighter..

It’s not a riddle.. I mean it literally.. You start to pay attention to sun.. Lamps.. How bright it is.. As if it became brighter..

Also what I had before it came back.. I read people’s thoughts.. The second day already.. The second day when I tell people next to me what they think and what the feel..

I have an answer to that.. why someone can do it and someone can’t .. Why someone loses it and get it back later.. All it’s in our head.. When I was young.. I accept it all as it is.. I didn’t resist anything.. And you don’t tense your mind.. You either know or not..


No doubts.. Lightness in action and in words.. If you accepted it all.. Nothing can influence you. I won.. You won if you’ve got to this point..


When God says.. I … i-i… . I.. He doesn’t mean himself.. I is your I… Inside of you.. You either believe in yourself.. Accept everything.. Or you are playing the game.. this complex society game.. Which will never end till you change you perception of the game.. Levels are endless.. And The End can come any moment..

“Step over.. And free youself”..

I don’t know what “they» want.. But I know.. that I am..

There was a lot of  «I».. when I was writing my first book.. People reacted very negatively on it.. It’s normal.. Those who don’t have their own I reacted negatively.. they who don’t belong to themselves..

No one took it from you.. It’s your choice.. To be yourself or to be a society…


Chapter 26


Today I called to Yuri Kretov..

I told him everything in a nutshell..

And than I asked.. Those people.. Should I expect any danger from them.. He said no..

I asked also about this riddle that I was given in 2010.. It was a stone.. surname and digits on a piece of paper.. He said that it’s a key so the paradox of attention would happen.. which actually did happen.. That’s why I started to look for my teacher and that’s why all my gifts started to manifest..

Also he said.. That “them» follow the same rules of system as everyone else.. So even if they tell me that they will kill me or something else. They won’t be able to do it.. Because they know rules and know about consequences..

No matter what.. I am free..

He said that I would think that I owe them something.. That everything happen only because of them.. but it’s not true.. If I would be just a John Doe.. No matter what I do nothing would happen..

They just  fire it up a little..

He said that there are many people like me.. And they are waiting who would be the first to surface.. And if someone would come out than they officially admit it and tell everyone that “here he is”..

And if no one comes out they will be silent.

Also.. If they would want.. They won’t need to see you to do something bad to you.. there is an attention that can be directed.. And they can direct my attention as well wherever needed..

The secret is in the paradox of attention.

That’s my state of altered attention.. And it always for growth and it cannot be for minus.. And there it is.. For the last past months it got stronger! And that I am back.. With all the miracles which can exsist..

I made my choice for it to happen, and it does happen now..

The main thing for me is to win in this experiment. I need to surface. Now I am making a list of «rules of nature”and I will do everything.. that is not standard for people.. but normal for nature and rules..

They are waiting when I finish my path.. They know how it will be finished. They are waiting.. when I grow up.. But if the process has started.. The end is close.. and it will be the begining of something new..


Chapter 27


This week I made an Experiment on myself.. Because I promised it to the attendies of my conference.. We have a new topic.. How one human influences other human.. How to surround yourself with people.. and what it will bring into your life..

This week I’ve changed people around me.. I turned off one kind of people.. and connected to others.. I couldn’t even write the book because of it..

My mental state has changed and my lifestyle changed. My mood and my character changed as well. Different vibrations.. Right now I am moving back to my world.. But even now there could be some words and phrases, this chapter is different.. Not like previous chapters..

Now in details:

If you would go deep into your head there is a database of people who we connected to..

Even if you don’t talk to those people often.. But the connection remains..

As example mother always feels her child and if something has happen to him.. And she calls him immidiately..

Connection.. Everyone has it.. The main thing is to learn how to feel it.. Be consious about it.. and control it..

In order to find this list of people.. Well you need to spend some time on it..

If you just start thinking about those people and write them down on a piec of paper, the people you think you remember about you will make a mistake.. Because there are people you meet everyday.. but there is no “energy connection” with them..

You need to analyze. You need to understand who steals your attention..

You need to talk to every person.. And after you should pay attention.. To what kind of person you become after this conversation.. If this person makes you awake or closes you..

It’s easy to mention in relatioship between man and woman.. When you have someone.. You are so connected to this person that you start living his or her life..

Everything that happens to your partner starts happening to you.. Almost exactly same events..

When you make a list of all “users» that you connected to.. You need to turned off from them.. But just do that like this with no prepareation.. it won’t be real..

There are some options.. You can choose the right moment yourself..

First option.. You need to be consious about the list of people who you have connection with..

Than you need to write down..What each of them brings into your life..

And.. find the substitute.. Find other people.. Find similar person.. And the other one, old one.. You should stop any communication with him.. And communicate more with a new person..


The second option is a bit easier.. But only people with true faith will dare to do it..

You need to have fight with each of them.. You can make up a reason and have fight, so not you not this person would want to talk to each other anymore..

But don’t forget to find a substitute..

Here is an interesting moment..

I call it a “mirror”.

Meet a new person like I am going to do in a next few days..

I will meet him. See him in person. I will need to completely accept his world.. I will met him where he tells me. And at the time when it will suit him..

I wil order the food which I will be advised.. Or I will ask him to order for me..

I will be asking him maximum questions about how he lives.. I will support any subjects in conversation.. I will agree on anything they he would offer.. And if he would say he wants to buy tickets for a foorball game, i will say — wonderful! I dream to go to a football game.

Than I will ask more about football and which team he supports and if he would want to be a football player?

I will talk on subjects that he likes..

After out meeting I will watch the movie that he likes, the one I don’t know.. And i will pay attention on how I see that movie.. What I like in it and what I don’t.. And than I would ask this person to watch this movie as well. And than we would talk about the movie.. I will tell him what I’ve mentioned and what he liked or didn’t like.

And in 99% of the time.. After our meeting.. I watch this movie through his eyes.. Because the way I will describe my feeling would be similar to his way of thinking..


Than I will meet him again.. And bow before his world and topics of conversation and than will go to the museum with him. And will look at the paintings and ask him what he sees.. And I will note.. That we are both on the same wave.. And the paradox of it that I made it..

My dear reader.. Those light and strange lines of text.. It’s the beginning of the development of my abilities..

How to read people..

Than we will learn how to take them to your own world so your friends would think how you want him to think!

I don’t like this word “abilities”.

Only fakes use this world nowdays.,

Also.. It’s not a gift. It’s knowledge. Practice.

I am not interested in teaching you how to read thoughts the way I do it.. But when I will teach you to do it, I will eleborate on this subject more..

That’s why I am sorting it out in smallest details..

It’s not a secret .. That I am alone.. No one knows where I am now.. What I do now.. I can just jump into the car and drive and drive and drive..

The power is in it.. Freedom.. Independence.. You decide what to tell people about you.. What people will think about you..


Every word in this book is a big Experiment.. Which fullfilled its expectations already.. People cannot wait for new chapters.. They start to mention changes in them.. They started to act in a way they didn’t dare to before.. Willpower awakening.. Faith.. Fearlessness.. Assertness ..Hope is awakening.. Love..



Every day people send me messages.. That they want to speak to me urgently.. Or they write gratitude letters.. that they life has changed.. But they’ve read “just some text in the Internet, that I called a book”

Many started to write something as well.. Their own books.. Thinking that it will bring them something..

The main thing is.. Everyone is moving finally..

I am like a mad scientist, walking now.. listening to Mozart.. and adore my creation..

Because I have found the key, how to fix any human problem..You can just read my chapters..it will be enough..

I have a draft chapter about “abilities”.. but I had no time to post it.. maybe I need to change the language it’s written in. Using which I can bring the information forward..


Chapter 28


There are moments which I don’t write about.. They are sort of erazed from my memory..

Well.. I just know you.. I know that there is too much info for you..

Love came to me.. The one that visited me in 2010..

I talked to her for a long while.. I asked her about faith.. She said that it’s in me and was always there.. And it depends on my roots.. That my kin is not ordinary..

And she said that I need to have spiritual counsellor..

Also that she is alone.. All of them like her.. Alone..

And she brought me a man.. Who helped.. And she said that I need to help everyone..

And we discussed people.. How they are.. What they are.. what they became..

The strange thing is.. I mean strange for society..

That all of “them” are.. Alone.. They have no families.. All their lifes they are “wanderers”..

My abilities manifest..

Someone eats in front of me.. And I can tell him what he eats.. What he feels.. What’s the taste.. He eats.. And I feel it all..

When I write the text.. I know how the reader will read it.. What he will feel and think..

And when someone writes to me .. I know what person really wants..

I know what my soulmate feels) I know what he thinks for the past week.. He tried to stop his thoughts.. but doubts eating him alive.. )

Now people going through the places of Power.. The third person..

Interesting thing is what happens to him.. As if there is a fight inside.. Some people pay attention to it.. and some don’t..

Also I feel all people now.. Who did something silly and was angry with me.. and now they feel guilty.. And they call me and write to me and apologizing..

I feel who Envies me.. and wants to copy me.. I repeated several times.. There are those who uses my infromation..

But they can hardly profit from it.. Obviously.. Real thing and artificial those are very different..

Go through life events I went through.. than we talk..

I was reading my books now.. I am so proud of myself.. When I wasnt’ adapter to society.. With awty language I still tried to express myself and didn’t give up.. For those one who are open at least a little bit..


Society is very strong.. Especially now.. Internet.. TV.. News.. Fashion.. Summer.. I wish they would leave you all alone and let you be by yourself..


Move to St Petersburg..

It’s a chance for everyone!

All doors are open! Be yourself! Yourself not the same as you are now.. But yourself the way you are in your soul.. In everyone of us there is a personality..

Make youself individual..

Make the list of versions of life you want..

And try to understand.. There is no limits! No one stopping you from being a president or a killer! Everything is in your hand! Why live like a vegetable..

Who cares about fears! Act now! You have nothing to lose! Down with illusion of fears..


Chapter 29


I went through the places of Power today..

Interesting that it just happen.. We were five of us..

Me.. three guys.. And one girl..

I won’t tell you what places there were.. Don’t try to do it by yourself without a guide.. otherwise you will lose the opportunity to do it at all, ever.. because you will block it..

I will describe the feelings.. When I talk.. I hear my voice being volumetric.. Smells are very sharp.. Focus of attention on the city, it’s different.. And on everything around the focus is very different.. As if the accent on other details.. Pleasant feeling in the body.. In contast I remember how I felt my body previously.. it was always as if heavy weight.. And now it’s lightness.. Body doesn’t bother me..


There are no thought.. I exsist.. This is “I”.. And it’s so strong.. I am so sure.. So powerfull.. And consious of myself.. Completely collected..Concentrated.. Light.. Flexible.. Not stresses..

Taste of food and drinks is different.. As if everything is rottern, or not fresh.. State of insightfullness.. You don’t need anyone.. You are home.. You are inside.. As if you are somewhere.. I watch at the city now.. On people.. As if I am behind the glass window.. I don’t feel any hunger.. I don’t want to sleep.. I don’t feel tied..



I am curious how my day tomorrow will go on.. Because everything will be different.. You are in a different parallel of events.. Events that you don’t know about yet.. And what kind of me I should be in this new world.. What should happen..


You are probably wondering what had happen to those who were with me.. I cannot write about them.. Because it will affect them if they will read it.. They are still adapting.. we cannot disturb them just yet.. We can only watch..

I can only say they all got what they needed.. They got their portion of “I”.

From tomorrow, every day I will have people who want to visit places of Power.. I will give them the route that I did today..

Later on in one of the chapters I will describe what happens to them.. After adaptation.. in a month..

Thank you for reading it.. I am writing.. as if I am somewhere on satellite.. And you are somewhere the-e-e-e-ere .. on Earth.. As if I will never come down to you.. that’s how I feel.. as if I miss that my life on earth is finished..


Chapter 30




I solved it all.


Other World



Chapter 1

I have no wish to be in a society.. among people..

They are so weak and primitive..

People don’t love each other. They don’t respect each other..

And when I am among them they take me for their own.. It’s low for me.

To compare me to people.. And to treat me like a simple human being..

All I want is to take my mask off and say — Booo-hoo! And they will run away, but now they look at me as if I am like them.. they look at me with envy and contempt..

But the interesting thing is.. people are angry not because they are Strong.. but because they are weak..


Don’t you see that you are destoying each other.. You are holding back.. You life like broken telephone.. which brings unfortunate events.. lost of everything and separation..


People are so angry-weak.. That if I say now — I got a big salary!

—there will be some people who would say: aren’t you an arrogant asshole, bragging here..

And some will say — why are you saying how much you earn? It’s bad manners!

— but if I say to people that I took out garbage or washed all dishes no one jump on me angrily…

Living among people.. Surrounding yourself with them you become like them.. It’s unavoidable.. it’s nature!


Now I am going to write about myself, again)

I spent enough time in society in different strata, practicing my knowledge. And now I am back. Back to myself, true me. Loneliness. Self-respect. Fearlessness. Faith. Incredible power that I don’t need to sleep or eat! My head is clear.. I don’t mention how my body moves, it’s automatic and I pay only 5% attention to it. The rest of my attention goes to computing. I cannot sleep, and I compute and compute in my head. So much information. And all of it I need to convert into human words. To write down. To prove.


I’ve changed my apperance as well, so people wouldn’t recognize me anymore and don’t bother me. In social networks there are my old info. Old pictures and videos. I even asked to make several last pictures for you. The last time I was on the pictures. Black picture. Cane. Summer garden.

That’s how I am for you.. People.

Actually now you are reading an introduction to my new book!


Welcome to a different world, where are all rules are not the same.


In this book I will write about keys.. About code.. I am sort of hacker and thanks to my riddles you will be able to change your life. Simly speaking — I will teach you a real magic.. And in this book there will be a step by step instruction what to do in order to get something.


I need to gather 144 thousand people.. Who will follow me! The end of the world wasn’t cancelled, it was re-sheduled!

And I need to make myself known, who has a God’s Seal will hear me. We will leave for a different world.



Chapter 2


Interesting thing is that I live on Other side.. And Other side of the “world» in our world manifest itself more and more.. Our world is getting weaker., and mine stronger. I remember my words from 5 years ago.. When I said.. I mean someone was talking through me.. That the old projection is turning off and a new one is almost on.. I could not logically explain it. I tried but I wasn’t adapted in your world enough to tell you in your language all of it..

I understand.. That back than I had a choice.. I had this feeling of choice.. And now everything is different.. Now your world will be against me.. It will try to find ways to destoy me and bring you to ruin.. But everything was decided. And the result of everything is clear.. don’t try to resist..


Your world buys you out with money.. Fashion.. Or provoke you with problems.. This is the only way to get to you.. And my world wins over with faith.. With miracle.. And the formulation is so simple.. The more faith you have.. The more divine grace you receive back..


One more interesting fact.. Each of you who reads me.. Who follows me.. Each of you is the boss of yourself! That’s the rule of a new world.. New projection..

You believe in those who are above and in yourself. There should not be any more authoriy for you.. The time will come when I cannot be authority for you, and you must say that it’s all you! Not me! You! And I was just a guidance.. Pushed you.. Hint you! Waken you up!


Can the informaiton of the world and understanding of the wold settle in you.. if it’s not yours? No.. I say.. and what is yours.. This will be yours.. And you remembering it now.. It means you knew it.. And I just reminded you..

In this book I will share new world-view..New rules.. The more you feel them.. The closer you are..



Chapter 3


If you look closer.. You can mention.. That everything around was created by the same formula.. Many philosophers talked about it.. What is above so below..

Everything has regularity and opposition..

There are even and odd numbers..

There are day and night. Winter and Summer.. South and North pole. There is kindness and evil..

The most interesting thing is that what I got out of analysis chasing self-davelopment.. The more I grow.. The more grows the opposite of mine.. My shadow..


The higher you climb the mountain the more problems you have, they say..

It’s like going up a spiral..

Ill-interntioned people put people agains me.. They are trying to expose me in a bad light.. And it gets worse when I have a big leap up in growths.. There is another fine point,.. if you let them grow.. I am.. I will grow.. I want to conduct a small Experiement.. I have a favour to ask my dear reader..


Can you please in some social networks writer about me.. Something not nice about me..

That I am “silly”. “Lier”.. “Evil person”

Because of that my other opposite will grow.. I will be “wiser”.. “truthful”.. “Kind”..


Recently on my conference I was telling people how everything is connected.. And I asked them to pay attention where they see 12 elements.. That can be devided into 4 groups..

  • There are 12 hours.. And there are 4 groupd.. Day, night, morning, evening.
  • There are 12 months. And there are 4 time of year.
  • There are 12 zodiac signs. And 4 element of nature.


We can go on and on..

The thing is..

If you recognize this formula.. You will congnize all..

On the conference I gave people an opportunity to use is to gather right people around them..

There should be 12 people around.. Three of them nice people.. Which do you good. Three of 12 should be bad. Who do nasty things to you.. And there are three that lead you to bad things. And there are three who leads you to good things..

It’s like with time of years.. Winter is cold.. There are 3 months in Winter.. But there is an Autumn.. Which will lead you to Winter.. There is Spring.. which will lead you to Summer..

Those are 4 groups..


I am busy now with those elements.. And I would advise to follow me.. Try.. To solve this riddle that I described in this chapter..



Chapter 4


Soberness is when you feel yourself. When you are aware of your thoughts.. Any of your thoughts. They don’t crowd in your head.. And there is only one voice, your voice inside.. which you hear without doubts.. Soberness.. When you are aware of every action you make.. Before every action the time slows down and you can see all consequences of your action..


Soberness.. When you feel your “I”.. You feel yourself.. It’s the first thing anyone should take care of..your Soberness..


Only few people are sober.. Soberness can be lost if you surround yourself with situations and actions that you do automatically.. You cannot live automatically.. Than you lose your “I» and become like zombie..

Why only those people see me who went through troubles recently?.. Because those people sobered up.. They woke up.. One way or another.. And they slept for so long.. that they forgot that it’s their normal state, when you look at everthing sober..


Imagine how an adult feels when he suddently gets sober.. He is like a child who sees everything for the first time.. and just started to learn how to walk..

My protectors won’t let me fall asleep.. and become a zombi. And I’ve analyzed it and see what rythm of my life should be so I will remain sober..

The first thing is that in 24 hours of day you should spent most of your time with yourself than with others.


Even if you have a family.. Than when they all asleep you can sit down somewhere in the kitchen and be alone for couple of hours.. Without internet of course.. You can just listen to music.. You can right down something on a piece of paper, whatever you want.. You can just sit and have a drink.. Alone.. Slowly.. Thinking about life..

You can walk alone..

But no extremes.. Always to be alone is not good. You should have your personal life and your social life..

So you stay sober and remain sober.. Use music.. Music is very important..

Also if you want to be sober and avoid automatism in your life.. you should change everything.. Change the place you live. Change your personal things. Social networks profiles. Telephone numbers. Everything needs to be re-newed.

Also what is very usefull is to meet new people every day.

You can also create your own problems.. It sobers you up very good.. As martyr.. If you try it you will like it.. You will keep searching for keys.. To feel your own “I» better..

Try to look at yourself and this life under different angle.. To see how it is in reality.. I will explain now.


— Let’s say I see an old man in the shop.. And I imagine.. If I would this old man and I was given a chance to become young again. And here I am young again. I would behave differently of course.. I will run around.. Because I minute ago I could’t run because I was old.. And I can run.. And jump.. And I can meet new people.. And I can eat robbish.. And I can work wherever I want.. And it’s a choice of an old man in an young body.. Do you think that old man will make the same mistake and will be afraid of everything and will work in a shop? No! The second time around an old man in a young body will choose something more interesting and risky..


That what it is to have a sober view on life..

Because a poor and limited person will never be happy at his place. But if you are a handsome millioner and you will get a chance to be in a skin of poor person.. Will you be unhappy? No! You will be cusious about everything.. Different food.. Different people.. And endless happiness and joy from everything..

That’s how you can trick your psychic.. I mean to shake those patterns up.. which make people blind..




Chapter 5


More than a week I couldn’t start to write a new chapter.. There were way too many events.. All those circumstences.. Consequences after I went through portals in St Petersburg.. Changes doesn’t happen in a week.. They happen everyday and it can go on for few months..

Changes in everything. It’s just an old “you» erasing every day.. And every day someone new are born (forming)..


Of course your memory remains.. but in time to remember yourself (old you) in the past almost impossible..

If you remember my old books and videos.. And in general those times.. 2010.. I tried everything to close myself down.. To ground myself.. And I told people.. If I won’t ground myself with food, or alcohol or damb people than I will just sit like yogi and will just sit there. And I won’t eat.. And I won’t talk. I won’t be able to talk.. I won’t be able to operate in society.

And now everything that helped me to ground myself.. collapsed..

Now I am every day in meditation.. It’s not easy for me to collect myself even to write this text.. I mean now it’s much easier.. but I am completely in this text.. And nothing else exsists..

That’s how much reaction from the system towards me after the places of Power.. I have now a new, big team of people. Who do everything for me.. Everyone is laughing at me that soon they will use a dog carry bag to bring me around and I will just talk.. Because information is pouring out..

The whole point of this team is that I am “out there” now and I won’t be back in society vibrations.. So now my guys decide where I go and they take care of everything that is mine in a society for me. They were given to me by the system so I won’t be distracted and my attention would be in one point!.. I am learning to control myself, so I can be in this “cosmos» and at the same time be adequate enough to communicate with material people and move around without any support from anyone.


I am getting back all my knowledge now.. I started again with technique I call “opening the channel”..

How did I discover this technique?

Maybe I won’t get the dates right.. But I think it was 5 years ago.. Someone came to me for consultation, someone who wanted to become like me. And he asked how I came to self-development and how I got those abilities.. I asnwered that I didn’t do anything specifically..

But man insisted on answer.. And I remembered that yes.. I was at home.. Depressed.. at 2 in the morning.. I was listening to a music. And I felt something in my head.. on the crown of the head..


I closed my eyes.. I was listening to the same music on “repeat”.. And I felt it stronger.. That I hold my breath.. And I felt that something was happening in my body from top down.. First on my energy body level.. Than from top down .. as if something was covering me.. Than there was a light in from of my eyes.. and i was “there”..


After that I became different..

After this experience.. Back than I didn’t know even what it was and I didn’t know that it was a meditation..

I started to feel everything and everyone. I strated to feel energy of everything around me.. I percept everything differently.. I stopped being sick.. I became Alexandr Korol.


I felt warmth and sort of soft needles pricking in my palms 24/7 I cannot make a fist.. People who looked at my old pictures told me that I was sort of holding something invisible in my hands..

When I took something in my hands.. I felt its field..

And with all other things was the same.. I still feel like this… . ..And I wanted to write now.. That it’s such a power.. That if someone through something to you back you will evade a blow.. And I remember it that I wrote about it in my first book!

I have a conference season going on TK2012. And I gave the first task to a group.. So they would start to get used to.. Get used to a new rythm.. Because there is a little secret.. But I won’t tell it now.. But the techniques will awaken this secret inside of you..


Listen to The XX (but nor remixes! They are deuce’s doing)

This music is the first key.. of heavens..

Don’t try to practice «my» techniques without me. Some others you can! But you cannot do mine without my permission.. Don’t be fullish.. It won’t work anyway.. And after I won’t be able to help because you will have a blockage in your head in regards to this technique..

The technique that you can practive I will describe in the next chapter..



Chapter 6


I am in meditation every day nowdays and I go through places of Power, not only in St. Petersburg but in Leningrad region as well. In this state I am trying to get as much information as possible. Every day I have new ideas and different keys and techniques..

A normal person in a everyday rythm.. thinking in limits that one has.. And one won’t have a thought how to get out of the system.. He would never has a idea like hacker would have, how to find a loophole..

In a altered state of consiousness.. In different vibrations.. In other world.. I gather those loopholes, as many as I can find and I write the keys and loopholes down..

One of those keys.. Is a techniques “wet socks”.


It doesn’t look like something special, but what is the chance that at least one person this year would walk around the city carring wet socks?

Not one in the whole world!

Of course when I spoke about it from “there» and shared it with you, of course it exsists in our world now. But I brought it to this world..

Techniques itself is easy. You need to take wet socks! Preferably white. One in each hand!

And walk around the city.

But it’s important to know when to do it.

I offered to do that to my readers. And I told them when and how to do it.

You can’t imagine the result they had! More than 90% got something out of it. Paradox changes in their life in a good way. Love, money, etc.

10% of people who didn’t get the result made their own “correction” to this technique like did it in a wrong day, in a wrong time, they carried socks in a manner that socks were not visible for anyone, or they walked in places with no one around, or they did it with friends.


Why the technique worked at all.

There are laws of nature. There are standard of how human build and how human interacts with an outside world. You cannot imagine what chemical reactions go on when a person walks with wet socks. And the psychic works differently at this moment. The laws of society turned off and only faith remains.

Simply speaking — would I be in shock and feel differently if I will go for a walk completely naked now? My attention will gather in one spot! Plus if the day and time chosen correctly. Plus I gave you this task — Hence you will get only positive outcome.. There is no chance it will bad if you do this technique.

It’s a loophole in a different rythm.. In a different world.. World where you can wish for anything and your wishes will be heard..

Next time you can do this technique on the 12th of September before lunch time.

But if you did it once before you can repeate it after one year.

“It’s not because I wanted like that — it’s because you build that way“.



Chapter 7


It was my birthday 12.09.2014..

This day I’ve met with Alexandr.. The one who was my teacher long ago.. I wrote about him in my books..


After this meeting many things happened.. Most of I cannot write about..

I can give you only couple of keys.. Yet more keys to help you to free your consiounsness.. To remove those invisible fetters..

There is a theory.. some maguses affirm.. that God was invented for people so they won’t forget that they are below.. and that above them there is someone .. more important.. and better.. And that is a blockage.. Wall for the people.. so they would remain people.. primitive people..

— So when I’ve met with Alexandr.. my namesake.. I asked him — who I am.

He avoided the answer..

The most interensting thing is the Uryi Kretov did the same.. He also always avoided answering this question.. They all say the same — why do you need to know this? Why do you need to know who you are?


Finally I figured it out.. They let me know who I am.. And why everything the way it is..

It’s not for nothing that I didn’t call myself anything.. They wanted to call me something.. Put me in their limits.. That I am a psychologist.. or indigo child.. Or psychic.. Or magus.. But I could not find what name to give for what I do.. I always told them.. That all of it is in me.. I am not just a psychologist.. And I am not just a psychic.. I wasn’t satisfied with those names..

Many years passed.. And last year I tried to find who I am.. And interestengly enough I got my answer!

“They» don’t call themselves anyhow. And they forbid me to do the same..

And you know why?.. Because there are rulles of the “world».


If I will have a name for it I will lose all my abilities..I will limit myself with whatever name there will be.. But if I am not there.. Than I am multifaceted. And you can see me however you like.. It’s not for nothing I wrote it all and made videos.. Angels.. Masons.. Maguses.. Aliens.. It’s all the same.. It’s the truth.

I’ve corrected a mistake now. I removed the blockage. I used to call myself analyst some time ago.. And I’ve limited myself.. Now I am no one. And there is not facets anymore..


I receive so much information now.. Every day I write dowm many new techniques.. I am working out the formula, management and design of reality, using new formula, where I call everything as it is. Imagine what kind of paradox it can be..


Later on you will understand what I mean.. when I show you..

There is an interesting point in information that I was given for my birthday.

When i was learning different dimensions.. different social strata.. I’ve mentioned that there are many very serious people.. intellectually and financially.. but they are not very prominent.. It’s a certain feng shui.

If they will be prominent.. than their knowledge and power will decrease..

That’s why I am going into shadows a bit.. in simplicity..

I also found out why «they» are not known to people.. People will never find out about exsistance of “miracles» and I know why “they» don’t tell people about themselves.. Because as soon as they will show up themselves the nature will panish them.. and they will lose everything..


I am in the same chain now. I will give you lots of information.

Because it’s my gift. My destiny.. “We» are who above have different destinies. I work with energies.. With astral plane and information.. I can take it and translate it into material world..

I am forbidden to do anything else.

So my destiny is to be a keeper and trader of knowledge. And my library of knowledge and techniques growing every day…



Chapter 8


It’s the end of September 2014..

I don’t sleep in the nights.. Trying to solve the riddles.. Contemplating.. The one thing that shaked me up if the riddle about trinity.. Recognition of that changed everything around me.. If there is mother (material world), father (spirituality) and there is you.. You are the third.. the Holy Spirit..

You need to become one.. As I was told.. it’s my third step.. I need to come to it..


Trinity is God..

It’s a state.. Every human must come to it when a person accepts spirituality and material part and understands it and catches the meaning of it..

Than you are blending with nature as one.. One consiousness..


What I like the most.. That I am not the only one in this state.. There is one other person in my team..

I was in this state in 2010 when I appear for all of you..

When I went through the places of Power and finished the book “Answer”..

This state.. When you are not in society.. You are in your own vacuum.. In your own society.. As if you are behind a glass.. And all the people on the street are behind the glass.. They don’t see you and they are like not alife for you.. And such lightness.. No thoughts.. Only consiousness.. No time.. You are free.. And here it is the heaven..


So warm and nice.. And of course very unusual.. You want to not last.. Want to feel everything.. Measure somehow everything..

And here you are like air.. Mist.. You are there and not.. My path was not easy.. I went so much down, to society.. And I am back home now..

They told me that there were 3 years.. From 2008 to 2011 the time of spirituality.. And from 2011 to 2014 is the time for material world.. And now the time came for spirituality.. Now everyone will awaken who slept for the past three years.. And now all of those similar to me in spirit will feel good.. And those who are material.. All three years won’t be ok..

You need to make a right choice.. Society vulgarized God.. Self-development.. Church.. Esoterism.. Society traded it all, betrayed and set it up, and thruth was substituted by lie..

So people don’t know anymore what is truth and who to believe.. Those who are true, initiated, they can give you the truth and help you.. But no one believe them.. And those who are traders and cheats.. people run to them.. There is almost no truth remains, society prevailed..


Society is everything around you.. All the people is your enemy.. You need to create your own society.. I created my own society and I take there those who belive in me.. And in this society everything is perfect..


Long ago.. when I was writing my first book.. I was surprised.. Why the worldview that I shared.. was supported by many..

The time has come.. the change from one society to other.. And this society that in me.. The people  have been already born for it.. That’s why what I am writing right now.. Will be close to the heart for many.. Because it’s like our home.. It’s time to go home.



Chapter 9


Most aggressive people are spiritual people.. Because if you can please the society (material people) — you can dress up well, and laught at the fur coat, but you will remain yourself in your soul.

And you cannot please spiritual people.. They don’t see your soul and because you don’t look like beggar and among material people — they will eat you alive.. They will browbeat you..

Because they will think that you are material.. And they don’t like that you are in a society and you have everything and they have nothing..

It’s a fact.

The interesting thing is. I prove all them wrong! Material and spiritual! I am! I am the midst! The golden mean!



Chapter 10

Many strange things are happening.. I mean strange for people.. for human’s world.. But not for my world.. There are only paradoxes in my world..

The first paradox is when I think about someone I meet him within a day.. And if he is not in my city.. Than I am given option how to contact him.. or it happens in such way that the system brings him to me.. Make him call me or write me and this person doesn’t know why..

This is an incredible new ability I have now.. which I am working out now..

Also the system started to surround me with people who were always around.. But interestingly.. as if they just woken up.. As if they were turned off for three years and now they are back..

All those people know each other and all of them saying the same thing.. How primitive their life was for the last years.. And only now something started to happen.. as if the scales fell from their eyes..


We’ve known each other with those people for three years and saw each other..

Also.. those people.. They are the same as I am.. Different.. Not just humans.. And those who doesn’t know who they are.. But in their lifes the same paradox as in mine.. As if we came here.. And there are angels around us as if we are important people.. And protect us from everything..

We are all young and as if now we exchanged our experiences, who came to what and where to go further..

I gave them my key about “three years” and told them that now those three years are ours.. spiritual..

I explained why past three years were material.


I was given a key about people who surround me in my world..

And they told me that those are the ones I need to help.


And after that I understood everything myself. Like an organism — in organism.. How everything works.. Let’s imagin that inside of me there are organs.. And around me there are people.. People.. The same elements.. And if I help them.. I help myself.. everything that is around is inside..

So it’s very important to pay attention to those who are in my world.. Your surrounding is your friend.. Even if you think it’s your enemy.. All those elements we consist of.. Every person in your circle is your organ. You need to help him.. Understand him.. And you will be healthy..

It’s hard to explain it with text only.. But I will write about it to all of you later on.. I will think of some technique using this formula..

Thank you for reading my books.. I will write lots of books this year.. With completely new information..



Chapter 11


The time has come.. When you know what and how it will be.. With who it will be.. And for what purpose.. You know it but cannot change it.. You know why it should happen the way it will happen and no other way and it cannot be avoided anyhow..

I had the same.. 4-5 years ago.. When I could let anyone close to me.. because I knew the end of everything. Friendship.. or work or relatioship..

I told everyone.. That I will always be alone.. You all come and go..

How could I promise, back than in 2009 to a friend that yes, in a year we will work together, when I know that in a year we won’t be together anymore..

When I tried to explain this for the first time.. No one wanted to listen.. but everything came true.. Everything is inevitable.

Clairvoyance is not an ability I think, and for now.. Considering my state.. My understanding of everything changed dramatically..

There are certain vibrations.. where there are certain abilities and rules.


In the world where there is no abilities .. you can’t learn them..

And to show you those.. Or teach you abilities.. You need to move to a different rythm.. In different vibrations.. In a different world..

I was told that there is a dude who promises a million if someone demonstates something.

And there is no one yet to do it..

Because it’s his world.. world where he doesn’t believe in abilities..

You can show this dude a miracle.. only if you get him out of his little world.. I hope before he is gone he will have a chance to read who I am writing now..



Chapter 12


An old friend of mine called me today, she said that she is going mad.. She doesn’t understand what is happening to her.. She asked for help because remembers that I was consulting people..


She actually doesn’t have a clue what I do and what kind of books I write..

She is very material and doesn’t believe in anything..

So I explained her, and I asked — do you have the feeling that everything is not real and false and that everyone is the same and unconsious? But you cannot express it in words?.. You can’t gather the thoughts? You can wrap you head around it?

She said — Yes!

And she said she doesn’t know what to do with it..

I told her that I had the same..

And I asked, do you want to close up again or try to dig up further?

She didn’t know what to say.. And asked what did I do..

I replied that I went further.. And I am still digging it further..

She asked — Did you get better because you went further?.. I answered yes!

And than she wrote — Sasha I don’t understand how people don’t see anything.. How the live and don’t reilize anything..


I replied — those people like vegetables, like I described in my first book) and she needs to accept it and realize that you are not them, and try to find out  — who you are..

My conclusion that cases like above will happen more and more.. The time has come dear parasites) or future angels)



Chapter 13


I named this book this way.. Because I don’t write about society anymore.. I write about my world.. About what there is in my world..

If you watch the movie “Interstate 60” than you remember what happen to the guy? He got into a different world.. It’s a different dimention.. And it does exsist!


Everything in there is a paradox..

Also the movie “Big Fish”. That world also exsists.. And son didn’t believe the stories of his farther in this movie.. Even though everything turned out to be true..

The same with me.. In this world I am alone. And I feel this world.. And it feels me..

I am listening to it constantly.. And I am sure in every day..

Last week I’ve met someone. He wanted to see if I really became different, because he’s read previous chapters..


We talked and I told him what happened to me and what rules there are and what it gives and how it all works.. And I’ve mentioned the “trinity» formula. And that it’s important to listen to what is above and to what is below.. And in the middle is I.. the Holy Spirit..»


I told him.. how circumstences talking to me and how to understand what «world» wants from me.

And I gave him an example — if we would come to a caffee and it was closed, we would go to another one. If out meeting was not meant to be that one of use wouldn’t make it here.

After out conversation we went outside.. And I need it to leave.. And this friend comes and says that there is a traffic jams soon.. And at that moment exactly I thought that maybe I shouldn’t go because there will be a traffic jam.

So I decided to walk a block or two.. Wanted to have a walk.. And I see that there is a car parked and my other friend in it.. Who brought me long ago to Tamara an old lady with the keys of heaven.. I wrote about it in my first book.


So I came by and got into his car..

He brought me to a place where he wanted to have dinner. And there is my music playing inside of this place..

The interesting thing is that this Summer in the Crimea there was also my music playing, they cannot possibly know my music there and in the caffee which were on the beach in Foros.

It’s hard to explain with words.. But you can hear the world..It so happens that I had to move out from the apartment..

If I must than I must I accepted this fact. I slept in the car and than in a hotel. And if this is how it must be than it will go on like this. And I didn’t look for a new apartment, it so happen that apartment found me. And the land-lady was not a simple woman.. But of a very unusual sort.. The apartment was similar to the One I used to live when I was writing the book “Answer» and “the Path”.. And the land-lady was similar to the first one..


I explained her in a nutshell who I am.. And I know she appeared in my life for a reason.. And something should be activated now..

It’s hard to express this world in words.. Don’t be surprised. That you won’t understand this chapter at all, but just understand one thing.. If after this chapter you will start to behave like me, I mean — if you couldn’t reach someone that you don’t need it, or if your alarm won’t work that you shouldn’t go to work?!.. No..In a human world you cannot behave like this.. There won’t be a miracle in your world. And if you use this folrmula you will get fired from your job. I can leave everything — and I will get even more.. And if you will do it you will be left with nothing.. That’s how material world works..


I really want this formula to work for you.. But first you need to get into the world where this rule exsists..


In time.. while you are reading my book and listening to my music you will reach this new world..

And now I am going to do technique.. I will try to stop breathing and go into “there”..

And tomorrow I will have a days even more strange.. I will.. And if you read this book with all your attention.. You will as well..

The photo of me would be enough.. Text or songs.. And you can connect to my world.. See you there.



Chapter 14


The woman wrote to me.

She said she saw in me self-loving egoist.. But there are moments.. When she sees something divine, kind and light in me.. But still thinks that I am an asshole..

That’s how you are people. People who are defective in life react on me that way.. it’s an instinct, because I am smyling and self-confident.. and if you are different — you annoy others.. It’s true.. And it cannot be controlled.. It’s an instics of people.. Trust me.. I tested it.. and if I show myself as sad.. Than those who wanted to smash you before.. They start to love you and pity you.. And if you feel good.. and you are happy.. The same people want to destroy you..

Yes, it’s not good to jusdge the personality.. If you buy a chair, or a table or the toy for a child.. Do you care who made it.. Or medicine which you use — some maniac created it, or gay or pedofile..

Of course it’s a stange situation that I can be hated for kissing an 18 year old girl and I made a picture of it.. or if I buy a lemonade now.. Maybe a friend asked me to buy it.. Or maybe I drink it.. My books do not change because of that and my information either..


I am pleased when there are people who no matter what — can see the truth..


Look at Mass Media.. TV.. All good people get destroyed, they put all people agains them.. And people believe in it, because they are silly..

There was a incident half year ago, everyone started to bully Makarevich. Who cares who said what. He didn’t cease to be a musician, I grew up in the 90th and I remember his songs and they are inside of me.. So now I am bad and enemy of the state!?.. No)

Also my dear reader. Figure out what you are good at!!??

If you are a paiter and you are good at it than who care what you are wearing and what you eat, even if you eat cats and watch porn.. And you are alone, without family..

You the master!


The same if you are a doctor and scientist! Or chef! Or kindergarden teacher! Do you get it??

If you are an engineer than you don’t have to be a model.. Or handsome.. And if you are an athlet you don’t have to be smart!!!

If I am a master in something I don’t have to follow other rules!

Of course everything should be according to law.

Thank you if you can hear me.. And don’t go down to the level of those people. Be above it all. And than you will be an angel like all world people..



Chapter 15


It’s so pleasant to feel this World.. Everything inside and outside of self and yourself..

It’s so easy and everything in front of your nose..

There a moon.. There is a sun.. And the earth..

As I wrote before about trinity.. And the third one is you..

And it’s the same formula everywhere..

Moon is mother.. Sun is father.. And earth is their child.. I am Earth.. And I have a father and a mother..

Everything everywhere is similar.. You just need to be consious about it..

There Summer and Winter.. And winter and summer exsists inside of us.. Inside of me..

It’s a cycle.. It’s time.. I feel like everything is moving.. How it is all exsist..


Reader.. Open now the pictures of alchemists.. Open the pictures of masons.. Look at them what is it on them.. What is the philosophers’ stone.. How to “create»  it and how to come to this philosophy..


I like the best the other thing.. The man asked me now.. Why God didn’t create everyone with abilities.. Why there are those ones who see and can do things.. And there are others who is not given those abilities..

I said — there are birds.. Fish.. Other animals.. And I don’t ask why a fish without fur.. And why tiger doesn’t have gills.. The same is for people. Yes, maybe we look the same outside.. But it’s not true.. We all are of different kind.. It’s normal..


Here is the secret.. Don’t believe if they say that someone is from a different planet.. and so on.. There is no Sirius and the rest.. It’s silly.. I am from planet Earth and you are! Just discover yourself.


I will add something — 12 zodiac signs.. And if you want to know if you an animal or a human?) 8 signs are of animal origin..

And 4 are of human.. I am Virgo.. It’s a human..

It’s a key for you, my dear reader…



Chapter 16


So here you are.. You have a job.. Normal job.. Maybe it’s your first job.. Maybe the fifth. Maybe you don’t have a job at all now.. Maybe you have many friends or maybe none.. Personal life.. Family.. Or maybe you are single.. Does not matter..


Imagine that there is no difference between people with full lifes and people who have nothing in life.

There is no difference in.. Many people ask themselves question — what is the purpose of life and why to life at all!?..

Those are different kind of people.. Some of them lost the purpose but they have everything..

Some of them who don’t see the purpose in life they don’t have anything and they do nothing.. But all of them have common trait.. This dead-end.. Crises.. Spiritual crises..

They have no understanding why all of it.. What’s the point of job? So they can eat? Well I go and do something and they will give me some food..

What’s the point to strive for anything? What will it give? Nothing.. Except you can prove something to someone.. But you don’t care about anyone..

There is one thing though..


People who lost the purpose of life.. Those are the once who lost connection.. Who lost their inner “I”.. Who close their soul.. Who lost themselves.. Because there are rules of society.. And here you go! You are all alone! No one above thinks about you, there is no mission and destiny.. You want than you live. And if you don’t want — than you don’t live..


You can get the purpose back if you open yourself!!!!!

And it won’t be that you know exactly what to do..

You will just feel.. The nature.. The system.. Will lead you and bring you everything.. And the life will be like in a movie., because the events will be so uncredible..


That’s why I feel so light.. I have not pressure or stress like other people..

You just have faith and that’s it.. And life brings you everything and leads you wherever you need to go..

And ther his no society.. It sort of next to you.. Behind the glass.. And you are in another world.. Behind the glass there are people of society, their spirit is weak.. They have no faith.. No power.. Zero individuality.. You are different to them.. Another kind.. You presence make them feel so alive like they haven’t felt before..

They are shocked with your ideas.. Your views..


You always appear in their lifes in the right moment of their life.. It’s up to you to save them.. Protect them and direct them..

I will describe a beautiful picture in which I take part in every day..Let’s say someone has to make a choice and bang! the deuce appears and tried to temp this someone to take into his world.. And I come in.. Like a consiousness.. And tell him the opposite.. And the person has a choice.. But the deuce and I play by the rules of the world and we cannot make anyone to do anything.. We can only hint.. Direct.. And wait.. What will be the choice of this person..

What path will he choose..

Another point.. what people don’t know.. That the deuce will appear as a nice and kind.. Saying nice words.. he will be an attractive character..

But the angel very often behaves rude.. Sharp.. And clear.. He doesn’t entreat..He is in completely different role..



Chapter 17


Here is another little secret I need to share but I need to warn you first, but please no unauthorized activity..

Listen: there are people in society.. And if I will now write to all of you — you need to be yourself, than it will end very badly..

Why? Because people in society don’t have their inner I.. They don’t have a destiny.. No connection to divine..


So.. Those people of society.. Their thoughts are not theirs.. Their wishes and desires are not theirs..


It’s easily tested.. If people of society will want to be themselves and try to listen to what they Really want.. Let’s say to cut the hair, quit the job, make a tattoo..

Those are not their thoughts.. And tomorrow they will have different thoughts.. And they will be sorry for what they’ve done yesterday and they will want different things..

Society is a mist in which there are many things flying around.. And people who lost themselves.. Their inner I.. they pick up the thoughts of society and execute them, and think that those are their thoughts and they think they live their own lifes..

And if a person open.. And if someone has his inner I.. Than all of his thoughts are correct.. And everything that he wants is correct.. All wishes and actions are true!! No doubts.. And if you want to eat bad food as considered by society. And sleep during the day.. Than those are your thoughts.. From your heart.. And than from those actions you will be more healthy and more happy..


And if you are open and you had a thought that you want to have a dog.. Than you will be never sorry for your choice! Not in a year not in a day!!!! This choice is forever from your heart…

Even when I want to write a chapter.. I don’t immediately know if it’s me..Because I am in society every day.. So if I don’t want to translate thoughts from someone else’s channel.. I do the technique first.. And I disconnect from everything.. And after the technique I am sure that all of my thoughts are from me.. And everything I write is from me.. From my inner I.. When I write from my inner I .. You always feel it..You even have a goosebumps.. And if you don’t feel it.. Than it means you closed up or I was writing it being closed..

Pay attention if it’s really you.. Or if it’s society.. Open yourself and be yourself.. And than you will have everything.. There will be this purpose of life that you were looking for..

(Copy this chapter and spread it all over the Internet, if you agree with me)



Chapter 18


What is society in examples


So there is a woman writing to me.. Lots of emotions.. One thing than the other thing than the third thing.. And it’s obvious she is not consious.. Only emotions.. This is the type of people who always want different things..


And all the things they want.. It’s like a chaos in their heads.. No structure.. They don’t see cause and effect.. They don’t even know why they want something they want..

This woman, she doesn’t even write exact questions.. She just spills her emotions out, jumping from subject to subject..

So I reply to her that she is lost in her emotions and I add “get yourself a man”.

This phrase I used when a woman in such psychological chaos, when she blews off everything around her.. And they eat alive themselves and everyone around them up..


Those kind of woman dependand on social networks.. They live in the Internet because they don’t know where to apply themselves.. Those uncontrollable emotions.. free energy..

And those kind of women wouldn’t have problems if they would spill everything off to their men and he would solve the issue..

When I use this phrase — “get yourself a man”.

It doesn’t mean that she lives alone..

I mean a man as a tool!

So.. I gave this woman an advise but she jumps on me.. And starts to say rude things, and becomes personal, calles me names.. Says that it’s me who needs a woman)

What’s wrong with those people?.. ) and you are among those people.. And almost all of them.. Parasites.. They destory everything and make everything foul.. They want to sh*t on everything..


Here is another situation.. A man writes to me that he wants to create an Internet project..

I replied that it won’t work out..

He jumps on me.. And also gets personal and calls me names..

But what I have to do with it) i say it not because i wish him bad.. I just know how it is.. And that he is of a different kind and that he wants something that is unreal for his kind of personality..


Well people are such people.. Every comment they take as offence.. War is everywhere for them..

It’s the same if you say to someone — you got dirt on your coat.. And he would reply — look at yourself, you jeans are cheap..

Everything that I’ve just described.. It’s a society.. Typical, specific, cruel society where you cannot say to people anything, because you are talking to an unconsious person with lots of issues and complexes.. Who will just destory you if you say something smart.. If he doesn’t undertsand something..

If he doesn’t get you.. Than you are bad..

A war.. Since the creation of the World..



Chapter 19


There are two ways to attract attention, to do something good and to do something bad..

Most of the people don’t do it on purpose.. Because they are no consious.. They do it automatically.. Without understanding what they do. Those people suddenly have an unknown for them desire.. And they start to “execute” it..

I wrote already in one of my previous books that everywhere everything is attention..

So there is a deficit of attention.. Or surplus of attention..


There are two ways.. There are. I was born a baby and till this day statistically I achieved more doint bad things.. So I understood that it works and chose this way.. And I don’t believe that doing good I can achieve anything.. I don’t believe it.


Above is just an example..

So there are people who do bad things to everyone and that’s how they can steal your attention..

There was a scene in the movie “X-men: First Class” when Charles was teaching Magneto to control his Gift.. There were 2 keys.. You can turn on your power because of anger and stress.. Or because of love and lightness..

Recently I’ve showed people what is energy and how to control it.. The secret is that you need to be calm and blend with your nature..Don’t breath.. Don’t move.. And there is the power.. But there is another way of course.. the power in tension..

It’s like white and black..


Some think I am an angry person.. Many people think that.. But why? Angry doesn’t mean bad. Angry can be good.. The same as bad cannot be good.. So people always mix it up.. You should not mix it up..

Kind bad man is the one who is kind but does bad things, but appears like innocent as if he didn’t want to do it, etc.. And you would never think of him as an asshole*..

And here is angry good person.. He might use the word asshole and speaks rude but he wished only good things to everyone..


It’s not the first time I give you a hint that cover and core can be the opposite in nature..

Here is another secret.. If you would ask me how to find open.. real.. Different people..

I would say.. That the dude who scates he is more wise and spiritual.. Than those tensed psychics from TV shows..

You cannot even imagine what I do outside of the Internet and books..

I am making a show.. Also I am like a spy making the list of talanted people.. And a black list of fakes..

Than I will make an order in all of it..



Chapter 20



Today is Saturday the 25th of October.. And I walked all day today.. I was walking in that region of St. Petersburg.. Where is the highest dimention.. I didn’t walk alone.. But with a friend of mine.. I showed him this worldd.. And he saw it and felt it.. That everything is different here.. As if a different city.. Different people.. Different state of a soul.. So light as if you normally always tensed.. and in this place there is a heaven.. freedom..

So we walked around and enjoyed and we talked about one building, where I will live.. And I describe him what kind of people live in there.. And what kind of energy is in there..

I can’t tell where it is.. Because I have the keys of heaven.. And when time comes I will take one there with me..

The interesting thing is.. We started to discuss people with my friend.. And we talked about one other unusual place.. when the girl came up to us.. The one who reads my books.. But the most interesting thing is.. I see from which world she is.. And I wanted to show my friend people like her..

She lives there.. And her eyes are magical.. Interesting thing is that last night we tried to contat that person without knowing if it was man or a woman.. And we wrote to her to one blog.. And there she was in real life..


There is only one way people can see me.. When I am closed.. When I come down.. To lower vibrations.. for example when I meet with my material acquaintances.. Than everyone see me and recognize me.. because I am among people..

But now it’s different.. I was in My world now.. And this girl saw me.. So the girl is very unusual..

You probably are reading this chapter now.. I wonder how do you feel now.. You are breathing so hard..

And now you have tears in your eyes..

This chapter is a present to you.. Now while reading it you can always call for me.. I will feel you and hear what you think about.. And I will always help..

Thank you, today is your another birthday.*



Chapter 21


The time has come.. and everything like it was.. long ago.. Like in the first book..

I can read thoughts.. and I feel people.. Why again?.. Because for the past years I closed myself up for it.. I’ve controlled it..

And now.. I cannot help it.. I can see and hear.. And every day circumstances bring me people and I must tell them something.. I mean through me they receive a message..

This chapter I write not for people.. But for my people.. So they would understand something..


When you read thought you cannot do it on purpose. If someone asks you to demostrate.. tell me what color I think about now.. You won’t ever guess.. This is the rule of our world..

But.. By accident, when you don’t need to demostrate.. you can read the thoughts..


It happens so.. that you tell to a person something, and his reactions and thoughts and images and everything that he feels.. you also see it and feel it.. And when he speaks.. you already know what he will say and think..

The point is.. it’s easy to prove.. I say to a person that I want milk so much.. And his reaction.. I become him and I see the picture of one caffee.. And the thoughts are far away..

And than the person wants to say something.. And I say — wait!! You were thinking about caffee which is in that place, but you thought it’s too far away..

He says — yes.. But how do you know it.. he asks me..

The interesting thing is that I feel it so much that if people now are talking about me I know who says what to whom.. And how they think about me..

Who wants what from me..

People who write to me in social networks.. I see what interest they have in me.. Who wants my information.. And who simply wants me..

Some people envy me.. Some are afraid of me..

It’s interesting to be with you.. But from a distance..

You know.. people like me.. If you meet someone like me.. I want to say — I love you.. And you don’t understand why is that.. But I have a need to say it.. But maybe I don’t have a pleasant appearance or twice younger than you are or twice as old than you are..

Interesting thing is that I don’t want to come down to people anymore..

Person will come to me if he needs to.. When he will be in my corridor.. Than we talk..


Interesting how I am being protected..

Sometimes a person wants to find me, or meet me.. And the system does everything so it won’t happen..

I’ve described it before.. Like bricks are falling from the roof.. And you walk.. Bricks will fall to everyone..And you are untouched..

Good.. It’s good..

Good what is happening now.. This time.. Those three years that will come will be the best for me and for those who believe in me.. And to those ones who are on a different side I will say goodbye..



Chapter 22


I so would want not to write what I see.. But to paint.. But I need to deliver it in text.. And in a drawing and with words to comment.. than at least I can explain all those little moments.. All those truth of existence..

There are so many levels and sublevels.. And in my books the same truth over and over again.. The same formula.. in different variations.. It’s like different languages.. Every country has it’s own language.. But the core is the same. The sun is the same for everyone.. But written and pronounced differently.. The same with my information.. On a different languages.. In a different examples..

The society and every mortal human being slowly getting the idea.. that you need to be open..

People started to realize that if you are closed.. than:

  • You lose purpose of life..
  • You always have different desires..
  • You cannot find yourself.. You are like a vegetable..


Closed person is empty.. He has nothing that belongs to him.. No zest.. No ideas.. No self-expression.. No individuality.. Just a copy of a copy..

Closed person.. It’s like a parody on human.

But of course! How one can reilize oneself if you don’t listen to you “I» and you don’t open your soul..


You do what society tells you. Every day there are thoughts in your head that are not yours!!! But from society. And you try to execute them, but you give up fast, because those are the thought and desires of society.. Today one thought tomorrow the other.. And here you have a groundhog day..


Why people choose the path of society? Because everyone is the same around you and they impose the same things on you, and till you closed up you are trying to express real-self but no one supports you..because you think that someone like you should be..

No!!! In the society everyone is the same and it considered as support! Everyone in society supports each other..


But if you are open than you are different.. One in a milion.. Unique.. And there are few who would date to save it and not follow the fashion of society..

There is another point on why people are in society!

If you don’t drink, don’t smoke, wear suit, watch TV and be normal.. Is it good??.. No.. It’s society.. It’s a trap..

I will explain.

Let’s say there is a girl. She wants to be herself and she thinks — I want to wear bright clothes, sing songs about worms.. And she doen’t want to live in an apartment but with friends like a visitor..

It’s how she is inside.. But she is afraid to make it her life because it’s not normal.. And when she tried onces they put her down.. And she started to think.. Where would she live if not in her apartment.. And she is under society pressure already and starts to execute the desires of society..


But you should not afraid to be yourself..

I fought this fight as well.. One day I am free the other I am wearing boots.. One day I am free.. The other in a boots.. You need to fo through adaptation in society, yes. But we are talking about the state of a soul.. You need to open up first.. And realize yourself.. Make you sould visial in a material world..

You need to get out whatever is inside of you.. When you create your own world..

And if you open yourself up than you can allow yourself to be in a different image, even if you would live in a unfavourable neighbourhood.. It won’t affect you in a bad way.. Because you are and your world is strong, and your world and you exsists for always..

But if you are empty and closed.. gosh..


When a person is open and he gets outside all of his desires and starts to execute them.. than there is a development, growth. Than you will have a destiny. Predestination.. Than the time stops for you.. Warmth.. Happiness.. And even in rain and cold everything is shinign about you..


You become a light..

It’s like Solar system. Every planet plays its role on its place..

So you need to become Sun. And everything would circle around you..

It’s like you become a main character in your own movie..



Chapter 23

How to protect yourself. .


Of course everyone wandering who I am.. I can make it real simple for you..

I am just a usual guy…

But I why I attracted attention, and there is so much fuss around me — this is the question..

When I write books.. Or when I share my new discovery with you.. or confess you something..

Of course I have my own specific things..

But I had to adapt among people.. otherwise they would eat me alive..

Because people are cruel and shameless and at the same time most sensitive and honest..

People saw me in the social networks with different people on the pictures.


It’s my choice who can get close to me.. Yes my interests are very specific, so much so that you wouldn’t be able to imagine..


But take into considiration one important point..

I have no friends.. And I am alone and always will be alone..

I have no home..

I even don’t have enemies or authorities..


Only chosen ones can get into my circles.. Those who have such a focus of attention that they don’t care how I look like and how old I am..


If I show myself as a material person.. What I have and who I know I will attract deuces..

If I show myself like “God’s fool” than they wipe their feet over me..


You should know one thing: pay attention to me and how long I am here. And find the differences from other people.

You can discover interesting things for yourself..

I am flying over Armenia right now..

And I am listening to a magical music from Mashia..Sincerity..

All the miracles of my lifestyle..

Like my patron said once.. We are God’s fools of 21st century..


Because I don’t give any importance for material world.. That’s why miracles.. And it should be not material but your Soul first..

When I’ve mentioned it to someone I know he looked at my mobile phone and said / I see how you quit everything because of miracles, you have a mobile for few thousands dollars..

I explained to him.. You need to be in such state. That you wouldn’t even twitch if you lose one of those..

And you feel the same to everything..

Of course for you it’s hard to understans this foolishness because in modern time it is something different..

But this is my secret to you.. One of the secrets..

Read about it and study it.

And listen to the music of Mashia. She is true.. She sings.. like I write..

So how to protect yourself..

Protection is society..

To be “bare” is the protection..

Open up.. Truth and sincerity.


Here is the example: many people in social networks. Saw that I was talking to winners from TV show Psyshic Challenge.

Well.. not really..

Shame what it is.

It was really unpleasant how is it.. Cheats are accepted and appreciated.. And those cheates are running around me..

Of course it’s unpleasant.. Let’s say you sing beautifully.. And songs are yours.. But you are no one.. But some cheat.. Bought songs and he is a star.. And you understand that everything is very simple.. Sing some carp pop song and be “singing briefs” and than you are the star..


The same with me.. I was almost tempted to be at this show.. Society almost broke me..

But try to understand.. I Can write you down every cheat’s surname.. And what is the price for each of them..

All the shows in your World.. , …..

It’s awful and disguasting,

I better stay a simple guy.. Than to be a clown..

There will be a judgement soon enough.. There was time and it goes on and on.


It’s a pity that those clowns exist at all because people are like that.. with chaos in their heads..

There is one “master of reality” for example) they read their books from someone like me and than they make a commercial project.

And I am.. Alone..

Always was as I am.. But I was against everyone..

They want to break me every day..

Of course they won’t succed.. But not because I don’t want.

But because I have such destiny. And maybe you have a destiny.. But the destiny is not just a path.. But it’s a faith, and after faith comes protection.


I am bare in front of you..

People are pressing on me and because of some cheats .. I don’t say everything..

Like for example.. I practice Wushu and I don’t drink and don’t smoke, if someone is interested.

I drink teas.. Lots of it.. Chinese.. Da Hong Pao.


I have a private life of course.. I have a dog..

Also I am a good shot..

I am growing my hair now.. Like I used to have long ago..

And of course ones a months I can break someones nose if I want to) so don’t thing I am a nerd!.. I am very tough with people. Especially during consultations, otherwise you can’t push out all the deuces.

Also I found heavens. And it’s very good in there..

Many people feel it from me already..

Even if it rains and it’s cold.. for me it’s always light..

I see people like myself.. Shining..

But I am somehow different from them..

They are silent.. And I have information..

Ok.. I am going to a rest room now..


I am writing now because I have a group now TK2012 ) we are studying there / attention control..

2012 is a conference season..

There are many people who hate me..

Of course it’s my fault.. Because I am very open.. And I express my joy.. Maybe too much sincerity..

And people are provoked by it.. they provoked because many people dream about it but they cannot do the same.. They are annoyed that I feel good..Some people admiring me.. That I do many things.. Etc..

The most interesting thing is.. That people of course of different kind.. And one person told me few years ago: Sasha why do you surround yourself with all those people who live on your account.. They travell on your money., you feed them.. give everything to them.. And they humiliate you..


And I was offered to be with the same kind as myself.. But I rejected the offer..

Something inside of me, from my childhood that I want to help weak ones and people who are lost. They could be drug addicts or inmates.. Or just guys who don’t have job and family..

It’s a pity.. That those people don’t value that I give all of it.. They also hate me.. And envy me..

There are many people like this.. It’s an instinct.. It’s not their fault..

But if I show them that I feel bad and I need help than they are very happy.. And if everything is good with me.. They “sufficate” me”..

There are only few who could say: this guy Alexandr does very well, he is free, found himself and doesn’t deny himself anything..

Who can say that about me?.. Only the same people like me.. Who have their own world.. Who have no interest in other people business..

Turns out that to be open and free — it’s a challenge for humanity..


They will eat you alive..

that’s it, I am flying now..



Chapter 24



This would be an interesting chapter.. Of course it is interesting how people meet me at all.. And how do I choose people..

My relationship with peope is rather peculiar and specific..


If you appear in my World.. Than I will do everything for you.. I will dress you up.. Educate you.. I will give everything.. Because you haven’t watch my videos and didn’t read my books.. But you are already different and in My world and you’ve met me in real life..


There is another level.. People who found me in the Internet.. Through books and videos..

There are other subtlety in this.

Of course if you will write me in social networks I won’t reply to you.

Because social networks is like a childrengarden for me. I don’t like them.. those are for you only.. Not for me.. And yes, it’s a tool to connect to you..


You can contact me only if you will write to my email address.. With considerable reason..

The ones who are in my circle now.. They’ve read my books some time ago.. But why them?

They didn’t behave like morons..

They were very clear about what they can do for me.. And it was sincere on their part..

Also I am not ready to communicate with children.. as well as with elderly people.. Because I know why you have this interest towards me and what you want.. You have to accept that with age some things are way too late for you..

That’s why I have age limits..

Also — I prefer to advise to crazies.. Perverts. Gays.. Rather than people who want money.. Because the person who wants money don’t have it most of the time and he needs to know that he is a lout! And it’s his fault! He needs to put his ambitions up his ass.. Than I can talk to him!


Also I never have free time and attention.. And I don’t sell information any longer.. — and my time that I spent for someone.. who don’t have enought of my books and videos..

It’s hard to see how deuces lead you away..

Because deuces .. talk to you like — come to me honeypie.. And tell you.. — All of them are offending you.. and we can help..

And people are buying it all..

And I say / why are you idiots follow those deuces?)))

And after that they think I am deuce)

So I am a deuce my dear reader) but the result is more important.. Who cares who I am..

Funny thing is when someone wants to evaluate me and judge me becaus of people in my circle.. I wrote in a previous chapter. All those are “patients» who you see together with me on the pictures or videos..

Do you think I will show you someone of value to me? Of course not..

So you bothered for nothing those guys and girls who you saw with me and think their my friends.. and that they know me..

Or can help you..

Even worse you did for yourself, you could go down to the lowest dimension if you would talk to them..


Don’t mind me! I am in a different situation and all my life is an Experiment.

And if I do something than I study it from all possible angles..

But if you write to some Vasya and ask if he knows me since you saw us on the picture together..

Than he will tell you — that I like Leningrad band and eat shashlik from pork..

But actually now I don’t eat meat at all.. And I don’t listen to that kind of music..

Here is another moment.. Because I need to congnize the world of such Vasyas.. I need to become one of them.. So he describe me.. — more precisly he describes my mask which I wore when we met..


There is one interesting point about time.. Time exsists because cycle existst.. There is sun and moon.. And all of it moves and when day and night go by there is time.. But there is another option from scientists..

  • If you are in cosmos.. on satellite.. You would always have sun from one side.. the day.. and the night from the other side.. Always.. So there is no time?

Well how can you evaluate me on the same level like people with a beer glass in the hand, when my world-view is so different as the things that move me forward.. No one can understand it. I move and in one day I can be very weired for people..

But I don’t care how people react.. I am moved by nature and if today I must behave in this way — than I must..

And than people start to discuss why I behave in a weird way) But who cares how I behaved?) I exsist. Movement goes on. There is new information — than everything is good.

But when I stop than you can start crying.

So you can expect something new from me soon enough.. and don’t judge me like a human. It won’t let you focus on information.. Those who focus on the cover.. Than I will do something to provoke them and will lead them away from the truth..



Chapter 25


I have lots of feedbacks every day.. People share their opinion and impressions about my books and videos.. Many write feedbacks after consulting with me.. Some tell how their life changed after conferences..


But most interesting thing is that human factor remains.. People are not interested in the result of my life.. But in miracles.. Feelings.. So if you don’t go deep into people’s stories and my psychology.. So there is people who are bored with the routine of their lifes.. And people lost the faith in anything.

Than they received from me not the theory but the techniques, where you can see and feel something completely new.. And person thanks me with his eyes wide open because he satisfied himself..


Most of feedbacks I receive after the technique with “hand» and “meditation”/(channel opening)

Technique with a hand.. They described it so curiosuly..) they so amazed by it.. But it does not give anything but development of attention and preparation to energy management..

But people care more about this technique with the hand than to change their life..

I will tell you now about it..

Person sits at the table.. Put his hand on it like at school. Or like in arm wrestlig. Close your eyes.. And strain your hand muscles as hard as you can.. And imagine that the energy from cosmos suckes up from above to your hand..

Do it for five minutes.. With your eyes closed.. While listening to my music..

Than relax your hand.. But don’t move it and go on imagening how the energy sucks into your hand from above..

Than move your hand slowly from side to side.. And again.. Than turn your palm towards your face and back..

Do you as slow as you can..

Also breathing is important.. The slower you breath..And if you can hold your breath.. the better you will feel the density and energy..

As if you hand elsewhere.. Everyone describes the feeling differently, some say as if your hand is in the water..

Others note that your hand like plus-minus, magnet.. Someone will feel jerking of the hand..

Send me your feedbacks if you tried this technique..



Chapter 26



The life is versatile and there are many many worlds.. And many dimensions..

Abilities are real. They are real if a person is in a certain rythm.. In certain vibrations..

And those abilities work only in his rythm.. In his vibrations..

Not a lot of people will understand me now.. Only the ones who have abilities will know.. And those are the ones know what I know.. And people.. they won’t understand, and they will say that it’s an idle talk..

Also I want to say — very often I use the phrase “develop your abilities”.

You can’t develop them.. I didn’t develop them.. when they appeared I adapt them to surroundings and found them an application.. but it’s not a development..


Also I need to mention.. If you want abilities.. You can achieve that but you won’t be a human any more.. The first thing you need to do is to reject a concept of human world-view.

This work rythm.. Other rules.. Everything is different.. And than you are different.. But you are not the same anymore.. You are alone.. And you won’t be able to show it to anyone.. But..

I solve this problem.. If all those miracles are in my World.. In my rythm.. In my vibrations.. Than you need to take the person to this rythm.. to show him..

Interesting moment is.. I feel and see.. That those vibration change by themselves among people.. As if I am somewhere above.. And your vibrations are going up to me..


Soon I will post a video..

Because it will be in a different vibration.. Reaction won’t be so cheerful among many..

But those ones who will catch my wave.. My rythm.. They will be able to get to the world of miracles.. I write a lot about this world..

Than something will happen.. Something in the World and everyone will go up to those vibrations..

I remember myself when I was young.. When I told everyone — when there will be a disaster in the World.. I become stronger for some reason.. As if it becomes easier to breath.. It’s a transition.. It makes one open up..

No one wants to destroy the world.. But the illlustions about the end of the world.. Wars, etc.. There will be many of those so people would wake up.. Three years..


After 2016 everything will calm down for three years.. And now you can feel the boiling of “spirituality”.



Chapter 27


What is human made of

It depends what you understand by term “human”.


Human is a computer. But.. Computer is a general word.. When I say “computer» do I mean a box with a monitor and a keyboard or operations system? Exactly.. The same is with human.. How the body works is more or less clear.. Read anatomy for example.. But I want to touch on other subject.. Human as creature.. Kind.. Characteristics of human..


So.. The first thing you need to realize.. all humans are under one word and everyone has legs-arms.. but I need to tell something.. people are different.. Different in the sense.. Like animals.. There is a cat.. a bear..

You see the difference immidiately! In appearance and in lifestyle and in possibilities.

The same with people!!! There are “sorts”.. But people don’t know it.. They don’t distinguish because you can’t guess about sort on appearance only.. there are many of differences.. And people are different.. like sheep and lion..


That’s one reason why for some people personal relatioships don’t work out.. Because a guy like a mouse wants the girl who is a cat)

You need to be humble with your desires..) ambitions should be put aside and find your second half of your own sort..

Also people make a mistake.. When they cannot find their place in life.. The issue is the same.. Person can’t guess which sort he or she is.. And I tell him or her about it, it won’t get accepted.. It’s hard for a monkey realize that she is not a wolf, which she tried to become..


No one in my circle can accept and admit their sort.. And that’s why they don’t belong to themselves and unhappy..

Everyone is with broken psyche..And not a single person who didn’t find their place and dreamed to be a banker.. Can possible accept that he should be someone’s driver instead..

But if he could accept it.. He would be happy.. And he would be number One in his profession.. Because he would be the best among drivers because others are of cleaners sort.. and it means they are not good like drivers.

Who was born to be a driver.. He is superb..

I went through the same.. Not for too long though.. But it was like this. That I went through different professions.. wrong ones for me..

It turns out.. that I can make someone very happy and show him his way and where his home is..

But when I say the truth to someon he does everything not to agree with me.. and sufferes further, how is it to live in a wrong skin?.. It’s painfull.. Like a stone on your soul.. To adjust yourself to someone else all the time.. Only stress all day every day..

Does it sound familier my dear reader?..

Just imagine how cool is it to admint that you are a duck! Than you will be number one amoung ducks!



Chapter 28


About social networks


Internet I treat the same way as alcohol and cigarettes with love..

Love is an understanding.. When you undertsnad and accept..

So if you love something you know it..

I understand this Internet and all other tools! They are tools for me!


Of course it’s better not to advocate it.. Because many are not able to control themselves.. Control their mind.. control their attention..

So they start to abuse it..

If Internet or food or alcohol with cigarettes becomes their drug of choice.. It’s a dependence..

That’s why I’ve never paid so much attentiont to all of it like other people.. so you see.. nothing infulenced me)

I advise you not to spend too much time in social networks.. Also you probably have found me in the internet..

As a tool for connection to other it is good..So I upload my books and videos in the net.. But with a purpose, so I can reach you and tell you, drop those social networks and live your real life..

Statistically the most dependant people who lose their heads are not children but woman of age.. When they have crises they dive into social networks and live there.. They spent all of their energy and attentiont in Internet..

It’s terribel of course.. it influences their life and their psyche so much..


In reality people started to treat each other in such a way.. that they can swear at each other.. It is a consequence of Internet.. In social networks people have no barriers.. That all the barriers are broken and people behave the same way in real life..


In social networks and in all Internet — it’s all under control, and through it you get zombified.. All your thoughts and mood and desires all of it is consequence of social networks, but you won’t agree with me of course and will try to prove me wrong.

Also if you’ve read my previous chapters.. There are different dimensions.. So if you take some looser, drug addict, who has lots of debts.. That if you make a list of everything that surrounds that man and give it to you.. You will become like him.. So what I am saying..

If I will drink water of low dimension that I won’t have money and I will be sick..

The same with social networks. Statistically.. The worse dimension.. It’s mail.ru.. vk.com also bad.. Facebook a bit better.. Intagram is getting worse..

From other social networks Tumblr is good.. And instead of YouTube better use Vimeo..

Just keep it in mind, maybe it’s not that important for you in principle.. But it’s important in which internet-dimension you communicate with people.

But I need to mention that I use all those social networks, etc.. So the people would read my books.. Not for messenging..


Like VK.com is not from my world.. I need to be away from it.. So someone is posting my books and videos for me.. But I will be on Facebook now.



Chapter 29


I’ve noted something interesting..


Have you notice how I write?.. There are many mistakes and typos in the text.. But the most interesting.. All of those dots I use..


If it would not be for them.. information would not reach your consiousness..

Someone was editing my chapter which I wanted to show someone else.. and in this chapter everything should be edited according to the standard..

And when the text was edited.. Text lost its qualities.. As if it became empty.. Became smaller.. Empty.. Just lines of words.. And there was no volume and feelings any longer..

I wrote my first book like this.. I wrote it like this.. Because the text is not important.. The goal was to put my soul out there…


All those dots.. they show an emotional state.. You don’t need to undertstand the text.. But the information was poured into you already.. like a picture in front of your eyes what I write about.. Reading the text you see as if I am sitting.. and how I am writing it now..


Interesting thing is.. So you are reading this text now.. And you started to feel it all..

But when you read it I am already busy with other things.. But when you read it you are in that moment when i am still writing..

It’s hard to explain it with words..

Now this week it becomes clear for me about time.. When I came to Thailand.. I was at that moment of the time which I stopped at in January when I was here last time..

.. it would be hard for you to formulate it in your head.. Wait a bit.. Soon all the information that is inside of me now.. will be translated into human language..



Chapter 30


Everyone should have their own world.. Some lost in the society and they don’t live their own life anymore.. Someone found themselves and their own world..

To find your own people.. there are many tools.. But the best one is music..

You can know who the person is, based on what music the person listens to.. Because one choose the music from the heart..

And if music is similar to mine.. Than we are on the same wave.. On the same vibration..

Of course there are fakes.. Some people don’t know the purpose of music.. they saw that I am listening to certain type of music.. And they started to listen to it as well.. But I wouldn’t say that this music personify them..

How on earth some stange 50 years old dude can listen to Veto, if you look at this man.. you know that this man doesn’t know the life at all.. he is not adapted in society.. His soul is rich with nothing.. He has no individuality.. He is not creative..


The story is interesting by itself.. Where this music comes from..

Like my music.. I have from somewhere..

Exactly.. I had a friend named Maxim.. We were neighbours.. We were 12 years old.. And his farther was a surfer.. Lives in Australia.. And Max shared the music with me.. Music like Placebo, Coldplay, etc.


Than in 2005 the girl names Masha Mih.. shared music with me..

And all music.. it was not known back than.. now you all know it already..

Music like.. Like adventures..

Also the music.. languishing..

She said that I am languishing..

And that we are “languishing”..

And that our time is “mode”.

When there is half hour before the sunset.. when there are many shadows..

It’s out time..

And in my circles there are people who accepted my music.. my books.. Because it’s me.. It’s my soul..

And those ones who listen to pop music.. And laugh at my books and at my readers.. those ones of a different sort.. Deuces..

Listen to my music and read my books.. There are not so many of us.. And this is valuable..


God’s Fool




Chapter 1

Who I am.. I am a human.. born in the 90s.. in Russia.. I appeared in this world like you in certain circumstences.. circumstences of family.. houshold.. in circumstences of society.. But I felt the world and people somehow different.. Everyone listen to each other.. Trying to please each other.. Tried to be similar to each other..Also from the childhood I saw how narrowminded people are.. Their perception range was very small.. and weak.. and values.. values of people never coincide with mine.. I didn’t want to be like everyone else.. follow the fashion.. believe in education and pension.. I didn’t want to earn money.. I wasn’t interested in people who tried to imitate others.. My view on everything was very sober.. view on reality.. No one can answer my questions.. My questions nonplussed people and made them annoyed.. Imagine.. my dear reader.. some man or lady tells me that the best shampoo is some brand.. And I always wanted the details.. Why he thinks that.. Why those people think that?.. But I could never get an answer.. People didn’t understand.. I persisted on my question.. Than people get tensed and think about it.. for real.. why this shampoo is good.. And in 90% of the time they told me that someone advised them that but they don’t remember who.. But if I asked an additional question.. On a subject.. — why if someone advise them that shampoo is good, why did they agree with it?.. Without asking for more details or explanations..

Why do you need to live and act like the rest of people? Why do I need to wear the scarf from Zenit like all simple schoolchildren did in St. Petersburg? Why do I need to be friends with those ones who have money? Why everyone was pushing on me an idea that if you are rich than you are a thief? I am writing this in such way.. so I can touch your soul.. Naturally I know the explanation for all of it.. There is a transition of ages.. change of generation.. People of different generation are fighting with each other.. I was laughing at people in an official suits driving fancy cars.. Because without it people will be nobody.. No one will respect them and they won’t be able to earn.. And I know and believed that I can wear a bathrobe.. and people’s opinions won’t change..I won’t be more poor.. I will be more free and more happy.. Yes I was fighting and got under the influence of older generation.. old time.. But those were the days when muse left me alone.. When my internal voice got quiet.. Society..

Deuces surrounded me and wispered in my ears:.. Sasha.. You are crazy.. look at yourself.. you don’t have education, you don’t have a job and you are sitting in the nights and writing some nonsense.. Now those deuces read my chapters.. or will come to this point or they will leave this Life without congnizing it and withouth discovering something new.. I don’t know who I am.. and will never know.. because it has no name..no definition.. Society defining it.. the society itself..

Everyone sees me based on the level of development.. based on their values… . And till this day I come across.. situations.. when society.. this old-fashioned people.. want to pick on me.. judge me.. if I am with tatoos than I am a drug addict.. If I am young than I cannot be wise.. If I am poor than I am simple and I don’t need to be respected.. And if I am wearing “social skin” than they judge me saying that I am definetly a Cheat.. fraud.. Or someone provides for me.. I refused everything what old generation dreams about.. and there are people younger than me from old time.. old world.. I have nothing.. no car no house.. I don’t support my relatives.. but than there is a quesiton.. where is all my money?.. As only one of my service.. brings me a million.. I will try to give you all possible details in this book, so you will be able to understand me.. my values.. that I spent all of my money on.. you will understand.. what a Fool I am that I don’t give my money to my relatived.. but i provide for strangers.. and help them to realize themselves.

This Chapter is just a beginning.. without any mysticism.. but maybe there won’t be any.. as mytisims and miracles can be explained.. but I have all those explanations. They tried to scare me that I will end up as cleaner.. but I didn’t make a mistake in my version of understanding of life and myself.. I don’t have to work anymore at all.. I am expected any time in many different countries of the world.. I am offered place to stay and any help I need.. just for.. for the fact of who I am and my information.. People offer me to pay any amount of money for one conversation with me..For a long time I was searching for informaiton.. why at this time.. and why society.. jumping on me.. It happens less now.. it’s getting weak.. but I am adapted in society now.. because it’s so boring and simple.. But the funny thing is.. For old generation and for society I am not even a writer.. Because my books aren’t published yet.. and I am often pointed out that my occupation is rather questionable.. And books.. my books are condemned, that I write with mistakes.. I have them all edited by proper editors.. and they are translated on many languages.. but they are not live anymore, my books.. I hang the plate on the office door.. and the bookkeper from the next office says that it’s written with mistake..

The coma is missing.. Of course if I would want to live her life maybe I will pay attention to the coma.. but now the paradox.. she was given those low values and obsessions but mistake is mine?..Assert herself?.. But all her life dreams is my ordinary day.. And I don’t judge her.. I don’t come up to any passer-by to point out his mistake… . my life is a war.. because I won’t just place myself in any society cell and be happy from buying some bullshit trinkets.. like everyone else.. it’s so easy and simple.. and from the other side complicated.. Because everything you will read in this book is inside of you.. you will be surprised.. how do I know what you like and what you don’t and what you really want.. As I just listen to my inner self.. my inner self.. And it’s in everyone and it is ONE… .

I am just dare to trust it.. and no one and nothing else.. that’s why I exsist..



Chapter 2


Everyone wants to judge me.. I can’t please them.. or I am too cute.. or I am too brutal.. or I am too kind.. or too agnry.. or too smart.. or too complicated.. or too narcissistic.. or another way around..


And why?.. Why do you do that?..

Why do I need to satisfy your patterns?.. Naturally when I decided to be myself.. that I became weird for everyone.. because everyone wants to put me in their limtis.. in some standard.. They want to call me a psychologist.. or a blogger.. or a writer.. and everyone displeased that I don’t fit to any standard..

Because how is it that a young man knows something and earns that much and he is with tatooes all over the body, so maybe he is a drug addict.. and if I work in a church than I am lying..

I liked a lot when my readers had  issues with their life partners when they went to meet new people..


But what should I do in this case?.. Can’t I buy groceries if there is a shop-girl at the counter?.. Absurd).. And how about meeting new people.. new acquaintances.. it’s the life..

Remove the mark of old time?!.. Free yourself!.. Isn’t that right?..

Lots of people who envy me.. You can’t imagine.. they want to “drown» me.

At some point people came to the church where I worked and told to priest that I am bad.. that I am  a deceiver.. thief.. drug addict..

Others came to my relatives, introduced themselves as my friends and tried to find out more information about me.. and if didn’t work they throw mud at me..

And sometimes people came up to my wife on the street and talked dirt about me..

How low can you go?..Or those people want me to start a judgement on them? What’s the point of this provocation?..

Of course I have answers on this type of behaviour.. and I share this information with you so you can try it on yourself..

I gave a chance to my wife.. the same chance as to other people..so those are indications.. I just gave someone a chance.. as to everyone in my circle..

They come and go on their own accord.. depends on who is stronger.. whose spirit is stronger..

For me it’s all the same.. I.. my I.. remains the same..

I get bored to be a normal human.. It’s not real..


Thanks to my fate and those who above that they saved me from everything and gave the explanation to everthing.. and gave me Strenth.. Stregth to be myself.. it’s a gift, to be born and create inside yourself “I”..


Higher powers.. they made it so than I am here now.. like this.. alive.. real.. pure.. sincere.. and thank you for the faith! Because with Faith I don’t fear any man.. no any power.. Because those are above decide when I need to go or when I get punished if it would be necessary.. Because those are above decide.. if I will go out of the house and will find a treasure or someone will spit in my face.. because those are not people who do it.. but “them» or “him”.. Someone who is above..


This book is not about Me.. It’s just communicated in this way.. this book is about you.. about your internal I.. as if you came across this book.. than you still need to make a choice..

To be yourself or to be society..

To be new or to be gone with the old..


This book called “God’s Fool”.. It’s my protection.. the way I can express myself.. but throught the convinient loophole in society.. as everything I will write or do, society can judge.. because it’s Foolishness.

So I will make fool of myself and give you many examples and in my chapters I will judge.. all defects.. and weak spots in society..



Chapter 3


More of I..

Now with bombast about me.. All who are closed.. and from old time.. in this chapter all their deuces will be awaken.. and everyone will want to pick on me.. and be outraged.. and judge.. and trash me..


Yes I see people through and through.. Without picture even.. someone just calls..And i hear him speak couple of words and I become him.. I know how his life will go.. Yes I don’t know if something has happen already or it will happen.. But everything I descirbed is to the point.. I am never wrong. Never! Because it’s not me speaking.. it’s inside of me..


I was tested by different people.. even the most materialistic ones..

Recently they’ve shown me 7 pictures of people and I told everything about those people.. some of them you probably know..

And when I describe everything.. and person doesn’t agree I explain in details.. Because when I say that a woman worries about money and get jealous and counts money.. it does not mean she is poor.. They told me than that her husband is very rich.. And it came to the point when I said that she counts money which her husband spends not on her but on someone else..

I know everything about everyone who he was and will be and what happen to whom or will happen. Who is a pervert, maniac and murderer. Who lies to me or who lies to you.

There is always a price. So it is their path. But there are ones from God..

Because someone has to punish the man who offended your grandmother in the bank or in the shop! So the offender will be punished by the one from God, and I don’t consider him as criminal.. It’s his fate.. his path.. To punish those ones who offended our elderly..


There is a justice in the world! Justice reignes!

And if miilions of people believe in filcher.. this is the quantity of unjust people.. and that’s their idol..

So how many faithfull and honest people..since around me.. my readers not so many like before Psychic Challenge..

.. think about it..


Now there are many people try to imitate me by making “actors”.. sort of like me. Who sort of can help and can do everything and know..

Isn’t it bad?.. No..Those who have no faith advocate lie.. and they attract similar people..

And everyone will get their lesson..

I am not so-called “info business”.

I don’t make up things like I am worldwide and make pictures with celebrities..

I didn’t plan anything.. i just write my diaries since my childhood.. about how I see this world and how I live in this world.

Many people use “dope» to write what I write.. or just steal information from me..

And I.. I close myself up so I can express myself on the language you can undersand how things are in reality..

All those spiritual practices.. Society is very sly..It vulgarized the church.. And now other religious confessions.. Buddhism became pop culture already.. Islam is still holding its ground..


And if you look at all those meditation and chakras.. every second dude without soul and without spirit.. tries to sell you a five-cent training about it.. and afterwards you are disappointed.. and your mind recorded already.. Aha.. meditation means sitting down and that’s it..


I need to repeat it.. only few people in the world know what real meditation is.. You cannot understand it with your mind!


So strange those people.. when they judge me when I listen to classical music and that I am ragged fellow..

Now they see me somewhere and afraid to come up to me, thinking that I am too cool or too busy..

Gosh I am still the same as I were..

Why are you so primitive..

I love people.. because I understand them.. but why when a person asks me to help him or his child.. and I tell him what to do.. and he says: Sasha, I will start on Monday! I will be busy on the weekend and I am invited to a birthday party and next day I need to recover..

What the hell?!!! What kind of values does this person have?.. If you want to help yourself or your child? So if I tell you to eat only porridge than you need to eat only this kind of porridge! You came to me yourself!!



Chapter 4


Some info about my first book “The Answer”.. It’s not for nothing I removed it from my website.. It was my initial diary since my childhood.. and there are too many inaccurate information.. facts.. or exact names..

Since I don’t want anyone to claim anything.. I deleted it..You might find it in the internet.. actually there are no claims anymore.. and I am not bound to it and have no responsibility for it.. it’s just another loophole of society..


I am writing a new book that you read now.. in the same spirit.. In this first book there was everything and everywhere about me… me me me me me..

Now a little about.. what I actually do..

I can boldly declare that I know psychology better than anyone else who got the degree.. I have no degree.. I have no right to practice as psychologist or psychoanalyst..

That’s why I registered as a business that sells information..

And psychologists ask me for advise and ask me to teach them something..

I don’t want to be taken for a blogger either.. Because there are many of those.. and everyone can be one and become one.. Because if I need to be someone in society I’d rather be a writer..


And I am.. I give consultations all my life.. I advise to people.. different people.. on different subjects.. And those who wants to congnize themselves.. and open up something new for themselves.. I guide them..


Of course it’s easy to help those ones from society.. it’s all too simple there.. But to open up someone so he wouldn’t be broken by society.. it’s more difficult.. Because person asks me for help in the most critical moment.. But.. in any moment he can close down again.. because of relatives.. family.. debts.. job.. Internet.. and all of it drags person down..

I can boldly declare that I am a psychic .. they vulgarize this word.. that it’s repugnant for me when someone calls me that..

I am just a human.. just different human.. the human of new age…



Chapter 5


I’ve chosen couple of images.. through which I give you the information in this book.. In the first chapters you would feel a cry of the soul.. As if I am a victim.. But only open ones among my readers would feel it.. who percept the information not with their mind..

And those ones who percept with their mind will think that I am taking way too much on myself and I am too much about me.. And I think too highly about myself..


My goal is.. to scare away the deuces from my person.. so their indignation won’t let them see the true me.. and those ones who open.. they would feel something moving.. inside.. like the heard missed a beat..


From the childhood I knew how someone will answer on my question or request.. How he will react on my text.. how he will react on my word..

I remember how people in my circle had fun.. they asked me what to write to someone in social networks.. so they could get a certain answer and positive reaction..

And I said: write this.. and they will asnwer that.. Or if you wite this way.. the answer will be this.. and it happened..

Why do I need it all? Why do I need this sober view on everything?

I haven’t read books and never wanted to achieve anything like other people..

Actually I never try.. to please society or people.. and if you are unhappy with by bright life.. that’s only one percent that you see.. And if you see a mentally retarded boy in me.. also.. understand.. it’s only one percent..

You should not care what is my name or where and how I live and look!


Here is this information.. just in front of your nose.. ye.. of course.. you have many ways to get misinformation.. Well let me give you an advise how to make a right choice! Values!


Look at my values and at values of the other one who is pseudo-..

Pay attention based on which values you make your choice..

Based on the pretty cover and description??

I can write you now that I am a teacher to Holywood celebreties and make pictures with them!! But what does it measure exactly? You’d better ask what this “celebrities’ teacher” did a couple of years ago? And who was he?



Chapter 6


Funny enough but I’ve never wanted to be like this.. and I didn’t want what I have and what I can.. and people are dreaming about it..

It’s not that simple.. I will share one of the laws of the world.. the law of nature..


If human can see through and through others.. than he cannot use it in his own interests.. for his own profit.. or to harm the outside world..

If you came to this point.. that you can see people and know everthing about them.. than you are alredy different.. you have different values.. and “people» don’t worry you anymore..


The same is if I can kill someone with the power of the thought.. I just simple won’t have this thought at all..

It is so.. as if.. the stronger I become.. the more “he» comes through me.. let’s call it.. holy spirit.. I mean.. the more I give him power over me.. the more power and possibilities I have.. but he will rule.. that’s him who writes it now.. he gives me the information..

But.. Who is it “him”?

I feel him.. but.. there is also I.. “I” meaning the mind.. but when there is no mind.. I mean me.. Than only “him» remains..

Now I am going to decipher it..

There is I! There, above!.. And this is the holy spirit.. And human with the name Sasha who is on earth is the body.. In this world..

So if I lose connection with my inner self.. with my holy spirit.. than I become the same with the mass of people.. closed.. and like in autonomous mode.. automatice..Like everyone else I remember some things, learn on my mistakes and that’s it.. no destiny and no life purpose.. and everything depends on me..

But if I am open.. make connection with my inner self.. with holy spirit.. Than everything is included.. Everything is possible.. and there cannot be any mistakes and there is a Destiny..

It’s the same for every person..


People who lost their I.. they find themselves in a society.. and they live by their mind.. Like a machine on batteries.. It moves.. hits.. turns around to a different direction.. And it goes on and one till the batteries run out.. or like a toy who you can push and there are 10 phrases inside of it and they are the same.. those are closed people like this…


But open people.. they speak from God..

They moved by something different.. and I am moved by something different.. and it translates through me. And my task is not to lose this connection.. and listen to my inner voice..

My inner voice critizes me when I lose this connection.. or if I staying for too long in a society..

I advise you my dear reader.. to start your spiritual path from this..

In this book I will give you “keys”.. advised.. how to awaken the inner self..

Start writing a diary.. every day before you go to bed.. write.. about what has happend during the day.. What you feel.. What you worry about.. your troubles.. or what you dream about.. Write every day.. don’t miss a day..

If I.. miss one day.. than tomorrow will be the extension of this day.. and than further and further and the week will be like one day.. and more and more things will be automatic in your life.. your actions.. decisions.. and the mind will take over..

But if you will write every day before you go to bed about yourself and about your day, in your diary.. you will pay attention to your inner self.. than tomorrow you will have a new consious day..



Chapter 7


I will give you one of my stories.. and after you can make a conclusion for yourself.. how not to get lost..

Often they write comments to my posts or in a social networks, similar to this one: my brother in light! I am the same as you are! I am connected with you for a long time.. on mental plane we are talking to each other, blah blah blah..

Most of the time I will black list them.. but sometimes I give them a chance.. I write them kindly: tell me clearly withouth those strange words.. what is it that you want!

And they reply: oh.. Sasha you are too young to understand, etc..

And if I simply ignore those people.. than they write me love letter.. and couple of hours or days later.. they write me how they hate me)

So.. here is an explanation..


That what is spiritual.. has no name.. And it’s easy to determine people who are consious and interested in growth and they grow.. and see those ones who are lost and under the influence of illusions and fashion..


Those who are lost.. the ones who are not true.. they percept everything with their mind.. They draw masonic symbols on their clothes.. or some mandalas, etc.. They go into indian philosophy, etc. They learn by heart all those Om Shanti Om.. But they have no idea what those words mean.. And now every second person.. make pictures in different “uniforms”.. to make an image of spiritual person.. and they talk about light in all the world and about God Ra and other bullshit.. the offer different soul cleansing practices etc..


All those pseudo-characters.. they are all the same.. they are all from society.. and they look at everything esoteric.. they take what is fashionable and sell it from their name..

Don’t follow those people! Those are deuces who will lead you away from the truth! Imagine some dude tells me that I don’t know anything and he looks at me like at all of those pseudo. And he tells me: Sasha I have friends in US they gather lots of people and make Pandalas! So the make pancakes in a form of Mandala.

What a f*ck?)

Don’t go to those VEDA movements.. don’t take part in Old Slavonic movements or some old religions.. Like Hinduism or Buddhism..


Yes, it was actual before but it’s in the past..

Now it’s time for new.. where everything is different.. in different way.. it’s not yet has a name..

The only word I use is “chakra» and only for the purpose of explaining someone that there are.. energy centers..

There are other filcheres.. Who make up a project.. they write attractive description.. fake the attendance of people.. They look at what is fashionable now so they car write the list of teaching programs.. and make money on it..

It’s easy to check those characters.. just find out what this person did couple of years ago.. and you will see that he came up out of nowhere..

And it turns out that different spiritual movements are agains me.. because I don’t fit to society that has now a “spiritual fashion”

They don’t get it how someone like me: a goof.. and I have so many readers and so many people come to my conferences.. Naturaly if I would be just a human with some stolen speach that I’ve learned by heart.. who would care about me..


So I don’t make friends with such characters.. They are all friends with each other.. and they shared this friendship with their clients.. that’s how they promote each other! For me it is shame and humiliation if I will support them.. Than I become one of them.. So I would prefer to be by myself.. weird.. unusual.. But there are ones who can see where is lie and where is truth..

So: if you want to make pancaked with mandalas, draw some symbols on your foreheads, listen to weird music or burn incenses.. you won’t achieve anything except that!

If you want to really see.. really hear.. be consious.. and if you want to change.. that it’s not such easy and sweet path..

And if someone of you think that you are the same as I am.. you are mistaken..

If you are the same as I am.. than don’t write.. just come up to me one of those days.. come up to me where I will be at that point, somewhere on earth.. and talk to me.



Chapter 8


What is society..

Society is like a train station.. it’s a riffraff of people.. a riffraff of lost people.. who don’t have their own path and their own destiny.. they are only stress and compete in this train station.. who is better and who is worse.. they just started to congnizw what is good and what is bad.. they try to congnize this chess board..

Society is very simple.. it’s like a world on a palm.. Fame.. popularity.. to be like others.. the world of fashion.. fashion in anything.. where everyone depends on each other.. they started to dress in ripped jeans.. they all started to wear hats.. and everything is the same.. if you can listen to some music than everyone listens to the same music.. And if you don’t have it than you are lout suddenly..

Everyone in society is afraid to be individual.. they are afraid to be judged..and they feed from appreciation of society..


.. all those people in a masks.. they are all unhappy.. they are all boring and empty..


You will never get any new fresh idea in a society! Everbody looks on a side and do the same but a bit better..passing it as their own..

There are many people in society.. and society devided into many strata.. in Moscow and in small Russian cities.. there is still old generation remain.. who thinks.. that woman dresses in leopard or fur with artificial parts of body looks cool.. and man with golden chains, bold and with bulk of muscles is cool..


There are other strata… who thinks that the above variant of society is buch of losers.. And new strata started to dress like european people.. But this wave will be over soon as well as it’s just a wave.. Incredibale but I know what will happen in a year time.. soon everyone will be wearing clothes above clothes.. like shirt on tshirt.. Or sweater on tshirt.. or on top of baseball hat knited beanie..

But it will be also just a wave..

There is something that doesn’t change.. it’s a spiritual world.. But I will write about it in the next chapter..

Now some more about society..

The main rule in the society.. Don’t trust anyone and be selfish.. Think only about yourself and about profit and all life depends on slyness and hard work..

So if you drive your car and won’t manage with a wheel and won’t be able to drive out than you are finished..

In spiritual world.. Destiny.. And there will be a miracle.. because there is a due time set on how long you will live.. and no one alowed to terminate your life path..

People in society live in fear and stress.. yes there are certain advantages.. they are adapted from one side.. and they can solve many problems in society.. But in the spiritual world everything solves by itself.



Chapter 9


You can infinitely write about Spiritual world.. this book is dedicated to it..


Spiritual world.. is the world of Faith.. and higher values.. world without mind.. where you are not stresses.. where everything according to your destiny.. where everything goes the way it suppose to.. where you accept yourself and everything around you.. the way it is.. people from society leave this path.. someone should be.. a sportsman or a bartender or photographer.. but they are people.. they are influenced by society.. and they want be individuality! They want money! And they end up at the bottom and unhappy..


..in spiritual world only.. human can be happy and be yourself.. imagine.. your inner self lets say.. want to be alone all the time.. or that you would have many men and women.. Or you want to be a huligan.. because you were born like this.. but you cannot accept it.. because it’s against society norms.. and you like everyone else on a certain time go to study, get a job where they pay and make a family.. and they you suffer for the rest of your life.. and you search how to calm your soul down.. through some philosophy or esoterism..


It turns out that world of society and people in society are cowards..

Strong person is the one who is spiritual..there is no brick will fall on him from the roof.. and spiritual person will never be offended if someone.. from society.. won’t understand him or won’t accept him…

There are people in showbiz and in politics and in church that are true.. spiritual.. but there only few of them.. and you can not distinguish them from people in society.. there is no difference except values..

There is war for real.. all separated.. like in politics.. and there are ones for government.. for people.. and there are those who only there to steal.. and the same in church.. and in showbiz.. and among artists.. imagine you are an actress.. and they offer you a part and than they start hinting you.. and than you can get a part..

If I would be in this circumstances.. I would agree and than cut his dick out and I would deserve to go to prison but after few such cases and society and those deuces would start to fear!


..one old lady in church also made a Remark towards me.. she worked there.. and lucky her she ran away from me when I decided to explain her whose church it is and what you can do in a church and what you can’t! When you come to the church.. smile.. and if someone will be annoyed with it.. than this deuce is very wrong..


Spiritual world will win.. and it’s not because I want it so.. because it will be so.. and the world of society will fall..

I am slowly adapting in the society.. so I can draw out of it more people.. I walk around their “mind”.. and get closer to their innes self..


..spiritual world.. is not a war like I described above.. I give you examples of different sides.. and so.. you need to accept everyone in spiritual world.. everyone must be.. and goblins and deuces and happy and unhappy..


There is an icon.. Sophia, the Wisdon of God.. there are seven steps.. seven qualities.. and if you aquire them than you will have it.. spirituality.. but those quialities cannot be understood by mind.. you need to cognize them.. aquire.. they should be in you.



Chapter 10


You should not endure and pardon..

You cannot endure people who bring only negative things and stress and other worries into your life.. even if it’s someone close to you..

You have to accept that it won’t go away anywhere.. and negative will grow.. and your perception of this person will submerge.. even if it’s your boss.. and he cavils at you already.. and you at him.. and it goes on and on.. it won’t disspear anywhere.. and further on it will lead to even more unpleasant conflicts..

And about forgivness.. forgiveness.. meaning to let go of situation.. you can do it and need to do it.. why do you need this phsycological blockage and load.. but to forgive convincing yourself that it will never happen again.. you are mistaken..

You need to learn to let go.. and being a kind person I made those mistakes.. yes.. but because of that I came to humility to those people in my circle.. to humility that this person is an as@hole and it’s forever.. but humility.. when this person lies to you again and set you up again.. than you should not be surprised.. and be offended or scream at him.. it’s useless..


Don’t be afraid to let people go.. everything changes.. and some people cannot get use to it.. now it’s new time.. and even if I stroke out everyone from my circle.. than someone else will take their place.. and it’s the same for everyone.. even if you don’t have lots of friends..


I think friendship and love lasts till the first misunderstanding..so if you conflict with someone.. and if you solve this from both sides and you realize it.. That all is OK.. you went to a new level of growth.. and if some of you just shuts up and don’t understand anything and just put the conflict aside or argument.. than it’s a minus to your relationships.. and it’s a load and it’s forever and it will accumulate more and more.. Than at some point.. this bubble of misunderstanding will explode.. and your friend or someone from your family will make your life misarable and you will be left with nothing on a street..

I am making an accent now on how human should live and develope.. and if he will accumulate anything.. than the whole purpose of relationship with your friend or partner will go not for growth but for slump..

Change people like gloves and don’t be afraid of it! You are loosing a chance, to meet new wonderful people.. and you spend your time and degrade because of someone who stopped with the developlent and became a knucklehead.. why live for such person deprive youself your own life?



Chapter 11

There are rules of the “world”.. rules of “nature”.. if you follow them than you can come to thruth and to a new informaiton.. but if you break those rules than you will be left high and dry like everyone else..

Let’s say I have to show and say something to a person.. and this information of higher level.. let’s say.. placed of Power.

I cannot just talk about it.. because person is not prepared.. and his perception is dull.. he percepts everything with his “silly mind”.. And he does not see my information how it is but percept it with distortion..

So first I need to trick the mind of interlocutor.. His mind must be tricked.. so I can get through his true nature.. and interlocutor himself wants it as well.. but of course he won’t ask for it.. he doesn’t realize it..


What is it “to trick the mind”.. lets say.. to psychologically prepare him for information..

So if I just tell him go through the places of Power in the night and just stand somewhere and do something.. Than his mind:

  1. Will overthink and fit my info to his stereotype patterns.
  2. He will go into defence mode, when mind doesn’t understand something, why he needs to do it at night, and why go to this graveyard as an example..


That’s why the first thing I do is to tell him what are those places of Power.. to tell in such way so it suits his mind..

And first I would need to ask my interlocutor: what are the places of Power?

And the more erronious answer he gives the better!

And I need to destroy his answer, to tear it apart!


..lets say he answered that place of Power is a place or maybe a stone, or a mountain.. (so his mind has already a pattern) than my interlocutor says that placed of Power open up the human..

And I start to disprove his version. Why mountains.. So all the rulers in all times would hunt the mountains to sit there!

And than I give him a different version with prove, than his mind will definetely accept it.. and so I say: what did the rulers of different ages at first? They build buildings of different heights on cardinal directions and on certain bases and always next to the water! And always using the same canons! Why?? Just for fun?? And Egypt?? And Maya? And St. Petersburg? Etc..


All right.. I should not go too far away from the main topic.. so lets say I need to bring someone to places of Power.. and if the topic of conversation is so complicated.. the man asked himself for it.. than I could spend a year at time to prepare him for it..

Because some people request me something like this:


..someone wants to be able to run, but he can hardly walk.. And someone dreams to watch movies in English.. but he doesn’t know English.. so you need to start with the language..


And turns out that people talk abotu conspiracy theories and they want to understand it.. but they don’t know themselves at all.. you need to remove all blockages.. fears.. and break your mind..

So what other rules there are..

One man who is an authority for me.. So sometimes he loads me with information.. and sometime we meet and zero information from him.. and we talk about nothing..

And why is that? Because my fault!

All depends on my intentions..

If there is a wish inside of me to tell everyone about it later.. or that I am on such level that I will hear something in a wrong way and talk about it later.. than.. I won’t get any informaiton..

And turns out that I come to the meeting and as if someone warn him.. and he just messes around..

That’s why I had to prepare myself before out meeting.. and swear to myself.. that I won’t tell to anyone about this meeting and about information that I will receive..

And when I have this state of mind than meeting will take place and there will be good information..

Have you got my hint??


It’s like my guardian angels.. but in truth all the world works that way.. so if someone turns on audio recorder on my conference.. than I see why I didn’t give so much information which I planned to give.. but it how my nature works because one a@shole decided to record me.. and for security this information sort of lost in me, as if the information got blocked!! That’s how the security works in the world! There won’t be any leaked information ever.. And it’s in such way..


Than if there is an Other person.. And he saved you, healed you or showed you a miracle.. And if afterwards because of rumours some damb asses from society will come after you than this Other will lose all his abilities.. and he won’t be able to do anything.. or maybe he will even throw up, slipped or lets say he will say he has a high fever and he needs to go to a hospital..

And those idiots from society will come to pick him up for their own purposes or check, make a conclusion that this Other is not real. And you will swear to those who came from you that you could not be mistaken.. because you saw the miracle.. but no one will believe you

This is just a beginning.. I am preparing you.. this chapter is an example how I prepare the mind..

By this chapter I am preparing your mind.. do you feel more free.. wider around?.. ) even goos bumps)

All right.. I will go on.. there is one more rule.. Balance!

I mean.. if there is Other.. and you believe in him so much that you are ready to quit your job, leave your family, you lost connection with reality.. Than immid…



Chapter 11.5


..all right.. I will go one.. there is one more rule.. Balance!

I mean.. if there is Other.. and you believe in him so much that you are ready to quit your job, leave your family, you lost connection with reality.. Than immidiately will happen so.. that society.. people around you.. and all circumstances will try to put you agains this Other.. so you wou doubt him and calme down.. and lost this state of euphoria..


Why does it happen?..

Because you have your own path and life.. and you won’t win a million.. if you will get unsettled..

Because tomorrow you need to go to work.. and you must live in this city and in this house all your live.. and you would meet your future wife Susan..

And if you will win a million.. that you lose your head and step out of your path.. and tomorrow you won’t go to work, and will change the house.. and you won’t care about Susan anymore..

That’s why you will never get a million as long as this million stronger than you.. But if you will be able to remain in the same conditions.. and not to get unsettles so easily and if your psyche is ready.. than you will get a million..

The same with Others.. Do you want mason, mage, psychic? Do you want to know more? Than develop yourself.. that your psyche is so weak.. If you lose your head because of million.. or from the sip of blood.. than believe me.. you will lose it from mystisism.. literelly you will go mad.. to be precise you will get “burn out”..

I mean it would be like this.. but it will never happen.. because there are “rules of the world” and certain settings.. and you won’t see or get anything till your are ready!! Trust me no one is hiding from you or other people and never hidden anything! People just don’t have ability.. they didn’t grow to this level..

I showed enough examples.. so you would understand a bit what you limit yourself with..



Chapter 12


Interesting events happening recently.. all my thoughts materialise.. I want you to imagine it.. how it is.. just imagine.. for example you want to be an actor.. and this moment.. you.. i mean you body is standing where you are now but your consiousness flew out above as if your consiousness is a sattelite and you look at yourself.. you look at your body from above.. but at the same time you see that somewhere the process started.. somewhere the woman who you will meet soon goes around her day.. but you don’t know her yet and she doesn’t know you.. but she exists.. and she has her own life and rythm.. And than you see like from sattelite how something bad happens to her and her car is broken.. And she soon.. let’s say tomorrow.. will be in a car repair shop..

And today your acquaintance calls you.. and tells you that he started to work in a car repair shop and asks you come by to meet him there tomorrow..


..and you see all those events as if from outside.. like a ghost.. and you know that it will happen.. and you sort of feel how this process started when you thought to become an actor.. and when you decided that you don’t want to be an actor.. all the chain of events dropps down.. And events changed.. And tomorrow you won’t be in a repair ship.. because in your head there are other requests.. and consequently other events are planned..


So I set a certain goal.. a task.. since society is falling apart and it won’t be long.. and values are changing and generation is changing.. than there is no need to please the society any longer.. You can be yourself on maximum.. and live by your own rules.. and live in the world that you were born to live..

So the generation of businessmen and polititians.. I won’t be like a startup dude at our meetings.. all those huge watches on your wrists.. I won’t wear it anymore) that’s it) time is out) it’s not cool any longer! Young generation looks at you like at old one.. outdated..

Watch is not an indication.. cars and clothes “fur and gold” it’s oldfashioned.. olg generation.. old time..


..of course all those norms and goals of “survival» leave with you.. now there is new time and new generation with different values..


You need to live for yourself.. for your soul.. for your inner sefl.. be light and do something different from anyone else.. what you really want to do..

Let’s return to the power of thought.. Because I’ve decided that time is come.. I decided to be as tough as possible.. I used to filter my speach so I would not scare away conservative people.. I told them that I’ve just simply analyzes something and assumed..

But no.. I know everything about everyone and everything.. and I started to tell everything straight forward about who I am.. and who you are.. And what and why.. and the world of people from old generation is so weak.. and no one can argue with me any longer..


Than I decided.. I made a goal.. not to hide.. and show all my cards.. and life started to bring me many new opportunities.. and everything leads me to publicity and recognition..

So the thing is.. if I show now the mircales to couple of important people.. I will show them the real life.. I will open the soul the them.. and than it will be a domino effect.. I will be in chain of events where people will advise further.. so I could help them and tell them something..

Instersting enough.. and there is timing thing.. so my time hasn’t started yet.. I am just getting closer to it.. slowly.. calmly..

Funny that some companies are aftraid of what I do.. and they don’t want to be friends with me.. People in society.. are old.. and for them anthing new bad by default..

I even ask my lawers and other people.. to make a statement-answer to different companies.. And here is my answer to society and conservative people! It’s offensive really.. I am the most honest man.. and people percept me based on their fears and distortions..and show off..



According to widely accepted rules of business environment hereby we provide the statement in regards to doubtfulness of activities of our company. All activities of AK Information based on clauses in Constitution of Russian Federation, stating as follows: —


  • article 29 p.1: Everyone shall be guaranteed freedom of thought and speech.
  • Article 29 p.4: Everyone shall have the right freely to seek, receive, transmit, produce and disseminate information by any legal means. The list of types of information, which constitute State secrets, shall be determined by federal law.
  • Article 34 p1.: Everyone shall have the right to use freely his (her) abilities and property for entrepreneurial and other economic activity not prohibited by law.


The business exsists already for few years. During this time we have never received any claim from govermenetal insitutions. We do not take part in any extremist organization listed in official documentation of Ministry if Justice on the territory of Russian Federation, which confirmes legitimacy of our activities. Moreover during time of business operations we have never received any claims in regards to any violation of responsibilities under administrative and/or criminal law.

In conclusion I want to add that information that you referenced while forming your opinion about activities of our business can be used in court as argument which violates stated in Constitution article 23 (Everyone shall have the right to the inviolability of his (her) private life, personal and family privacy, and protection of his (her) honour and good name.) and article 24 (Collecting, keeping, using and disseminating information about the private life of a person shall not be permitted without his (her) consent.).


Talking into account all facts presented in this statement we hope that you will reconsider the possibility of cooperation with our company.



Chapter 13

What is human..

Human!!! Not a consiousness not a soul!!!! A human!!!

Human.. ha.. It’s your body.. your name.. Your suroundings your family.. your routines.. your society.. your low values.. human values.. Your human fears..This bloody human factor!! You complete mess!!! That what the human is!!! That’s how human is in our times!!! It’s coward!! With low values!!! It’s a parody on other people who try to please society and be like everyone else!!! Terrible!!! Human!!! Who lives like a slave!!! Who is afraid of everything and doesn’t belong to himself!!

So if this is a “human” than I don’t like those kind of people.. Those are zombies!! Who live by their fears and comlexes.! Not even living just surviving!!

And what is consiousness.. It is you.. and there is your “I”.. And body and everything else around is just a tool.. and you are not a slave to it all! You control all of it and use all of it!

Consciousness and consious.. when you have different values.. and you are on a different level.. You won’t get nervous because of broken glass and broken telephone.. And you won’t fall apart because of trifles..

You won’t try to just sit on your butt and please everyone..

You feel yourself alive and life for yourself first.. accepting everthing else as it is…

You goal is to remain and be yourself.. feel your inner self.. and in this cruel society not to lose yourself.. in spite of the fact that you are surrounded by promitive damb people!

You!!! You can do everything!!! You are consious!! You have have 20 children!! You can be bold and tattooed! You don’t have to have a car! You don’t need to have an education!!! You don’t have to!! Do what your inner I wants!!! All geniuses were like that! They’ve followed those rules!! They didn’t care for people and society!! They listen to their heart and believed!!! And here I am as an example in our time!!! Those who humiliated me and didn’t undertstand me at school and in university, who they are now and where?))))))

Am I a fool?)

I am happy!!!!!! I have the most incredible life!!!!! It’s as if you would collect all your favourite movies and live them through personally!!! It’s a miracle and fairytale!!!!!! I kept my faith!!!!



Chapter 14


What is life…

Life is a labyrinth.. but it doesn’t rule.. There is no one over you… All depends on you… All circumstences around.. depends on what is in your head, what values you have and intentions..

Life is the circumstances that you deserved!!!! All in life you deserved!!! Nothing is accidental!! All had its own consequence!!!!

There are many buts!!!

Imagine.. your open the door and enter the room.. in a room of imagination and thoughts.. and if you believe in dirt and negative and darkness.. than the room will transform for you.. and everything that you believe in.. will surround you..

But there are many but.. there is a human mind.. And there is a soul.. And also there is a consiousness.. and those are different things.. And what surrounds you depends on those things..

Life is a labyrinth for development.. to free your mind.. and get to the exist.. where is no mind..

All that you don’t know.. all that can provoke you.. all that you are afraid of — you cannot run from it.. everything is build on it..

You need to live through everything.. through all that you don’t know and don’t undertsnad and all that you fear..

There are many stages of life.. and each person on its own stage.. you need to go through all the stages.. life is an illusion.. the game.. you believe in it for real and worry for real.. and in your game there are let’s say watchers.. and they are also in your game but they are consious and you will never guess who they are.. they watch over the order..


Life is given to each of us in a different way.. there are different stages.. but some of your is a family man and congnizing egoism.. and someone is an orphan.. Someone is an invalid.. and each of you on your own stage of development.. and you cannot run away from development.. everything around it created for development.. and all those illusions.. that you are free and build your own house and plant a tree.. all of it your illusions.. created with only purpose.. Development..


And it’s so interesting.. If I will walk along the street and sync myself with the values of someone..

I mean I will start to believe in values of normal human.. let’s say: everyone is bad! You just need to survive and the most impudent will survive! Money is a goal! Discounts are important!.. Than I will see how my perception will change.. and how negatively people will look at me.. and how everything will become dull and annyoing..


And if I sync myself to the opposite values.. than.. everyone will be drawn to me.. smile to me.. want to meet me.. But!.. I didn’t change my appearance!! It’s the same!! But everything changes depending on what I have inside.. everything changes..

But there is another but, it’s not enough to have good values.. you can walk with the thought: I love everyone! But at the end of the day they steal your wallet!

Why is that?) Because except good thoughts: i love you all.. I forgot that I have a baggage of fears! Fears and believe in criminality and set up.. And no sincere faith in God.. And the thought: I love you all.. is just a thought! It’s a wind! They don’t mean anything! But if it is inside of you.. if your inner self tells: I love you all.. Than it’s a certain level!!!

Don’t be afraid of life! Don’t be afraid to fall or lose someone!! Don’t be afraid to disgrace yourself or have a failure! it’s life! Everyone went through it!! And everyone will go through the same!



Chapter 15


What it means to live with and without destiny..

So if you live with your mind.. and you lost the connection with your “I”… Than you don’t have a destiny.. you just live and that’s it.. you have no faith.. you believe only in yourself..

There is no life purpose.. You are just a juman.. and you will never have a genius idea.. you can only use what is avaiable already or imitate others.. if you are in society.. you live by the rules of survival.. well.. what else there is to say.. it’s clear as it is..


But to live according to your destiny.. means to be yourself.. to live with Faith.. to live without mind.. accept everything as it is.. accept yourself and everything around you.. listen to your own inner voice.. And the most important for your.. if your inner voice told you not to go to work today.. than you shouldn’t go.. and you will see that your inner voice protected you..

There is a but.. I wrote about it in one of my first books.. closed people.. from society.. tried to live that way.. and lost everything.. because they are closed.. and this rule doesn’t work for them.. it just won’t work.. let it all be like it should, etc.. it works for those who have faith and who has their inner self..

All genius people.. are the ones who listened to their “I» and they had a destiny.. and I think this is a real life.. it’s the same like to have a life dog or stuffed dog.. stuffed toy dog is like a life without destiny.. and life dog.. is Destiny..


You need to follow your heart.. not to fear.. and than there will be miracles and magic.. and yes, you will be weird for our modern primitive society.. but at the end you are the one who will be happy! The main thing is do what your inner “I» wants! And don’t live trying to please the society.. Why??.. For what?? What do you need to be like everyone else and be unhappy??.. It’s just silly!



Chapter 16


There is an interesting loophole.. I hack the minds of people.. mind that put a break on their development of inner self..

So now we will shake your mind a bit..

..let’s satisfy your mind now.. so it will get weaker.. and you will get closer to the thruth..

..why all the lies come to surface always?

..you’ve heard from people that lies will always get known.. any lies..

..maybe you had such experience yourself..


And why I never lie.. now there is an explanation for it..

When someone lies.. It’s a psychological blockage.. Like a sin.. But if you sin.. it will be the blockage forever.. and than your life path ends.. because you cannot develop anymore.. so you live without purpose.. and nothing will develop your inner I.. because of this blockage.. You attention is not free to live your life and development.. You attention is stolen forever on this sin.. this is the sin.. and that’s why it is bad..

Lie is such a little sin.. and lie differes from the sin because lie is temporarily.. Temporarily blockage..

You lied.. and here is the blockage.. load on you.. And the system.. the world.. the nature.. they will make everyting to free you from that lie..

System.. nature.. doesn’t care that the lie will surface.. and your friendship will end forever..

Because the purpose is different.. There are many people and you will have new friends..

The main purpose to help you to get rid of this blockage..

So I advise you my dear readers.. always tell the thruth..

Truth is a base for success.. and it speeds up development dramatically! That’s why I am so advanced.. and there are so many people that don’t like me)..

I don’t care about them.. I don’t care about their misunderstandings and fears.. let the truth scare them away.. but you will remain yourself and you grow.




There is chapter 11… Read it often.. And Chapter 11 and 11,5..

It will change everything immidiately.. if you will follow the rules that I described..


I even cannot write chapter further.. But not because I don’t have information) another way around.. I have lots but I cannot share it.. that’s why I have it.. But I cannot share it publically.. I have so much of it.. And it’s very different and all differs from what you can imagine..

What real world is and who rules it.. and where all of us came from and what will happen soon… And everything is so close but everyone thinks that it’s far away..

It’t not for nothing I advised to move everyone to St. Petersburg)… you still have time… To live in St. Petersburg… But here only people who have True..Faith.. will like it here.. Or someone who was born here but left.. You need to return to St. Petersburg..

Wait for more of my chapters.. Some day I will write them…



Chapter 17


I am listening now to: Skip Divided — Thom Youke

..and give consultations to people in whatsapp…

I will tell you how I come to this.. Initially my first book started.. I saw people through and through.. and felt everyone.. not face to face even.. but just watching on the picture or sometimes it was enough is you think about someone and I can tell about this person.. But than I didn’t know who I am, what it is and how it works, and why I can see it all and others cannot…

Than I dedicated all of my time to figure out why I am the way I am and where it all comes from and why I see people and that people divided into groups.. all of it I investigated in details.. and went further with my development.. and let’s say.. I work on myself.. “polish the stone”

Years later I stopped thinking about it as something unique, that I know things about person.. because I got more serious things in my life.. And to see someone for me is like brush the teeth.. And sometimes I forget that not everyone can do that and it’s not normal and it’s unique)

And now for past days.. past weeks.. everyday I am in situations.. when I am asked to tell.. what I see.. and of course I forgot already how it feels when I know not for myself and when they show me a picture of someone.. and I tell them what I see.. and people start to look at me.. how something is turning in their heads..


So I decided to have some fun with it.. And did a temporarely consultation on Skype.. When we have a call with someone.. And I don’t see how this person looks like. And I don’t know anything about the person and I don’t have to know.. Because it only disturbs me. I mean is the person wants me to tell maximum about him. Than he should not even tell me how old he is and from which city he is..

So people called me.. and I asked one-two questions.. Something like: think or remember someone who offended you or someone you like.. And when person answered me.. I don’t even pay attention to the answer.. I just feel what he feels and I become him.. And I start telling him everything I see about him…

This service was for internet-audience, for those who read my books.. And the price was 12 000 rubles, and it lasted 30 minutes.

And all people were interesting and different.. From different dimensions..

Than I’ve decided to make the same service more affordable for people who haven’t cognize money yet and they cannot afford something expensive. I decided to give consultation withouth talke to a person, but client could sent a picture in WhatsApp.. and than I would write back what I see and what I think is important.. And this service cost 2000 rubles.


I’ve never lowered the prices so much before.. I need a filter for people.. And this time I had half of normal people..And the other half abnormal.. well those ones who never communicated with me and never attended the conference.. because they cannot level it up.. And now.. I gave them this opportunity.. And they’ve created a Chaos) there was an instruction but they didn’t follow it and did what they wanted, someone didn’t send picture, someone send picture from the back) someone send nude picture, some started to write million questions and call me for some reason. But in the instruction it was clearly written to strictly follow it.

Naturally I didn’t reply to those people who ignored instruction and those who did everything wrong. Because when I need to write everything about someone I am in a certain state of being. And if someone write a question or sends me extra information.. than he disperse my attention and I cannot consult him any longer.

At the end. Those people who I didn’t consult and who didn’t follow the instruction, I shouldn’t even accept them any longer. But I gave them a chance and they were allowed to read instruction with attention and write to me following the instruction! So those people.. who were given the secon chance.. started to write to email and complain, where is their answer..


And this rittraff of people attracts everything cheap.. not in all cases of course..

So I kindly gave them a chance and they are waiting their turn, but the clien who pays 2000 rubles is not farsighted, and he things he is alone and I must reply to him in a minute) that’s why I raised my prices even more.. I am a writed and not a training company. I’d better have couple of people in month who really value my information and really interested to meet me, to get more and see something more.. Than crowd of people who are isolated.. angry.. closed.. who decided that through esotericism without doing anything change their life for better)

This chapter is as preparation and explanation how I consult people and that it cannot be just ifs or maybe’s..

If I said to write me at 14:55 than you need to write prcisely at 14:55. If I told you not to share your age with me than you should not do that!! And if I said not to listen to this music and don’t use the melody on your phone ring.. that it must be that! And those ones who didn’t listen.. Trust me.. Those are not with us any more.. Those who died accidently.. they were told.. but they thought they are smarter…


When I looked at people who died in airplane crash they had many things in common.. Chinese imitations. Many listened to Max Korzsh.. They had non-standard ring tones on the telephones, some downloaded melodies.. And many other things.. Of course one of the above elements won’t work by itself.. All of it works in combination.. So if I put protective film on my telephone screen. I will use Tele2 provider and use a funny ring tone. I will wear fake Armani sweater. Or sneakers with golden inset.. And I will listen to Max Korzsh.. And I will shop in shoping centers. And I will add one more element to it.. Than I am finished..

This is the world where death exsists.. and where either you die or your bury other people, etc.

But there is a world where people don’t even come across all of it..


Chapter 18

I am listening now Yann Tiersen — Nord

..I will tell more how I see people..

What is now surfaced again.. One week ago Artem Gvozdev came by to me, he is very material person and has no faith and he knows be for 10 years..

He asked me what I am doing.. And I asnwered that I am getting ready now to give cosultation to 300 people.. Tell them everything by pictures.. And he decided to show me a picture… First of one man.. Than another.. And he was shocked.. and tell me: wow you do it automatically, you don’t even think more than a second and you don’t even look at the picture and give so much info about this man and everything is right to the point and without pauses..

I have no emotions.. I don’t react on it anyhow..and ask him to give more pictures..

So he asks about himself. Give me your picture I asked… And I look at the picture and tell him what I see.. Not to him directly but as if it is someone else and I see him for the first time on the picture. It’s a trick so my «mind» would not interfere to see what I need to see…

So I tell everything about Artem and how he is in reality..

Than next day he sends me more pictures.. Some celebrities and people from work.. And I tell him everything.. about their character, who can do what and who is kind and who is angry and who is smart and who is rich.. Sometimes I can tell what will happen in a future or happened in the past.. For some people I see what will happen in the nearest future and sometimes there is nothing happening in the future.. meaning it will be all the same) people have different paths.


Than people started to recognize me in a public places and ask to tell them something about themselves.. And I did.. That’s how my past week went by, and people bring me for a private conversations and ask me how I see a certain situation, etc… Everyday they bring me new people and we meet and I tell them… I tell them what I see in their life..

And I started to feel a bit uncomfortable.. I mean.. I turned on my mind.. and started to think that I was always in a shadow and not something is happening.. I am still the same but no one knew who I am or didn’t want to know or believe.. And I have a queue of people waiting.. And I asked those ones who «knows».

I am just asking: I am tired to give advises to everyone, may I have a consultation of my own for 5 minutes.. They said: you may and I smiled and asked: what do I do now? Hide away from everyone as usual, change mobile numbers, go to other country or write books, or if everyone asking me to go somewhere and everyone is asking for help.. what do I do? Should I say what I see??… Why is it suddenly happening to me?

So they answered than the time has come.. And all this time I was sort of in training, to gain experience but now it’s time.. to show your face.. And tell everything that in your heart..

The next day.. I came to one place and people asked me there if it’s true than I am a mage)

Than few hours later in other place some young girls jump on me, laughing, and asking me if I am a mage or not..

And it’s really weird.. I never called myself that way.. there was a time when they called me indigo.. child, without me knowing)..and now I grew up to be a Mage?!)

So the girl came by to Artem at some event and asked him about me, and he says: Here Sasha is! She didn’t recognize me. Than she asked me if it’s true that I can do things.. And Artem says asked him about anyone and he will tell you everything.. And than she pointed out to someone she knows, the guy was standing somewhere in the corner.. So I tell her everything about him.. And of course it’s pleasant when people lost words.. when they hear me.. And they ask me what else can I do.. And I say.. all people around me.. I know what they think when they look at me.. I know their reactions.. Who envies me.. who is afraid og me.. Who thinks I am disgusting or weird.. And if someone thinks about me I turn my head in his direction and I look at him.. Because I feel it…


Of course those people who tested me and still keep testing me.. All of them are weak on some level.. and instead of be happy that I am who I am and they had a chance to meet me.. They are just jelause of me and fear me, etc.. Everyone wants to find some fault in me to humiliate me..

No one likes the fact that I don’t need anyone and that I am self-sufficient.. In real life I don’t give consultation for money… Another way around I feed them, buy them clothes.. and they still at me with fear)… people..



Chapter 19


In this book I want to tell you what is going on with me or something that you didn’t know about me or about rules of life… Let’s say.. this book will make you closer to my world-view.. and it’s not exactly my world-view.. it will bring you closer to the truth.. and I will help you to remove the fake veil from your eyes.. I was walking during the rain.. Listening to a music.. wearing rain coat.. I was watching the city and people.. And there are many Russian tourists in the St Petersburg..

And sometimes when I walk along some cathedral and see people making pictures.. I start telling them something about this place that they don’t see, and what is actually displayed on outside walls.. But most of all I like Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.. When I ask people.. if they know which religion this church belongs to.. and what is it actually.. And than I ask them if they’ve seen black dudes on the Cathedral!?) (Apologies that I am sayin it but they understand it better that way.)

Well they are laughing and look at me with suspision..

And I keep telling them: Look! Black dudes! There is a woman handing over the vessel.. And there is another one with a baby!


They looked at where I was pointing at and saw indeed black dudes) and than I dissapear) and sometimes I tell people if I know them, there why those stories depicted in four cardinal directions) and than as trying to find words, carefully telling them, look there on the Cathedral there is a man with a saw) and on iconostasis in Pertopavlovks there a angel with pliers))

Also it’s funny how places of Power has changed dramatically.. I mean.. I always tell people to stand next to it.. And it was confirmed that it’s not for nothing.. Because all the spots moved.. And now the point at Saint Isaac’s Cathedral it’s aside.. And it was all changed withing a year.. I mean during this year.. And the spots that didn’t work in 2011, they work now and those which worked they have moved aside..

Yes, also “they» told me.. I mean explained me.. That the cross is an antenna, well it’s obvious, and the ball under it is storage device. Than there is a dome and from curve angle of the dome depends a lot of things.. There are stretched domes and there are round domes.. And those are different energies..

And in general I have more new information.. I cannot write anything for almost a month.. But I so want to share it, and I can share it, but only if I don’t tell you where this information came from.. But also I cannot say things even though I can but I should not attract attention) Vicious circle.. That’s why I will make it simple.. I have a conference now every Sunday.. And those who have heard about grave of Mary Magdalene.. And all this new that I am telling you now but cannot share it publically.. Write me comments here.. what I’ve shared with you.. But don’t say who gave me this information..


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Chapter 20


I have some notes.. what I need to write in this book.. And I give the information not from my mind!! Not from experience! But from inside… That info that my inner voice tells me! So it’s not me who wants to write and tell! Those are not my interests.. It’s just a nature and it cannot be otherwise.. It’s the truth..

Here is the most popular question from my readers.. it’s.. — who rules us?

It’s a very complex topic.. And you can read this chapter over and over, over the years and percept the information differently every time.

First of. No one rules us. And now let’s go deep in details. “Us» as who exactly? If we don’t take people into considaration. Than the people like me as I talked in my videos and wrote in my previous books.. They are born with the certain quantity of already made puzzles.. And gaps.. Man like a mosaic.. You congnized something, something you need yet to congnize and all of is a Development. You don’t consiously developing. You live in illusions.. You need to move. The circumstanced provoke you. Than they buy you with some sweets things and create problems! But there is no one who does it! No angels no secret societies! It’s the labyrinth itself, and it reacts on you and you react on it. Labyrinth it’s the world that you live in. And the task at hand is to free yourself from all of it. Exit the society. Free yourself from the mind.. And than you see it all.. Feel it all.. And there are no more problems for you. And you are on a consious level and you moved not by your mind, but your inner self.. Than you need to accept the fact that you must listen to your inner I and it contradicts everything of course! All the society and all of your surroundings! Those are different rules and values! And you would want to be a human and turn on your mind… But your inner “I» will wake up and tell you: what do you need it all.. You want different things.. Why are you afraid of those people and society and want to please everybody.. Be yourself..


The most interesting thing is.. What I want to share with you and I am ready for consequences.

There is a war going on now. And they are afraid of people like me. And they see that the process has been started already. Well the bosses of society they see it. And we are.. We are from nature, we are destiny.. we are the future and it cannot be avoided and we don’t want it. Those ones who created it all.. he wants it.

And soon the society will collapse. It is collapsing as it was 5 years ago. But you can see it with a naked eye. People see how values are changing. How freedome bursts out in everyone and the lost ones and conservative ones are clearly visible as well.

Something from the most interesting, well it’s not my information.. but in India some people, who have sort of a map or something, they see where and in which time “unusual man” is born… Those one are born in different countires and in normal families.. And it was always like that… Scientists.. Rulers.. Bandits… geniuses… Simply said geniuses of their craft… And people say about them that they have talant from God and that they are not of this world..

So those people in India or whoever they are, they calculate everything.. They take a tool.. And appear in that place where this special person should be born and they look through all the hospitals and they use the tool to measure to see who from babies is Other and they put a mark on a baby! They never interfer in babies life. They are just watching and help if needed and guide this child..


And not imagine… You are born in a normal family in a normal city. And than you are, a simple person but you feel that something is not right with you. And you also feel as if someone somewhere know about you. And watches you. And you realize that you don’t care about the rest of people. Because there is something bigger exsist and they decide if you will choke today or not…

And “them» or someone.. They decide what I write and what to do. Chapters. My approach. My voice. My information. My appearance. Everything as if written down and under control for the rest of my life.


And the conclusion of this chapter. Be a human. Of course it’s cool to be consious and do the God’s will.. But to live cool among same people.. Or when you are like Steve Jobs and you live in a village.. And alcoholics push you around and everyone tells you that you are insane. Even if you can buy this village to the last chair and you give free food and water to everyone.. you will be still insane for them.. It’s accustom among mortals to be like everyone else.. and if you are better.. than they want to destroy you…


I feel that little time left… Not too long.. When 90% of people didn’t listen to me… They will be judged.. And at that time something new will be born.. something true and live..



Chapter 21


Strange events happening in my life recently… Big step in my development..

There are the consequences of places of Power and work done on myself.. I jump to the very high frequency… I started to see future, not just events, but future as it will be.. I feel its scent.. energy.. and I walk in the city or drive in the car and see places where something will be and when… And most interesting places is in the center.. on embankments..Obvodny Canal and Oktyabr’skaya embankment… All of it as sort of a fence.. And inside of will remain an old St. Petersburg. And behind those embankments where now is an industrial area and unfortunate neighborhood there will be everything new.. so beautiful and futuristic…

And I also see that there will be fewer “companies”… I mean production… there will be fewer choice of food items and clothes.. And not because everything will be bad, another way around! People will come to the understanding.. that they were underdeveloped and lived only for pleasure.. And they will live more consious life… And they won’t spent their attention on everything what nowdays disperses their attention…

Even clothes will be in strange shades… You know like they say thay red color is not a very good color for interior or somewhere else.. Because it’s irritating.. So now everything around is the same… irritating.. Sort of bright things, bright cars and all of them are distorted.. Everything is disproportional.. So much energy and materials wasted to create product for our society now.. Everyone needs shiny things and flowers…

And in the future everything will be milimalistic!!

I shared this information with one wise man! Wise I mean very intellectual person! He is a sientists-atheist.

And this man said that everything will be white…

But I don’t agree! If I would think with my mind that I would also said that all will be white! But it won’t be!! I don’t think how it will be I see how it will be! There will be shades of grey.. and not only grey… There will be very dull and cold colors.

And it will be like, not just among the people of mind and emotions… It’s just consiousness.. As if they are robots… But it’s the highest level…

But question is?.. When this time will come?… Under which circumstances? This man I talked to about it today he said that robots will substitute the labor of men, on a primitive level… So people would rise on a new level… Where they will create… and they will be more artistic…


And I see that to that point we can come only through portal… Also one man told me that the generation will change.. And an old generation will die fast… That generation who fears and always hungry…So now the time will pass and those ones who are on TV now they will retire.. and new generation will come and even younger generation than me now.. And than new age will start..

But no more about it.. I will make a new mold of this new futuristic frequency! And I have already something: elements of it.. And slowly I will be moving to that frequency..



Chapter 22


The last chapter

I gathered the group of people.. Sort of “secret club”.

Of course we don’t call it that… not to provoke coward society…

It’s an intellectual club.. where all like-minded people gathered… there were more than 14 requests to join, hald of them I didn’t accept myself, some could not make it for some strange mystical reasons.. (that’s how my protection works).

And there were 5 people remained, + my employee, and + one more guy, who didn’t request to join the club, but accidently appeared at the place where we were.. at 4 in the morning.. And of course I took him with us.. And the most interesting thing is since I offered him to meet us all the next day, he even quit his job. It was very powerfull step from his side, and it reminded me of myself. And he got the bonus for it, because we all pitch in and gave him money till he will find a new ocupation!

…what happens in our club… is hard to describe.. I cannot say for everyone, I can say for myself.. It is very hard for me now, not in a bad sense, another way around, just everything changed so much in me and around me, because we started to work with icons, and on top of it our communication with each other, because each of us in the team like an individual zodiac sign..

So my state is as such that temperature in the room goes up because of me, and the heat goes out of me like from my micarle-working icons… And everything erased from my mind.. you know you can think about nothing.. but you still remember about your work, family, friends and pets.. And now it happens as if everything is erased.. To the point when someone askes me let’s go to your office — and i will be surprised because i forgot that I have an office…


I am so detached from time and space.. that I have to concentrate hard to remember the day and month.. and what time is it.. and what temperature outside.. and you can walk for many kilometers but it’s like you walked for two minutes.. and everything is fleeting..

Now I planned some days and I decided to be very closed on those days and very material, so I could analyze everything in contrast with other state…

  1. I want to have a conference on Saturday the 23rd! (for those who took part in a conference about places of Power last weekend. This conference is free of charge! So those 300 people who were there my employee will send you an invite to a conference! Everyone should be there! New people cannot attend.
  2. Also there is a big resonance when I started to touch the subject of future and everything futuristic. I won’t write any books about it any time soon, or offer a season of conferences on this topic. So I’ve decided to make one online meeting, it will take an hour, and I will talk about elements of this “frequency of future” which exsist now, and which I’ve found, or how to be one step ahead and create everything. I will also share what values people will have and what will be the main thing in the future, etc, etc..


Let’s say who knows what I am talking about and have an idea what will be on that conference, will be there. It will cost you 2000 rubles, and those who wants free of charge read the previous chapter, there is enough information to have a taste of what I will talk about on the conference!

Conference will take please at 23:00, on the 30th of July! Send an email with subject: “I want future”.


  1. In September I will start a new season of conferences on anatomy and bioligy of human. Goal: to live twice longer and beyond any expectations!


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